November 2013

Sending confirmation e-mail from the webform to the submitter

Published: 30 November, 2013 seen 2,794 Drupal Development

Today I faced a problem, what at start looked like pain, but in result turned out to be simplier than simple. I needed to send confirmation e-mail from the webform to the submitter, that e-mail has been received, and some plain text message with further instructions.Some time ago I already wrote how to add contact form to Drupal, today I'll show how to send confirmation e-mail to submitter:This is the screenshot for webform I have on my site. As you can see, I have a field called - Your email. Now if we go to E-mails tab, we can add some componet to send confirmation mesagge to value of email…

Ukraine declines to sign association agreement with EU

Published: 29 November, 2013 seen 741 Geopolitics

As I previously wrote - Ukraine decided not to sign agreement of association with EU.Ukraine did not signed an association agreement with the EU at the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius.As of now, leaders of the EU and the Eastern Partnership went to a plenary session of the summit, Interfax reports.A press conference is expected to follow.The issue of signing of an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU remained an intrigue until the last moment.Despite numerous statements by Ukrainian representatives about a pause in European integration, European diplomats announced that the…

How to turn on your contextual links in Drupal for views editing

Published: 28 November, 2013 seen 900 Drupal Development

I have been working with Drupal since 6 release (not much, not less) - one of the things I love Drupal, is because of Views. Since all the sites I built with Drupal involve Views 80% of site structure, I know what each view does and doesn't and I know were to find each Viewv.But here is one really funny thing - I never understood why sometimes in theme region I have direct edit link both for views and both for blocks. At start I thought it's somehow related to Views version in general, then I thought this must be switched on somewhere in views. But anyway, I didn't paid much attention for…

Europe, What's Next? - A Journey to Estonia

Published: 27 November, 2013 seen 922 Documentaries

Another documentary from Deutche Welle. Over a decade ago, we visited Estonia. We've come back to meet the same people and see how their lives have changed. The fisherwoman from the island of Saaremaa has opened a shop, and the former student has found a job in the university town of Tartu. But the power station employee in Narva is still skeptical about the integration of the Russian population - just some of many Estonian voices. 

How to upgrade Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 - Process

Published: 26 November, 2013 seen 1,180 Drupal Development

Some time ago I started a tutorial - how to upgrade Drupal 6 to Drupal 7  . In that post I'm talking about nescesarity to make backups, and give some examples.Today we gonna put our site into Maintenace mode, disable all non-core modules, delete old files, and run an update. Putting Drupal site into maintenance:Go to the site maintenance page (admin/settings/site-maintenance) , select "Off-line" and save the configuration. If you have defined a custom maintenance theme in your settings.php file, comment it out before proceeding.Change all themes to Garland:Go to the…

A Journey through Latvia

Published: 25 November, 2013 seen 852 Documentaries

Found this documentary on YouTube. Deutsche Welle visits Latvia in 2013, and compare with Latvia in 2000. About Latvia after joining EU in 2004. About mass immigration. Nice series from Deutsche Welle

Ngnix Redirect To WWW

Published: 24 November, 2013 seen 1,206 Servers

You already probably know that search engines (Google) see www as a separate domain. If you are not using 301 redirects you might get penalized for duplicate content. Anyway - the topic of this article is not an SEO lesson, but a solution how to permanently redirect non www to www   Since I'm running on Ngnix, I'll share how to achieve this on Ngnix. Sorry Apache friends! How To Redirect in Nginx all Domain Name Versions to https://www Add a line to your server config:  sudo nano /opt/etc/nginx/sites-available/reinisfischer.compaste server { server_name; rewrite ^(.*) http…

