June 2019

Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You in Gori

Published: 30 June, 2019 seen 225 Restaurant reviews

Now besides hostel in Tbilisi, Latvians have a cafe in Gori Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You is located on Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue 34, Gori.  Opened for the public in 2018, this place serves pastry, cakes and a huge menu of a different kind of meals (both Latvian and Georgian style), you can get here both some salty Gori style cutlets and even Kiev's cutlet, not to speak about salad olive and more.  Overall feeling  - The Soviet Obshchepit (общепит) - sometimes I just can't resist it. lol Cafe 4You in Gori Pastry at Cafe 4You Now, they had a very good cheesecake, a decent chocolate cake. Oreo…

Tbilisi - Baku by Train Ticket Information

Published: 29 June, 2019 seen 1,614 Travel guides

At the end of June 2019, I finally bought train tickets Tbilisi - Baku for early August 2019. I have plans to spend my 34th birthday in Baku, Azerbaijan.  The train is departing Tbilisi daily at 20:35 and arriving in Baku at 08:50, In total it takes about 12 hours and 30 minutes to get from Tbilisi to Baku by train It seems there is no option buying tickets online yet for Tbilisi - Baku line (although I found there are some tour agencies selling tickets online, see: International Tbilisi-Baku Train, though the price might be double when using travel agency). The option we used was visiting…

#25 Roll Forward Put Sell: BKS JUL 19'19 5 @0.9

Published: 28 June, 2019 seen 20 Trading

On June 5th, 2019, I made the following put sell - BKS JUL 19'19 5 @0.9 or I roll forwarded a put sell I made back in May (#15 Put Sell: BKS JUN 21'19 5 Put @0.3) BKS stands for Barnes & Noble, Inc., and in June it was announced that it will be acquired by Elliott for $6.50/share Elliott’s acquisition of Barnes & Noble, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, follows its June 2018 acquisition of Waterstones, the largest retail bookseller in the United Kingdom. James Daunt, CEO of Waterstones, will assume also the role of CEO of Barnes & Noble following the completion…

#29 Call Selling: XIN OCT 18'19 5 Put @0.2

Published: 27 June, 2019 seen 32 Trading

On June 18th, 2019, I made the following put call - Call Selling: XIN OCT 18'19 5 Put @0.2 I made this covered call sell just shortly I got assigned 100 shares of XIN (Latest Stock Buy: Xinyuan Real Estate (XIN )) Selling covered calls are what I really like - like there is little to no risk involved.  Got for this trade a premium of $20, but I will be obligated to sell 100 shares of XIN if the price will go up to $5 USD per share by OCT 18, 2019.  Break-even price: $5.2

Put Selling: WPG OCT 19'19 5 Put @0.4

Published: 26 June, 2019 seen 25 Trading

On April 3rd, 2019 I made my third options trade. This time I decided to collect premium from stock I already own and wouldn't mind having in my portfolio for discounted prices.  So I write following put sell - WPG OCT 19'19 5 Put @0.4 WPG stands for Washington Prime Group, and it has been in our dividend income portfolio since the end of 2018, see Latest Stock Buy For Child Investment Portfolio: WPG The dividend yield for this stock has been crazy, it has climbed from 15.97% back in November 2018 to 18.21% in April 2019. The reason is plain simple, the stock price for WPG has dropped from $6…

Latest Stock Sale - Kauno Energija (KNR1L)

Published: 25 June, 2019 seen 36 Investments

On June 18th, 2019, I have sold all 160 shares of Kauno Energija (KNR1L) I had, getting paid EUR 0.96 / EUR 0.92  per share, that's a much less I paid for this share about a year ago (EUR 1.24).  I sold at the loss. On the other hand, my holdings at Kauno Energija were so small, that despite more than -25% loss, it's a barely visible loss (about EUR 40) I keep selling of my Nasdaq Baltic holdings to re-invest in US stock market.

Top 5 Best Selling Canon EF / EF-S Lenses 2019

Published: 24 June, 2019 seen 287 Digital Photography School

It has been already more than four years since I bought my first DSRL camera (Canon 1200D). The camera still works great. Only the kit lens has started to malfunction (autofocus isn't working anymore properly). I decided to see what are my options and created the following top 5 best selling Canon lenses on Amazon article. Right now my favorites are 24mm pancake lens and kit 18-55mm lens. Most probably I will end up ordering just a replacement kit lens (18-55) for my camera. From my experience I can say - kit lenses just rocks - they are universal and will do most of the job.  Alternatively…

