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African Union GDP Per Capita 2013

  • African Union GDP Per Capita 2013

    Published: 31 July, 2014 seen 2,795 Economic notes

    The African Union (AU) is a continental union consisting of 55 member states located on the continent of Africa.  The AU's future goals include a customs union, a single market, a central bank, and a common currency, thereby establishing an economic and monetary union. The African Union has been created a while ago actually in 2001. The African Union consists of 54 countries (52 states and 2 Kingdoms). Update: African Union GDP Per Capita 2022 Although African Union is not so integrated so closely as European Union, with common parliament, money e.t.c. - I do believe that there might be some…

GDP In BRICS Countries 2013

  • GDP In BRICS Countries 2013

    Published: 30 July, 2014 seen 8,593 Economic notes

    BRICS is the acronym of 5 developing countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Originally created as BRIC, the South Africa was added in 2010 to this economical group.  BRICS countries with 3 trillion population represents about 40% of Worlds population and is awaited (by some) to have about 40% of world economy by 2030. Personally I would call this union a - RICh (Russia, India and China)  - because they at least are situated on one continent and share a common borders (China being the central part). I haven't studied how closely is integrated economy of BRICS countries, but…

Opening a Bank Account in Republic of Georgia

  • Opening a Bank Account in Republic of Georgia

    Published: 29 July, 2014 seen 12,362 Living in Georgia

    Although I have been living in Georgia already more than 3 years  - I didn't have my personal bank account in Georgia. Since there is new law- asking for foreigners to register for temporary residence in Georgia, there is a requirement from Government when submitting documents for temporary residence in Public Service Hall to show a bank statement that you have some 3000 GEL on it - (I will not discuss about the law and strange requirements, but instead I will focus on my topic -  how to open a bank account in Republic of Georgia) So - here in Georgia are many banks to choose from - like Bank…

Electric power consumption (kWh per capita) in Former Soviet Union 2011

  • Electric power consumption (kWh per capita) in Former Soviet Union 2011

    Published: 28 July, 2014 seen 1,921 Economic notes

    Yesterday a power outage happened in Tbilisi, and whole country of Georgia was cut of electricity. According to official information - power outage was caused by fault in 500 KV  line. I'm not an expert in electricity, and I'm not familiar with it's everyday terminology - well, I know how to change a bulb, and that there is difference between 60W and 100W bulbs, that's all. So dumb I'm in one one the most vital sciences for our lives.Since electricity is behind our modern life's in our households (washing machines, dishwashers, air-conditioner) and one of the driving forces of economy (…

GDP in European Union 2013

  • GDP in European Union 2013

    Published: 27 July, 2014 seen 2,146 Economic notes

    European Union if looked at it as a whole solid brick economy - could be named as a Worlds largest economy by GDP. But European Union still consists of 28 independent countries. I won't discuss in this article about  - are they really independent, or how dependent National Parliaments are on Brussels,  but I will look at GDP in each country in European Union. GDP in European Union 2013   2012 $ (bln) 2013 $ (bln) Growth $ (mln) Growth % % of Total GDP Germany 3425.95 3634.82 208.87 6.096703104 20.96381818 France 2611.22 2734.94 123.72 4.738015181 15.7737618 United Kingdom 2461.76 2522.26 60.5…

8 Best Trabzon hotels for shopping

  • 8 Best Trabzon hotels for shopping

    Published: 26 July, 2014 seen 1,683 Hotel reviews

    Trabzon is a vibrant city in Eastern Turkey, situated next to Black Sea and some 230km from Georgia. In recent years city of Trabzon has been developed as a popular shopping center in Turkey, here you will find one of the biggest malls and outlets. So plan your holiday shopping tour and visit Trabzon.Turks are excellent, when speaking of hospitality, and Trabzon is no exception on that. Find best hotels in Trabzon tailored for your shopping needs. Kuleli HotelLocated in Trabzon city centre this hotel offers:Kuleli Hotel offers rooms with a TV and a balcony, just a 5-minute drive from…

