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Investment Goal #3 - Build up Starter Emergency Fund $1,000

Investments 28 February, 2018 seen 127
Now this should probably be ranked as an Investment Goal #1, but as I already have goal one and goal two defined, I will keep this, probably, most valuable goal to build up a starter emergency fund as goal #3 As they say, you should have…

Blog Income: 104% Increase YoY in Google AdSense Revenue 2018

Blogging 27 February, 2018 seen 1,284
Learn how I increased revenue from Google AdSense by 104% Year over Year and how you could too.  For a prelude: I have been using Google AdSense for already eight and a half years by now, from whom first four and a half years have…

Top 20 Aluminium Chassis Notebook / Laptop Computers

Online Shopping 26 February, 2018 seen 133,453
As they say, Aluminum / Metallic chassis laptops are more durable than plastic ones. Indeed the surrounding chassis matters, but still when choosing an aluminum chassis laptop don't forget to see what's inside the chassis, like the…

Winter in Bākūži 2 - 2018

25 February, 2018 seen 40
A couple of weeks ago I made a couple of HDR's back at Bākūži (Bākūži Winter 2018), despite it was still a winter, we had little to no snow back then. Now at the end of February 2018, I made some more photos - let's say this - there is…

How To Verify Skype Account Without US Credit Card (Microsoft Account Verification)

Servers 24 February, 2018 seen 2,136
In today's article, I'll share my experience how I managed to verify my age for Skype account. It all started that one day I was not able to login to my skype account, which I have been using for more than 10 years already.  It turned out…

Google Introduces Machine Learning AdSense Auto Ads

Blogging 23 February, 2018 seen 284
Yesterday I received a promotional e-mail from Google AdSense, introducing the new Auto Ads. As a long-term Google AdSense user (How I Made $2,135.03 with Google AdSense in 8 years), I decided to give it a test for my Drupal-powered blog,…

Back testing BTC/EXP RSI on Gekko Trading Bot

Investments 22 February, 2018 seen 2,397
For the past couple of days, I've been testing Gekko BTC trading bot, executing a few trades running the bot on my laptop, ending to build a VPS to run Gekko trading bot on a cloud. As you can see for right now - I'm fully determined to… Review 2018 - Thoughts After 2 month of Investing in Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Investments 21 February, 2018 seen 7,002
It has been already 2 months since I've been experimenting with bitcoin cloud mining contracts on In today's article, I will share my observations and concerns about this cloud mining program.  Disclosure:  This article …

How To Setup Gekko BTC Trading Bot on VPS (Ubuntu 16.04) with GUI (

Servers 20 February, 2018 seen 4,457
Gekko is a free and open source Bitcoin TA trading and backtesting platform that connects to popular Bitcoin exchanges. It is written in javascript and runs on nodejs For the past couple of days I've been playing around with Gekko trading…

Top 20 Best Selling Quad Core / Gaming Laptops 2018

Online Shopping 19 February, 2018 seen 4,147
Gaming laptops gain the momentum in 2018. Multi-core processors are not a surprise nowadays, we all are used to Dual core processors powering our laptops, but what if we would have instead of two - four processors? Right, then we would…