Gori Fortress & Memorial of Georgian Warrior Heroes

Published: 23 June, 2019 seen 623 Military Heritage

Gori Fortress is a medieval citadel in Georgia, standing above the city of Gori on a rocky hill. The fortress is very well visible from the city, unfortunately, I have never climbed up to the fortress, but I believe very cool aerial photos might be taken from here. At the bottom of the fortress, there is located the Memorial of Georgian Warrior Heroes consisting of 8 (?) sculptures of Georgian Warriors.  The fortress first appears in the 13th-century records but archeological evidence shows that the area had already been fortified in the last centuries BC. The fortress controlled major…

Latest Stock Buy: NRZ

Published: 22 June, 2019 seen 51 Investments

On June 21, 2019, I bought (got assigned) 100 shares of New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ ) at $16.00 per share. With its quarterly dividend payout of 0.5 dollars per share, this latest buy has a dividend yield of 12.5% (before tax) and will pay us an additional $50.00 (before tax) every quarter. Awesome!  NRZ has been in our dividend income portfolio since August 2018, when I originally bought 27 shares paying $18.47 per share. Latest Stock Buy: NRZ Now as I told already, I bought/got assigned this stock after I made the following options trade #24 Put Sell: NRZ JUN 21'19 16 Put @0.32…

Georgia Palace Hotel & SPA Kobuleti

Published: 21 June, 2019 seen 177 Hotel reviews

Georgia Palace Hotel & SPA is the first Georgian Brand five-star Resort hotel located on the Black Sea shore of Georgia's famed summer resort in Kobuleti, Georgia. We booked this 5-star hotel for a one night at the end of April 2019, during a short weekend trip to Batumi and the nearby vicinity. We paid just USD 80 for our stay here, which I believe is a discount price and available just in the low-season. Situated in the resort of Kobuleti, this modern hotel features a large outdoor pool, open-air restaurant and rooms with a balcony, offering beautiful views of the Black Sea or Ajarian…

#22 Roll Forward Put Sell: PEI JAN 17'20 7 @1.32

Published: 20 June, 2019 seen 22 Trading

On June 5th, 2019, I made the following put sell - PEI JAN 17'20 7 @1.32 or I roll forwarded a put sell I made in early May (#13 Put Sell: PEI JUN 21'19 8 Put @0.75) With this roll forward I lost in premium - 19.4$ but I also lowered strike price from $8 to $7.  PEI is a stock I like and don't mind having it in our portfolio (in fact PEI is part of our children portfolio). 

Latest Stock Buy: Xinyuan Real Estate (XIN )

Published: 20 June, 2019 seen 42 Investments

On June 17, 2018, I bought (got assigned) 100 shares of Xinyuan Real Estate (XIN ) at $5.00 per share. With its quarterly dividend payout of 0.1 dollars per share, this latest buy has a dividend yield of 8% and will pay us $10 (before tax) every quarter. Awesome!  Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a Chinese real estate company. Xinyuan has traditionally engaged principally in residential real estate development and the provision of property management services, focusing on Tier II cities in China. XIN has been in our portfolio since October 2018, see: Latest Stock Buy: XIN, since then I have…

Net Worth $25,000 Reached

Published: 19 June, 2019 seen 166 Investments

On April 2nd, 2019, my net worth for the first time reached $25,000 Milestone. It took me 2 years and 3 months since I originally started my million dollar journey, and I was 33 years old. Here is what I told/forecasted back when first reached $10,000 net worth: If things will continue to be so bright in the future, I could reach a total net worth of $25,000 by the end of 2018, being 33 years old. Despite it was planned to get here some 3 months earlier, by the end of 2018, I still feel very great cracking this goal now. Better later, than never.  (One thing I forecasted at least right - I'm…

#21 Put Sell: PEI Oct 18'19 5 Put @0.25

Published: 18 June, 2019 seen 33 Trading

On June 4th, 2019, I made the following put sell - PPEI Oct 18'19 5 Put @0.25 This is already the twenty-first (#21) put sell from my short options trader career. For now, it seems I've found my way in options trading - I'm selling puts against (high) dividend paying stocks I already own or I would like to have. PEI is a stock we have in our child portfolio.  Dividends are paid quarterly in the following months - Mar, Jun, Sept, and Dec. In case I will be assigned PEI stock before options expiry I will have 100 shares paying me dividends and giving a nice boost in those months. Awesome. Got…

Top 10 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Gaming Laptops

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The GeForce® GTX 1650 is built with the breakthrough graphics performance of the award-winning NVIDIA Turing™ architecture. It’s a supercharger for today’s most popular games, and even faster with modern titles. Step up to better gaming with GeForce GTX. In this article, I've listed top 10 laptops with Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card available for sale on Amazon.com A quick note: This article contains affiliate links to Amazon.com, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on Amazon site, I will earn an affiliate income at no cost to you. Prices for laptops listed on this page…

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Published: 16 June, 2019 seen 145 Churches and Monasteries