Top 8 Yerevan Luxury Hotels

  • Top 8 Yerevan Luxury Hotels

    Published: 25 July, 2014 seen 3,448 Hotel reviews

    Yerevan - capital city of beautiful Armenia offers plenty of interesting, crafted and tailored sights and attractions for almost every type of traveller. So do, Yerevan offers really nice luxury hotels. Best of it - the price for luxury wont break your travel budget. Best luxury hotels in Yerevan listed here, will range in a price from $98/ EUR 73 to $285/ EUR 212 per night for two persons. Sounds tempting? Chose among 8 best known Yerevan luxury hotels form this list. Hotel RomaLocated on Rubinyants Lane street in Yerevan, this hotel offers:Hotel Roma features a hot tub, a sauna, and…

GDP In Former Soviet Union 2013

  • GDP In Former Soviet Union 2013

    Published: 24 July, 2014 seen 2,046 Economic notes

    It has been already 24 years since collapse of Soviet Union, an empire that once threatened all the rest world with it's mighty military. Although military tough - economical weak. Or I was taught in school - USSR was military giant but economical midget. Well, long are those days of Mighty Soviet Union, what's leftover? Russia and 14 other former Soviet republics. Let's see what has changed in last 24 years in terms of economy. Gross Domestic Product in FSU 2013   2012 $ (bln) 2013 $ (bln) Growth $ (bln) Growth % % of Total GDP Russia 2017.470 2096.777 79.307 3.93 72.53 Kazakhstan 203.517…

GDP Per Capita in European Union 2013

  • GDP Per Capita in European Union 2013

    Published: 23 July, 2014 seen 7,946 Economic notes

    Back in 2013, the European Union (EU) was a political and economic union of 28 member states that were located primarily in Europe.  While the European Union consists of 28 member states. Some would say  - Europe is United. Is it so? Let's figure out, who lives better and who does not.  Update: GDP Per Capita in European Union 2022 GDP per Capita in European Union  2013   2012 2013 Change $ Growth % Luxembourg 103859 111162 7303 6.56 Denmark 56364 58930 2566 4.35 Sweden 55039 58164 3125 5.31 Austria 46792 49074 2282 4.65 Netherlands 45961 47617 1656 3.47 Ireland 45922 47400 1478 3.11 Finland…

GDP Per Capita In Former Soviet Union Countries 2013

  • GDP Per Capita In Former Soviet Union Countries 2013

    Published: 22 July, 2014 seen 10,201 Economic notes

    Soviet Union once was a mighty empire that threatened all the rest world, it has been already 24 years since Soviet Union doesn't exist any more, what's left - free market economies stretching from Baltic sea to Bering straight. In total there are 15 FSU republics in over days. Some of them (Baltic states) has found a new ally with EU, other ones are fighting each  other (Russia vs Ukraine, Azerbaijan vs Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh). Other has already emerging in a new Geopolitical Union, called Eurasian Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia) Those last 24 years, have been tough…

Minimum Wages in European Union 2014

  • Minimum Wages in European Union 2014

    Published: 21 July, 2014 seen 35,175 Investments

    Minimum wage is set by government minimum standard of guaranteed income (hourly/monthly) that worker should receive for work he/she performs. In 2014, there were 22 countries out of 28 in European Union, which had their national minimum wages set. Update: Minimum Wages in European Union 2018 6 countries out of 28 have not minimum wage set by the government at all, but they have some collective bargaining agreements. Countries that don't have a minimum wage set by the government in European Union - Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Sweden.   EUR USD Luxembourg 1921 2593.35 Belgium…

Minimum Wages in Former Soviet Union 2014

  • Minimum Wages in Former Soviet Union 2014

    Published: 21 July, 2014 seen 3,763 Economic notes

    Some time ago I already did a chart of minimum wages in Former Soviet Union, now some time - about 6 months have passed and I decided to take a look to minimum wages in Former Soviet Union one more time. Although minimum wages doesn't play major role on economic boost, it's still an indicator I like to know when researching particular country. In my previous research for 2013 I found that highest minimum wage was set in Estonia ($427) while the lowest was in Kyrgyzstan (jut $17 per month) Minimum wage in FSU 2014/2013 ($) Country 2013 ($) 2014 ($) Change $ Growth % Estonia 427 480 53 11.04…