How To Setup Ngnix Default Domain For Not Configured Domains or IP Address

Published: 23 November, 2013 seen 1,407 Servers

Yesterday I wrote, a little bit about my problems with wrong indexed links in Google. Today I will provide a simple guide on  how to configure Ngnix to display 404 page for not configured domains and your servers IP address. For a basic server setup see: LEMP Server Ubuntu 12.04 for serving Drupal on Nginx Create a dummy/default domain folder I will use a dummy domain to redirect all wrong requests here sudo mkdir -p /srv/www/default sudo usermod -a -G www-data admin sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /srv/www sudo chmod -R 775 /srv/wwwNginx Server block config for dummy domain sudo nano /usr…

Problems with Ngnix default domain - solved

Published: 22 November, 2013 seen 643 Servers

Today I stuck with weird problem - links from site I expected to be indexed on Google, was indexed but not from that domain. Links were indexed by IP and other domain names I ran on my VPS. Something went wrong, terribly wrong: By searching for one phrase, Google gaved back results on domains and IP, not the real URL. The thing is, I have forced sometime ago exatly this domain to be the default, by using simple line in my ngnix server config. listen 80 default; This line made the domain name default for everything what was not specified. By now I removed this line from this domain and added…

The New India

Published: 21 November, 2013 seen 1,147 Documentaries

The New India is yet another interesting documentary from BBC. Might be a few years old (2013), but still - for a person who never has been to India, very interesting :) In the film, it is told about how India is rising, and how it after one generation could reach 3d largest economy in the world. Top 10 Largest Economies In The World by GDP Nominal (2015) Meanwhile many live in Poverty. About Nazi ideas in India's nationalist minds. About cast system. And the clash of Muslim and Hindu people. Watch it here: The New India BBC Documentary 2013

Will Ukraine sign Association agreement? Doubt that!

Published: 20 November, 2013 seen 3,371 Geopolitics

On November 28-29th in Lithuanian capital city Vilnius will be held Eastern Partnership summit, where it's awaited that Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova will sign an Association agreement.IMHO - Ukraine will not sign this agreement? Why not? First of all - it's huge hoax. Ukraine and EU? Seriously? It's more to show Russia, that Ukraine wants go independent way.. But what independence EU can offer for Ukraine? Reading news in Russian - it seems deal has been on. Russia and Ukraine has already agreed on something. Yuliya Timoshenko is still in prison, what is one of the main obstacles EU can…

Drupal image hover for thumbnails

Published: 19 November, 2013 seen 2,878 Drupal Development

Would you like to setup your Drupal powered site to display image thumbnails with hover option?See a live example here - To achieve such behavior for your Drupal powered site you will need to download and enable module called Hover PreviewDownload Hover PreviewExtract to sites/all/modulesEnableNow depending on your site configuration, you can set display to hover image in your content type display settings or via Views. In example above, I have created views with thumbs and set the thumb display to image hover 

Fast way to acquire new fans to your Facebook fan page

Published: 18 November, 2013 seen 1,102 Blogging

Looking for ways to attract new fans to your Facebook fan page? It costs money :) Facebook promote fan page Head to your fan page, in admin section you will see similar picture as in picture above, click on Promote Page   Choose your audience, by segmenting country, gender, age and topics eventual fans are interested in. Price per likes will wary depending on country, region you are segmenting. And depending on your niche, you should plan carefully, are you ready to pay 25 USD for 27 fans? Read more, how I failed to attract more than 3 visitors in day from Facebook fan page with more than…

Results of experiment with Facebook scheduled posts

Published: 17 November, 2013 seen 822 Blogging

Yesterday I wrote about experiment I plan to do - Facebook scheduled posts. And today I'm sharing result of that experiment: Overall - It's total failure. I posted 15 posts on Facebook fan page, but in return I got just 3!!! clicks to website. In previous post I wrote, I would expect that each post would reach in average 70 users, it didn't turn true. The max I got for most shared post was 55!!!. 55 reach for a fan page with fans more than 700 is more than modest. Other posts did in average 30-40 reach. What makes about 5% reach of each post.  So by now I'm thinking that not in rate how…

