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Hi! My name is Reinis Fischer (38), a proud dad and devoted husband. CEO and Founder of Terramatris crypto hedge fund, drone enthusiast, world traveler, photographer, book author and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine (vegetarian).

An ex-pat living in Georgia since 2011, I trade stocks, take photographs, work out at the gym, and many more. Here I write about travel, finance, and other things that might interest me.

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Kazbegi Trip 2021

Kazbegi trip - or searching for hot pools at Truso Valley, wandering at Darial gorge near the Georgian - Russian border, reaching Gveleti waterfall, walk in the clouds at Gergeti.. and of course a lot of offroad driving. Thanks, Ralph Schmidt and Rosemarie Rivera for making this trip happen. July 24-25, 2021

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About Tbilisi - Batumi Flight by Vanilla Sky

At the end of May 2021, we traveled Tbilisi - Batumi (and back) for the first time with an airplane. And let me say  - this is the best option to travel between these two Georgian cities. In the past, I've tried a train, marshrutka, and private vehicle. Flight is only 50 minutes and you don't feel tired not at all. i first hear about Vanilla Sky (back then it was called Service air) back in the Summer of 2014, when planned a trip to Mestia, but…

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Ērģeme Castle Ruins

Ērģeme castle is located in the parish of Ērģeme, Valka county, some 170 km north from the capital of Riga. Ērģeme castle served as a powerful fortress for the protection of the Livonian Holy Order eastern border and as a castle-front for the Cēsis castle of the Livonian Holy Order master. The castle was mentioned in 1422 but it was built already around year 1320 under the ordinance of the Order master Gerhard von Jocke. Masters used castle as a…

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SEB-Active 3rd Pillar Pension Plan Review 2021

I opted for a 3rd pension pillar pension plan at SEB bank Latvia back in May 2019. I've been saving additional funds for old age for already two years. Time flies.  On the day, when I opted to save for old age,  my dad turned 65. Kind of average age in Latvia for retirement.  I started small, saving EUR 33/mo for the first four-month, then increased it to EUR 43/mo for the next 4 months, and again increased monthly contributions to EUR 58/mo…

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Truso Valley

 Truso Valley is known for its mineral water springs, white/yellow travertines, mineral lake with bubbles, towers of middle ages, -most notably Zakagori castle, villages on a very high altitude such as Resi (2350m), tasty cheese and Ossetian Khabidzginas (khachapuri with cheese and potatoes) and nice people. I first visited this area during a weekend trip to Kazbegi (Stepatsminda) at the end oh July 2021.  To get there, we took a left turn in…

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Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor

November has started with some cool 4K cinematic drone videography at Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor. All places are great and highly recommended to visit, all places share some great history, starting Baltic - German nobleman Manteuffel at Laidi Manor, or some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Latvia at Valtaiķu church, made in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century according to sketches by Vilhelms Purvītis.…

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My RSI+STOCH Stategy Settings for Trality Crypto Trading bot XLM, ADA

In this article, I will share details on how I configured Trality crypto trading bot for trading ADA and XLM coins with RSI and STOCH indicators This is my algo trading bot I originally launched in mid-May 2021, by setting it up to sell EUR-XLM pair based on RSI strategy, bit latter I added ADA coin to this setup, but then I noticed that bot has used all buying power to purchase only ADA coins, which is not what I actually wanted and here I…

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Dividend Stock Portfolio

On this page, I'm sharing our family's stock portfolio. Growing slowly from monthly contributions and options trades. Not all stocks listed here are dividend stocks, and not all stocks listed here are good stocks. Most stocks listed here are optionable, meaning I might be selling call or put options on them. At the moment focused on growing our portfolio from MS stockThis page usually is updated after I make a new purchase or at least once a…


Latest stock buy 26 shares of NIO at $46.51 per share

On February 26, 2021, we bought an additional; 26 shares of NIO stock (NYSE:O ) paying $46,51 per share.  Unlike most of the other stocks I buy, NIO is not a dividend stock, instead, I see NIO as a potential growth stock NIO is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, specializing in designing and developing electric vehicles. The company is also involved in the FIA Formula E Championship, the first single-seater, all-…

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52 Week Money Saving Challenge Version 3.0. SEB Funds

About 3 years ago I started a simple, so-called 52 Week Money Saving Challenge. The rules for this challenge are very simple - to deposit in the first week one euro, in the second week - two, third week - three, etc. The amount after each week continues to grow, up to the last week of the year, when it is 52 euros. Back in 2018, I was saving in the jar, but I must admit I dropped the challenge after some 6 months, as we were relocating from…

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Start Over - Options Trading

On Monday, July 19, 2021, I decided to close all my existing positions with LYNX Broker (Interactive Brokers) and start fresh.  After closing all positions and selling off all stock I was left with little more than EUR 8,000 I decided to start over by selling credit spreads on a few select stocks and from the premium to buy dividend stocks (preferably dividend aristocrat stocks) My first new trade was with FCEL, where I sold 5 credit spreads…

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Georgia - Russia Friendship monument near Gudauri

Georgia - the land of many wonders A drone flight around Georgia - Russia Friendship Monument near Gudauri DJI Mavic mini, August 16th, 2020 Music by Scott Holmes - Epic Cinematographic

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Backtesting BTC-EUR RSI Strategy with Trality

For the past couple of days, I've been testing Trality crypto trading bot a lot, executing a few trades.  I must say - I feel very impressed with what this bot can do, if you are new to Trality, see my brief review here: Simple Crypto Trading Bot From Trality As I like testing and implementing ideas, in today's article I'm going to talk about the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and its usage in crypto trades. I believe RSI is one of the easiest…

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Latest stock buy 20 shares of Realty Income Corp (NYSE:O) at $60.85 per share

On February 26, 2021, I bought additional 20 shares of Realty Income Corp. (NYSE:O ) paying $60.85 per share.  With its monthly dividend of 0.23 cents per share, this latest buy has a dividend yield of 4.53% and will pay us an additional $4.60 every month (before tax).  Now, that's awesome! To finance this purchase we spent one-fourth of our options income in the month of February. I now hold in total 84 shares of O, In total, they contribute…

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Latest Stock Buy 8 shares of Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) $66.80 per share

On April 8, 2021, I bought additional 8 shares of Intel Corporation (INTC) for our daughter's stock portfolio, paying $66.80 per share. Funds for this purchase were taken from my dad's inheritance fund. With its quarterly dividend payout of $0.34 per share, this latest buy has a dividend yield of 2.03% and will pay us $2.72 (before tax) every quarter. Not the biggest addition to the portfolio, but every bit counts. We are now holding 62 shares…

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