Georgia Plans To Have Full membership in EU in 5-10 Years

  • Georgia Plans To Have Full membership in EU in 5-10 Years

    Published: 20 July, 2014 seen 2,437 Caucasus overview

    Recently Georgia signed Association Agreement with EU, which includes Free Trade agreement with EU as well. Georgian Politicans were so happy, that they rushed to announce some great plans - and so MP of Georgia announced, that Georgia is eagger to have full EU membership in next 5-10 years. So far so good. On the other hand, newly elected president of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has already announced, that he is not willing to see any enlargement in European Union for next 5 years, mainly because none of the existing candidate countries could full-fill requirements…

Cycling Tbilisi - Night Ride - Tbilisi Old Town

  • Cycling Tbilisi - Night Ride - Tbilisi Old Town

    Published: 19 July, 2014 seen 1,810 Outdoor Activities

    This ride was an extended versions for ride I made a few days ago - Dinamo Arena - Dibude. And again - evening (night), with hopes there will be less people in the streets and less vehicles. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Seems, Tbilisi never sleeps - and speaking of night cycling in this Caucasus city- it seems even more dangerous than cycling bt day - in day there are at least traffic jams, making overall vehicle movement  slow - by night - there are less cars (of course), but they drive twice as crazy as they do in days. Not to speak about pedestrians - they never watch where are they going, they…

16 Best Batumi Beach / Seaside Hotels

  • 16 Best Batumi Beach / Seaside Hotels

    Published: 18 July, 2014 seen 8,495 Hotel reviews

    Batumi offers plenty of hotels over there. If you are into getting some tan at pebbled Black Sea coast beaches, you might like to have a comfortable rest after it. Choose your hotel among the best available in Batumi. Prices among the best hotels in Batumi will vary starting from 100 GEL ($57/ EUR 42) and will go up to 360 GEL ($205 / EUR 150) or higher. While you are in Batumi, consider Batumi Real Estate Crypto Investment From my personal recommendations from Batumi hotels I have stayed so far, I should note Batumi Hilton and Batumi Radisson hotels. For a family friendly budget stay I can…

Cycling Tbilisi Embankment - evening ride - Dinamo Arena - Didube

  • Cycling Tbilisi Embankment - evening ride - Dinamo Arena - Didube

    Published: 17 July, 2014 seen 1,438 Outdoor Activities

    Yesterday was a hot day, it was about 37 Celsius, and I offered to make a cycling after 9:00PM, but we agreed to ride at 7:00PM, at first we stopped for some chicken barbecue at 11 Katkha restaurant near Dinamo Stadium. It turned out - yesterday Georgian National Football team played against Kazakhstan, since our favourite restaurant is located right next to Dinamo Stadium, it was full with folks eager to have a drink before the game. That's another interesting observation -  about 95% of folks there - ordered just beer, and we were left with bad service - although we ordered some food…

Using Custom Channels in Google Adsense

  • Using Custom Channels in Google Adsense

    Published: 16 July, 2014 seen 6,620 Google Adsense Tips

    Custom Channels is a great way to measure performance for your Google Adsense ad units, and it's a great way to get more targeted ads for your websites. In this article I will explain how you can use Custom Channels to track which ad units performs better, and how to sell those ad units for potentiall bidders.How to create Custom ChannelsLet's login to our Google Adsense account and head to My ads section, then in the left sidebar you will find - Custom Channels section, click on itMy Google Adsense Custom ChannelsWe are allowed to create up to 500 Custom Channels in Google Adsense, what is…

How to create URL channels in Google Adsense

  • How to create URL channels in Google Adsense

    Published: 15 July, 2014 seen 5,746 Google Adsense Tips

    I have been using Google Adsense for almost 5 years already, first 4 and a half years I didn't paid much attention for it. I mean I was not paying attention for better implementation, CTR, CPC and other things. I just put Adsense code to my webpages, did some small blending stuff and was sitting back and waited when cash will flow in. It didn't!And then I started my blog - I can tell just one - after I started my own blog, I started to pay attention for more details. In short time I raised my CTR from 0.5% to 1.5-2%, I started to target more paying keywords, and I increased (a little) my CPC…

