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Hi! My name is Reinis Fischer (38), a proud dad and devoted husband. CEO and Founder of Terramatris crypto hedge fund, drone enthusiast, world traveler, photographer, book author and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine (vegetarian).

An ex-pat living in Georgia since 2011, I trade stocks, take photographs, work out at the gym, and many more. Here I write about travel, finance, and other things that might interest me.

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How To Swap / Transfer IP address with Linode VPS

Recently I was rebuilding a compromised VPS on the Linode - this was a small web server serving some 3 established websites. It took me a few hours from A-Z  - launch a new Linode, install a new webserver on it, then transfer data from one host to another. Once all migration works were done, there was an option to change DNS entry to point to the new server. Nothing complicated. But there is a neat feature from Linode called - Swap IP (IP…

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How To Block IP Address in Drupal 8

Unlike in Drupal 7 version where IP banning is enabled by default, with Drupal 8 version, there is one more step added - IP banning must be enabled from the extend section. Here is how. (source) Log into your Drupal 8 admin interface. From the top menu bar, click on the menu tab and then the Extend tab from the second menu bar. You are now on the modules list page. The Ban module is listed under the Core category. To enable it, simply click…

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Under The Georgian Sun / King Davids Tower (s)

It was on the evening of April 27, 2020, I decided to switch glass (from the kit lens to telephoto) and make some photo for the month of April to put in the description in the monthly dividend income report. The photo of the month turned out to be a sunset in Tbilisi with skyscraper in the foreground King David Towers in Tbilisi From the KDR website Two landmark towers King David Residences and King David Business Center are harmonically…


How To HTTPS Secure Drupal 8 Running Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

Let's Encrypt have done some very good job, providing SSL certificates that everyone can use absolutely for free. Encrypted HTTPS websites should be default in 2020. I have been implementing HTTPS secure websites for years. Until now I mostly worked with Drupal 7 websites and for securing them I have been using this guide, back from 2016 - Linode: How To Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 12.04 Now, in 2020, working on a new, Drupal 8…

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Selling Covered Calls on Crypto (Ethereum / Bitcoin) with Deribit?

Selling covered calls are one of my favorite income-generating strategies in the stock market. For a time being, I've been selling options on crypto mostly speculative puts and calls betting on where the price won't go, but today I decided to explore what are my chances of selling covered calls on bitcoin or Ethereum on the Deribit platform. Update: This article has been originally written back in May 2020, some things may have changed ever…

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How to Install Drupal 8 with Nginx, PHP-FPM 7.2, MySQL, phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04 - Linode Guide

In this article, you will learn how to setup Drupal 8 with Nginx, PHP-FPM 7.2, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04 For the following tutorial, I used very much the information from my previous guide with Ubuntu 16.04, but decided to rewrite it for Ubuntu 18.04 version as when I tried to setup my latest project about stock trading  with Drupal 8.8.5  on Ubunut 16.04 machine an error from Drupal that PHP version shipped with…

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April 2020 Dividend Income Report - $78.40

Welcome to the thirty-sixth (#36) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks and peer to peer lending in April 2020. Last April we spent in a self-isolation (because of Covid-19) here in Georgia. Baby girl is doing her online class, learning about animals, shapes, continents, and even planets. Quite fascinating what a 21-month-old can do. Development is very rapid. King Davids Tower (s) in Tbilisi It was…

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