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Bākūži Winter 2018

31 January, 2018 | 40 views

Made a couple of HDR's back at Bākūži, the country house where for the last couple of years we have done some home remodeling. In today's Piece of Life series, simple winter mood from Latvian winter (January 2018) Fishpond A decent level…

Lost Siacoins after Depositing to Exchange (Probably because of Wallet Maintenance)

Investments 30 January, 2018 | 406 views

Hmm, this is not nice, but that what happened to me, Siacoins I had mined using GPU mining rig,got lost somewhere in A brief background - since I started to experiment with gpu mining rig, I opted for Claymore's dual mining…

Top 15 Best Selling Acer Laptops / Notebooks 2018

Online Shopping 29 January, 2018 | 3,544 views

Acer laptops/notebooks have been among the best selling items on Amazon electronics list for a while, in this article you will find 15 best selling models of 2018. Both traditional laptops and Chromebooks are available, also a popular…

Mining Ethereum With Asus Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ROG Strix OC Edition Review

Servers 28 January, 2018 | 5,564 views

Asus Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ROG Strix OC Edition is the latest addition to my Ethereum mining rig, which currently consists of 4 GPU.  Bought back in Tbilisi, and I believe that I just overpaid about $100 for this card, in total spending… Review After 12 Month of Investing in Peer to Peer Lending

Investments 27 January, 2018 | 9,486 views

I've been investing in peer to peer lending marketplace since the beginning of 2017, or it has been already 12 months or one year since I've been exposing my funds to this Latvian fintech platform.  In the past 12 months I've…

Mining Ethereum @ ~53 MH/s and Siacoin @ ~310 MH/s Earns me $5.53 Daily - And It's Time to take a Pause

Investments 26 January, 2018 | 5,263 views

Each time I add some new graphics card to my existing gpu mining rig or some other major happenings happens I make a quick update into the blog.  There are two major updates since my latest post from cryptocurrency mining experiments - I…

Mining Ethereum With ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition Review

Servers 25 January, 2018 | 4,680 views

ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition is the third graphics card installed on my mining rig.  Bought back in Tbilisi and paid about $220 for this card, see: Buying Graphic Cards (GPU) and Computer Parts in Tbilisi, Georgia. Currently sold…

Learning To Programm Ethereum Smart Contracts

Servers 24 January, 2018 | 122 views

From simple crypto investments (buy & hold), speculative day trades, investments in cloud mining contracts, to building a custom 12 GPU ethereum mining rig. Sound enough? Not for me, it was yesterday I decided to get my hands dirty and… Review After 1 month Bitcoin Cloud Mining Experiment

Investments 23 January, 2018 | 786 views

A month ago (on December 21, 2017) I decided to explore bitcoin cloud mining contracts and decided to give it a try for (Affiliate link here - if you will click, register and decide to invest, I might earn 10%…

Top Bitcoin Mining Equipment - Best Selling Antminers on Amazon 2018

Servers 22 January, 2018 | 1,659 views

You have several options if looking to mine bitcoin in 2018 - you could start with cloud mining contracts or you could go all-in and buy specific equipment for bitcoin mining. Speaking from my personal experience - I've been mining…