Rafting in Georgia - Khertvisi - Aspindza - Borjomi

  • Rafting in Georgia - Khertvisi - Aspindza - Borjomi

    Published: 14 July, 2014 seen 4,563 Outdoor Activities

    Some time ago we find some offer on Facebook offering rafting tour in Georgia for 2 days - on Mtkvari river. Tour included raft, safety wests, oars, overnight in tents. It sounded pretty good, and we decided to claim this offer. Said - done! Our rafting tour started Saturday morning from Tbilisi (minibuss waited for rafters next to Radisson Blue and it was supposed to leave Tbilisi at 9:00 AM) As usualy doing something unexpected I don't plan it very detailed - for me it was clear - it's rafting, what should I plan here? I'm paying my money - and everything rest is handled by organizators. We…

Flights to Mestia from Tbilisi will resume starting July 18th by Service Air

  • Flights to Mestia from Tbilisi will resume starting July 18th by Service Air

    Published: 14 July, 2014 seen 2,296 Living in Georgia

    Today I red splendid news on Georgian news - starting July 18Th flights from Tbilisi to Mestia will be resumed - and will be performed by Georgian flight company - Service Air.According to news - the flights will happen 3 times in a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Flight will leave Tbilisi at 11:00 and will return from Mestia 14:00. Ticket price will be 65 GEL.I was so impressed and eager to visit Svanetia, I immediately called "Service Air" company - to make a reservation. Unfortunately women at the other end of phone - explained me - that they (Service Air) don't know anything yet,…

Vazhatravel.com - tours and travel in Georgia

  • Vazhatravel.com - tours and travel in Georgia

    Published: 13 July, 2014 seen 1,611 Portfolio

    Vazhatravel.com was a Drupal-powered site a built for a friend. Vazha Travel offers one of the best rates for tours and transfers in Georgia. With Vazha Travel you can order airport transfer from Tbilisi airport to the Tbilisi city centre as low as 25 GEL (Most taxis at Tbilisi airport will ask you more), so do you can book a transfer to and from Kutaisi or Batumi airport. The further developments of Vazhatravel website has been canceled, though the service is still available, feel free to contact Vazha by phone numbers listed in this article or visit VazhaTravel Facebook page, alternatively…

How I turned my Instagram account into a Photo Blog

  • How I turned my Instagram account into a Photo Blog

    Published: 12 July, 2014 seen 1,658 Portfolio

    In April I bought my first ever "smartphone" - Android phone with Dual SIM... It actully has WI-Fi router built in and in days I have no "ground" Wi-FI I can use Mobile Internet to connect to my laptop. Anyway - I'm very satisfied with my first Android phone.I must admit I'm using phone for it's sole purpose - to call, but that has changed - with my new Android phone - I'm using few apps on it (Google Adsense, Google Analytics, some news apps and Instagram).Some already probably knwo - I'm an expat in Georgia (South Caucasus), when I first arrived here, more than 3 years ago. I arrived…

18 Kutaisi Hostels That Won't Break Your Travel Budget

  • 18 Kutaisi Hostels That Won't Break Your Travel Budget

    Published: 11 July, 2014 seen 2,379 Hotel reviews

    Kutaisi although second largest city in Georgia, comes with pretty bad infrastructure. In 2012 new Kutaisi airport was opened in Kutaisi (actually it's located some 30 km out of Kutaisi city centre). Wizzair cheap avio flights come to Georgia, new routes from Kiev, Warsaw, Vilnius and other destinations has been added and new hostels popped like a mushrooms after a rain in Kutaisi. These hostels are not typical hostels with standards you might seen somewhere else in Europe. Most often they come with basic necessities. My observations - that many owners of Kutaisi hostels are Ukrainians. I…

Setting my first Booking.com affiliate goal

  • Setting my first Booking.com affiliate goal

    Published: 10 July, 2014 seen 9,754 Affiliate Marketing Tips

    I'm new to affiliate marketing and I'm new to Booking.com affiliate marketing. Although I have been using Booking.com affiliate marketing for more than one year already - I haven't made much of it. But that doesn't mean this affiliate marketing program sucks. That means - my affiliate marketing tactics sucks. And I have decided to change that. To make changes we must change our behaviour. It so simple. If I want to succeed with Booking.com affiliate marketing - I must define some goals at first.I could now write down - how I plan to get 80K in a year from Booking.com - but I wont do that.…