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin is located in Gori on Lomouri street 7, just opposite to the Gori Fortress.  Some might be surprised noticing that this church looks like a typical Catholic church rather than a typical Georgian Orthodox church. According to Georgia.Travel the temple was built as a Catholic church between 1806 and 1810. In 1920, it was heavily damaged by an earthquake. View towards cathedral from Gori fortress During Soviet times, Gori’s Music School was situated in the church. The building was handed over to the Georgian Orthodox Church in the 1990s.…

Options Income May 2019

Published: 15 June, 2019 seen 56 Investments

Welcome to the third (#3) options income report - covering earnings I've made from options trading (naked puts and covered calls) in the month of May Options are the latest investment strategy in my portfolio - in short, I'm looking to use option trading to generate additional income from stocks I already have (covered calls) or would love to have (naked puts) in my portfolio. I trade against dividend stocks only (at least now). Investment Goal #7 - Selling Puts to Own / Generate Income I learn as I go, anything written here should be taken with a grain of salt, I'm no expert or certified…

Top 20 9th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor (Gaming) Laptops

Published: 14 June, 2019 seen 7,624 Online Shopping

Latest Intel Core I7 9th generation processors have been around since early 2019. Intel Core i7 laptops are gaining momentum among gamers and business users. Creative graphic designers, video animators, and photographers will enjoy these powerful laptops as well. Most of the laptops listed below is both gaming laptops and on-the-go workstations. You should be ready to spend at least ~ $1,000 to get the latest Intel Core i7 - 9750H processor laptop.  In this article, I have listed Top 20 laptop models with the latest Intel Core i7 9th generation processors. Disclosure: This article contains…

Black Sea Arena Georgia

Published: 13 June, 2019 seen 130 Tourism objects

Black Sea Arena is an indoor arena located on the coast of the Black Sea in Shekvetili, Guria, Georgia, some 45 km north of Batumi, the country's second largest city. The venue, designed by the architects from the German company Drei Architekten, is the largest open concert hall in the Caucasus. The auditorium has a capacity of 10,000 seats in circular grandstands. The American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera performed at the official opening of the Black Sea Arena on July 30, 2016. Black Sea Arena in Georgia

Latest Stock Buy For Child Investment Portfolio: AWP

Published: 12 June, 2019 seen 81 Investments

On April 2nd, 2019, I bought 100 shares of Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (AWP) at $6.01 per share. With its monthly dividend payout of 0.05 dollars per share, this latest buy has a dividend yield of 9.98% and will pay us $5.00 (before tax) every month. Awesome!  I bought this share for our little baby girl's stock portfolio. Our 8-month-old baby girl has a dividend stock portfolio generating already $32.40/mo. I'm looking to grow it towards $50/mo by the end of 2019. The latest buy has made a nice little boost of $4.25 (after tax) to our monthly dividend income. AWP is already the…

Batumi McDonald's

Published: 11 June, 2019 seen 408 Restaurant reviews

The coolest McDonald's building probably is located in Georgian seaside town Batumi. Officially opened for public already back in 2013, this place has been featured in countless architecture award magazines across the World. Named as the World’s Best Commercial Building 2014 (source: Batumi McDonald’s: World’s Best Commercial Building 2014) The restaurant, designed by Harvard-graduate and Georgian architect Giorgi Khmaladze, was named Building of the Year in the Commercial Architecture category in an international competition by world architecture firm Arch Daily. Batumi McDonald's The…

#19 Covered Call Sell: ET JAN 17'20 15 @0.71

Published: 10 June, 2019 seen 29 Trading

On June 1st, 2019, I sold the following covered call -  ET JAN 17'20 15 @0.71 I'm continuing to sell covered calls on ET, this time I decided to go with a shorter timeframe (229 days) to collect the larger premium and boost total option income for June.  Got for this trade a premium of $71, but I will be obligated to sell 100 shares of ET if the strike price will be $15 and more per share by JAN 17, 2020.  Break-even price: $15.71 This latest covered call also gives 7.32% yield annually

Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori

Published: 9 June, 2019 seen 308 Museums

The Joseph Stalin Museum is a museum in Gori, Georgia dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, who was born in Gori. The Museum retains its Soviet-era characteristics. The museum has three sections, all located in the town's central square. It was officially dedicated to Stalin in 1957. With the downfall of the Soviet Union and independence movement of Georgia, the museum was closed in 1989, but has since been reopened, and is a popular tourist attraction. The Stalin Museum (in the background), with the birth house of Stalin in the foreground Enshrined within a…