One day experiment with Facebook scheduled posts

Published: 16 November, 2013 seen 889 Blogging

I must admit - I'm huge fan of scheduling things. It makes life much easier. As you might noticed even this blog works hand to hand with scheduled posts. Today I decided to make an experiment with scheduled Facebook posts for a page. Background: I have created and maintain a portal Tourgeorgia.EU - Georgia related tourism information - hotels, attractions and our pride - collections of great places in Georgia. We have a Facebook fan page, where on irregular basis we post links to our website. We have modest 525 fans (16.11.2013). Yesterday and today I'm promoting this Facebook fan page, and…

Minimum wages in former Soviet Union

Published: 15 November, 2013 seen 4,302 Economic notes

Previously I have already measured and compared minimum wages in Baltic states, Caucasus and Central Asia. All of these once was a part of Soviet Union. Today I'm willing to measure minimum wages in all former 15 republics of Soviet Union.   $ Estonia 427 Lithuania 385 Latvia 379 Russia 159 Turkmenistan 154 Belarus 150 Ukraine 143 Azerbaijan 133 Kazakhstan 121 Armenia 108 Moldova 69 Georgia 54 Tajikistan 52 Uzbekistan 40 Kyrgyzstan 17 Whohoo - As seen from data above - the highest minimum wage is in Estonia - making $427 in month, while the lowest is in Kyrgyzstan making more than modest $17…

Minimum wages in Central Asia

Published: 14 November, 2013 seen 2,444 Economic notes

Previously I have written articles covering minimum wages in Baltic states and Caucasus, today I would like to look into another part of former Soviet Union - Central Asia.   $ month Kazakhstan 121 Kyrgyzstan 17 Tajikistan 52 Turkmenistan 154 Uzbekistan 40 As we can see from data above, the highest minimum wage in Central Asia is in Turkmenistan, making modest $154, while the lowest is in Kyrgyzstan making just $17 in a month.

Display node count per taxonomy

Published: 13 November, 2013 seen 2,676 Drupal Development

Working on project, I needed to display how many nodes are in particular taxonomy. To achieve such behavior - I created a term based view, turned on aggregation, under Relationships added Taxonomy term Content using, added taxonomy term name, nid and image fields, and set to aggregate nid count.

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 13 - working with node display

Published: 13 November, 2013 seen 988 Drupal Development

By default, when adding new fields to content type, and then entering values in them, Drupal will display all of them on node:But what if we don't want some or all of these fields to be displayed on our node?Simple, we can change order, or hide them by using Manage Display settings on our Content type pageAs you can see from picture above, we have few options - we can change Format of how our field is displayed, we can adjust label for each field, and of-course we can hide the field (fields)I like to hide all fields from display, except Body field, like this:Which gives us result like this:…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 12 - Working with image styles

Published: 12 November, 2013 seen 848 Drupal Development

By default Drupal offers 3 image styles enabled: thumbnail, medium, large: Image styles can be applied to images we are using in views, and not always 3 default options are enough.   In the image above, you can see, we have passed some default image styles in our Featured tours view. What are the options to make the images fit the box? Well, we could use Some CSS techniques, but we can use image styles options from Drupal, right? So I'm gonna create a new image style, called grid2: Go to admin/config/media/image-styles Click Add style Give it a name, in my case grid2 In the next windows…

Drupal 7 override page.tpl.php for specific content type

Published: 11 November, 2013 seen 3,812 Drupal Development

Working on project I needed a function to override default page.tpl.php for specific content type. I did use theme_hook function some 2 years ago, and I knew it's achievable in Drupal.Doing quick Google search found a Drupal tutorial -  don't know is it problem with my project, but that didn't work as expected, and after brief investigation I found a solution:  Create a new page.tpl.php for your specific content - for example page--acommodations.tpl.phpIn your template.php file add:function…

Heaven can wait (1943)