Twitter Engagement: Text and Link vs Image and Link

  • Twitter Engagement: Text and Link vs Image and Link

    Published: 9 July, 2014 seen 1,540 Blogging

    I decided to measure engagement on Twitter  - which performs better - Text + link or Text + Image + link. For this experiment I took a "brand new" Twitter account with a little bit more than 2000 followers on that - Tweets and Followers are Travel related. I used Tweetdeck to schedule tweets 24 hours in advance. Each tweet was with 10 minutes interval. In total for each day there was 144 tweets, but only 20% of them was unique. With help of Tweetdeck I repeated tweets exactly with 4 hour interval. Let see the results   Day 1 (Text only) Day 2 (Text and Image) Favorited 6 40 Retweeted 46 95…

How to apply for Booking.com affiliate

  • How to apply for Booking.com affiliate

    Published: 8 July, 2014 seen 16,689 Affiliate Marketing Tips

    Booking.com is one of the worlds largest hotel provider, by t0day at Booking.com you can choose your hotel from more than 500 000 featured on their site. And best of this - you can became a partner for any of these 500 000 hotels - by applying for Booking.com affiliate program.The Booking.com affiliate partner program has a demonstrated track record of great earning potential. The commission-based model we use with our hotels is the preferred sales model in the hotel industry and guarantees a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.Travel and hotel industry for me always has…

Former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze died at 86

  • Former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze died at 86

    Published: 7 July, 2014 seen 1,091 Living in Georgia

    Today at 12:00, Tbilisi time - former president of Georgia Eduard Shevarnadze after continues illness has died. Many including me - remember Eduard Shevarndadze not only as president of Georgia, but also as a foreign minister of Soviet Union. There were time Mr. Shevernadze was considered second person after Mikhail Gorbochov in USSR.Eduard Shevernadze after collapse of Soviet Union became a 2nd president of Georgia in 1995 and held his position till 2003, when resigned from office after Rose Revolution, which led Mikheil Saakashhili in power.There has been many talks about Mr.…

Feature Film Mayrig Review

  • Feature Film Mayrig Review

    Published: 7 July, 2014 seen 2,421 Movies, TV shows & Documentaries

    Mayrig is a feature film about Armenian immigrant family living in France, shortly after they have emigrated from their motherland - Armenia. Set on the streets of 1920-ties in Marseilles, France this film shows different aspects of life and struggles of an Armenian family. You can access this movie on Youtube A chapter or some 30 minutes is dedicated to Armenian Genocide in 1915 - when Ottoman empire humiliated, starved and mass killed a large population of Armenian people. Mayrig movie is about a mother. As far as my Armenian language knowledge reaches - Mayrig, means mother in the Armenian…

CTR changes with and without Google Authorship

  • CTR changes with and without Google Authorship

    Published: 7 July, 2014 seen 1,244 Search Engine Optimization

    Google recently did a  switch how it serves its search results - this time Google removed photos and circle count from search results. Google used to served photos and displayed circle count info for those authors who had verified their Google Authorship.The switch happened around June 26Th, 2014. And some digital marketers started to worry - how it will affect their CTR rates from Google search. Ofcourse, although I'm not a full time digital marketer, I have some worries. Actually I implemented Google Authorship for my blog and one other site just recently, and was very proud of my…

How I went from 50 to 5000 followers on Twitter

  • How I went from 50 to 5000 followers on Twitter

    Published: 6 July, 2014 seen 5,130 Blogging

    Few days ago my Twitter follower count crossed 5000 milestone. Today I already have 5788 followers on Twitter. According to Twitter counter my account ranks # 1,061,525 worldwide. It's just a little bit and I will break in TOP million list. Actually I got most of the followers in just last 30 days. It took me 32 days to raise my followers from 50 to 5000 Twittercounter showing my followers count So how did I break that magic 5000 follower milestone? I followed many other Twitter accounts, and they started following me back I published a lot of tweets I used #hashtags I engaged in…