Villa St Maria Boutique hotel Jūrmala

Published: 8 June, 2019 seen 85 Hotel reviews

Offering a sauna, boutique hotel Villa St Maria is set in the heart of Jurmala on the main pedestrian promenade Jomas street, some 400 m from Dzintari Concert Hall. In summers guests can enjoy a lounge terrace on the rooftop of the hotel and an on-site restaurant with Japanese, Korean and European cuisine and drinks. We booked this hotel for a short one night stay before departing back to Tbilisi in May 2019. We paid EUR 68 for a stay here. Aparthotel Villa St Maria in Jūrmala Every room at this hotel is air conditioned and comes with a flat-screen TV with satellite channels.They feature an…

#20 Covered Call Sell: WPG OCT 18'19 5 @0.1

Published: 7 June, 2019 seen 23 Trading

On June 4th, 2019, I sold the following covered call -  WPG OCT 18'19 5 @0.1 Got for this trade a premium of $10, but I will be obligated to sell 100 shares of WPG if the strike price will be $5 and more per share by OCT 18, 2019.  WPG has been in our portfolio since the end of the 2018 Latest Stock Buy For Child Investment Portfolio: WPG WPG is experiencing a hard time now, the value for share is dropping fast, some even call it a rotten egg (4 Rotten REIT Eggs Your Basket Doesn't Need) Break-even price: $5.10 This latest covered call also gives 4% yield annually. Let's see how things will…

#24 Put Sell: NRZ JUN 21'19 16 Put @0.32

Published: 6 June, 2019 seen 38 Trading

On June 5, 2019, I made following put sell - NRZ JUN 21'19 16 Put @0.32 I keep selling puts against (high) dividend paying stocks I already own or I would like to have. NRZ is one of the dividend stocks I have in my portfolio since 2018 (Latest Stock Buy: NRZ) New Residential Investment Corp. (NYSE: NRZ) is a publicly traded real estate investment trust (“REIT”) that focuses on investing in, and actively managing, investments primarily related to residential real estate. NRZ currently is trading at $15.69 and has a yearly dividend payout of $2.00 (before tax) giving a yield of 12.74%.…

May 2019 Dividend Income Report - $216.17

Published: 5 June, 2019 seen 918 Investments

Welcome to the twenty-fifth (#25) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks, peer to peer lending (both fiat and cryptocurrencies) in May 2019. Summer is finally here in Georgia and more time we are spending outdoors. Actually, at the start of May, we took a short 10 day trip to Latvia, trying delicious seafood at Jūrmala restaurants and more. I would love to feature some great landscape of Latvian nature here, but I missed it as most of the time I made nice family portraits instead. Photo of the month - HDR clouds over Tbilisi Time after time I love to…

How To Merge Vocabularies on Drupal (Taxonomy Manager)

Published: 4 June, 2019 seen 796 Drupal Development

A couple of years ago I launched the Piece of Life project in the frames of this blog. The idea was simple - instead of building a separate website for our photo stories, incorporate it in already established blog After a quick brainstorming  - it was realized using additional content types and vocabularies I decided to run this project as a separate entity inside the frames of my blog for two reasons: Firstly, I'm an author of about 50% of images made for Piece of Life, so yes I have a voice to be heard by the other 50%. Second - we could go with a separate photo project website, most…

Top 10 Best Selling Notebooks / Laptops June 2019

Published: 3 June, 2019 seen 592 Online Shopping

Budget-friendly ACER Aspire models priced just a little bit over $300 are among the best selling laptops on Amazon in June 2019 Keep reading to find more about Top 10 best selling notebooks/laptops this month. A quick note: This article contains affiliate links to Amazon.com, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on Amazon site, I might earn an affiliate income at no cost to you. Prices for laptops listed on this page are retrieved using Amazon Product Advertising API and is updated daily. For actual prices please refer on the product page on Amazon. Acer Aspire E 15, 15.…

Easy Weekend trip to Kakehti in Georgia

Published: 2 June, 2019 seen 266 Tours in Georgia

This is a short recap of our travels to the region of Kakheti in September 2017. I've got many times asked this question - what's the best time to visit Georgia? In short - it depends. Among the many reasons to visit Georgia, I would recommend it during the rtveli time (grape harvesting) around September, see: Grape Harvest Rtveli in Georgia (Region of Kakheti) As for this trip, we took a driver from Tbilisi (Book your driver here), headed to Chateau Eniseli, and for the rest, see itinerary below. 

Resort Ujarma

Published: 1 June, 2019 seen 134 Health & Wellness

Resort Ujarma is located on the banks of Iori river some 32 km from Tbilisi (about 40 minute drive with a car) The main feature of the Resort Ujarma is healing water with iodine and bromine. The entire territory of the resort covered in forest. The climate is characteristic of the low mountains of eastern Georgia, relatively wet. We discovered this interesting  - back to the USSR style, place on a lovely Saturday morning in early June 2019, after agreeing to drive after one of the most delicious barbeques you can find at Iosebis Duqani restaurant in Sasadilo village near Ujarma. Additionally…