Published: 11 November, 2013 seen 631 Random thoughts and notes

Henry Van Cleve presents himself at the gates of Hell only to find he is closely vetted on his qualifications for entry. Surprised there is any question on his suitability, he recounts his lively life and the women he has known from his mother onwards, but mainly concentrating on his happy but sometimes difficult twenty-five years of marriage to Martha.A romantic comedy from 40ties. Ladies will enjoy this. Kinda naive but possitive and nice.Director: Ernst LubitschWriters: Samson Raphaelson (screenplay), Leslie Bush-Fekete (play)Stars: Gene Tierney, Don Ameche, Charles Coburn IMDB:http…

Motive (TV-series)

Published: 11 November, 2013 seen 1,135 Movies, TV shows & Documentaries

Started to watch a new crime series - Motive.Plot line:A feisty Vancouver homicide detective tracks down the most cunning of killers by trying to figure out the motive to the crime.Time by time I like to watch TV series, and so in Sunday evening I found a new series to watch - Motive.After watching first 3 series, I'm ready to continue to watch all season.It's interesting that on start of each series is showed who is the killer, and who is the victim, and then latter on - detectives finds a motive. At the start of series I didn't quite get is it US or Canada based series - but now I know…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 11 - Theming subpage page.tpl.php

Published: 11 November, 2013 seen 1,347 Drupal Development

Since start of this tutorial we haven't touched any page.tpl.php file, all has been achieved by using Views and CSS, all theme files are served from Bootstrap parent theme. Which might stay this way, but not in this case.Today I'll show how to make your page.tpl.php file (container for your theme).Go to your parent theme Bootstrap and copy page.tpl.php file from templates directory to your mycustomtheme template folder. When copied, flush all caches on your site.Now you have control over your page container, and you can change or remove things.By default I dont like that logo is showed on the…

Minimum wages in South Caucasus

Published: 11 November, 2013 seen 1,533 Economic notes

Yesterday I wrote about minimum wages in Baltic states. Today I would like to write about minimum wages in South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) countries. Both of these regions was once a part of Soviet Union, and for me it's interesting to compare how each of the regions have developed since collapse of Soviet Union.Armenia $108, Azerbaijan $133, Georgia $54Well, if in previous post about minimum wages in Baltic states, I told, that Baltic states are one of the poorest in European Union, then Caucasian country minimum wages looks much worst.Anyway, it's the minimum wage look in…

Minimum wage in Baltic states

Published: 10 November, 2013 seen 2,234 Investments

Minimum wages in the Baltic states are the lowest ones in the European Union. In 2013 minimum wage in Baltic states was $427 in Estonia, $379 in Latvia and $385 in Lithuania. Update: Minimum Wage Set to Rise in the Baltic States in 2018 Difference between "richest" Estonia and "poorest" Latvia in 2013, in terms of minimum wage, was = $48   Estonia has announced to increase its minimum wage by 35 EUR both in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 minimum wage in Estonia will be $474. Latvia plans to increase its minimum wage to 320 EUR or $427 in 2014 I haven't found any evidence that Lithuania plans to…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 10 - Views exposed filters

Published: 10 November, 2013 seen 899 Drupal Development

Remember at start of this tutorial we created a tour types taxonomy, by allowing asign a category for each node from content type tour? Today we gonna add these values to our tours page, by allowing for users to filer tours by their type: Open your view tour, and under filter settings add filter Tour type:Make sure you check next to Expose this filter. Save your view, now by accessing your view page, you should see something similiar to this: Which is nice, and does his job as needed (filters on values entered)Depending on your mood and needs, you can leave this, or you can expose…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 9 - adding menu

Published: 9 November, 2013 seen 926 Drupal Development

To add a menu to your Drupal site, you should enable menu module from your modules page: When enabled, head to admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu and a few menu links: Depending on your theme structure, you have two options, either programmatically call menu in your theme, or put it on block. Since in this tutorial we are using Bootstrap theme, which has already called function to show menu, when enabled, after adding menu links, they will be visible on Bootstrap theme.  