Related nodes based on taxonomy terms

  • Related nodes based on taxonomy terms

    Published: 5 July, 2014 seen 3,587 Drupal Development

    Today I will show you, how you can create a list with related items for your Drupal site using taxonomy terms and Drupal views. At first you will need you actual content with taxonomy terms on it. If you are not familiar how to add taxonomy terms to your Drupal site, you might want to read this guide on that. I presume you have your content set up, it's tagged with different terms. Now lets add a block with related items on that. Related nodes based on taxonomy terms In above screen you can see an example with node page and related nodes in block. You can see a live example as well here.…

Turtle lake - My working place for today

  • Turtle lake - My working place for today

    Published: 5 July, 2014 seen 1,786 Living in Georgia

    In summertime it's hot as hell in Tbilisi city - there are two options  - air conditioner or Turtle lake. I prefer second option.  The features of working at Turtle lake - here is a free Wi-Fi internet available, all across the lake (Silkspot), here is a great coffee bar - Intelligentsia, which Turkish coffee is among the best available in Tbilisi and Georgia overall. Turkish coffee at Intelligentsia coffee bar (Turtle lake) And best of all you can get out of your everyday Tbilisi routine. Did I mentioned? Weather here is more windy and for a few degrees lower than in city? Why it so? That's…

Tbilisi hostels: 15 hostels in Tbilisi for couples

  • Tbilisi hostels: 15 hostels in Tbilisi for couples

    Published: 4 July, 2014 seen 2,559 Hotel reviews

    Tbilisi is a brilliant city.  Once heading to Tbilisi you might consider your options for safe and clean home away feeling. In this article I have listed 15 hostels that are suited for those who travel as couples and offer great value for even better price.Although Tbilisi is a home for some 2 millions inhabitants, don't be scared, it's pretty easy to navigate around Tbilisi. Good strategic locations for your hostel could be considered - Rustaveli Avenue  or Marjanishvilli neighbourhood.. anyway, there is plenty of taxi's who will take you to any destination in Tbilisi and even…

SPAR enters Georgian market; SCANIA to produce fuel from wine making waste; Georgia celebrates EU AA and Free Trade

  • SPAR enters Georgian market; SCANIA to produce fuel from wine making waste; Georgia celebrates EU AA and Free Trade

    Published: 3 July, 2014 seen 1,853 Living in Georgia

    On the other day I spent interesting afternoon walking around one of Tbilisi's neighbourhoods - Saburtalo. Made a ton of instagrams, visited local shopping chain Goodwill, tasted sushi and other different activities.On days like that - is great opportunity to observe what is happening around in city and in country. You might ask how? Well, it's easy with your eyes. I usually prefer free business newspapers available in different city's place. So it got my free newspapers at Saburtalo Goodwills shopping centre. Georgian Press ReviewFirst SPAR supermarket to open in Georgia - interesting…

My online income report - June 2014

  • My online income report - June 2014

    Published: 2 July, 2014 seen 2,517 Online Income Reports

    Last month was great in terms of my online earnings. I managed to earn $16.49 from Google Adsense alone. It's 174% increase compared to my earnings from Google Adsense in previous month.My earnings in June is not only highest this year, but it's also a personal record for my Google Adsense account lifetime results. Previous highest earnings per month I earned in January 2010 when it was $15.46. Hooray, I'm happy with my earnings this month.It's interesting to observe that overall traffic to my web properties didn't increase so much as increased my Google Adsense earnings. So, more earnings is…

Blog statistics June 2014

  • Blog statistics June 2014

    Published: 1 July, 2014 seen 1,525 Blog statistics

    This month was pretty good if compared with previous months in terms of website statistics. I reached 1491 unique visitors, what is 45.18% increase compared with my blog statistics in May.My blog website stats in month of June1491 unique visitors in a month makes average 49.7 unique visitors in a day, what is up by 16.58 visitors in a day compared with my average day visitor count in previous month (33.12).Power of Social MediaIn June I started to more aggressively work with Social Media, I opted in for 3 social media sites  - Twitter, Pinterest, Google+... I do have Facebook as well,…