Population changes in former Soviet Union

Published: 8 November, 2013 seen 10,893 Geopolitics

15 former Soviet Union republics, then and now. In 1990 in the Soviet Union lived 287.728 million people. In 2012 in the former republics lived 290.587 million people, which is 0.98% increase. A pretty small increase for 22 years.   The thing is, not all former Soviet republics have developed equally in next 22 years, since the collapse of Soviet Union. Countries with population decrease: Country 1990 2012  Change mln  % Latvia 2.663 2.025 -0.638 -31.5 Lithuania 3.698 2.986 -0.712 -23.84 Armenia 3.545 2.969 -0.576 -19.4 Estonia 1.569 1.339 -0.23 -17.17 Ukraine 51.89 45.59 -6.3 -13.81 Belarus…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 8 - Theming subtheme CSS

Published: 8 November, 2013 seen 1,938 Drupal Development

In part 2 of series how to build a Drupal site from scratch, I'm talking about how to create a subtheme from Bootstrap theme.Today I would like to speak how to actually theme it, because just enabled it comes empty,with all files served from Bootstrap mater theme.By default Bootstrap theme is set to be 1200px and wider, this is first thing I would like to change for our customers tourism website we are using in thee Drupal series. I don't mind for ite being 1200px and more wider, just I like to them be 940-980px, to work well on most display's. In your mytheme/css folder look for style.…

Vilnius - Kutaisi flight will start April 2014

Published: 8 November, 2013 seen 1,255 Caucasus overview

Low fare airline company Wizz Air  has announced, that starting April 1st, 2014 a new route will be opened, serving Vilnius, Lithuania  - Kutaisi, Georgia.Tickets can be bought already, and they cost about 50 EUR one way.As I have already previously wrote, I'm really exited about developments of Kutaisi airport, and hope for further economic impacts on city, region and country as well.Vilnius - Kutaisi route, will be accessible for Latvian and Estonian travelers as well, transport connections Tallinn - Riga - Vilnius is pretty well.Will Kutaisi airport serve their first 500 thousand…

Drupal views archive page

Published: 8 November, 2013 seen 3,721 Drupal Development

Today I decided to give some face-lift to my blog page. I wanted to add an archive function to filter blog posts by month. If you have views enabled, you can use default view archive, which comes with views.Since I already had created a page blog, I didn't see any use to use 2 identical views - archive and blog. So I didn't enabled archive view, instead I fine tuned my existing blog page view:Add Contextual filter: Content: Created year + month, to your blog page.Set Display all results for the specified field WHEN THE FILTER VALUE IS NOT IN THE URLOverride title Blog %1 …

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 7 - Theming views

Published: 7 November, 2013 seen 967 Drupal Development

In part 4 in tutorial series how to build a Drupal site from scratch, I am showing how to build views. Now let's upgrade them, by adding additional fields and even CSS style.Yes, we will add CSS style directly into our views.Lets go back to our view tours (if you are new to this series, please read how to create a Drupal views) In part 4 we have already changed Format for Featured blocks to fields, lets apply the same for page display: Now lets add some fields to our view:By default we already have Title fieldAdd Photo fieldAdd Body Field As you can see from picture above, I…

Week #5 of blogging 365 days in a row

Published: 7 November, 2013 seen 699 Blogging

Fifth week of blogging 365 days in row has already passed away. I need to confess - without future posting feature, nothing wouldn't work out. There are days, I'm not even looking into my blog, don't speaking of writing a content.At the end of October I created a dozen of posts, to publish till middle of November. That was smart, right? When you have an inspiration, write, write, write, but don't publish all together, keep it for rainy days. So yes, 5th week was on of those rainy day weeks, and Haven't contributed much content - BUT - I have started to use Twitter, and have gained…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 6 - Working with blocks

Published: 6 November, 2013 seen 775 Drupal Development

In part 4 of this Drupal tutorial series we created a view with block - Features tours. Now is the right time, to do something with this block. And we gonna put this block on our frontpage.To access blocks section in your Drupal site, head to structure/block:Drag this block to Content block area:Be sure to click the save button. To make this block availiable only on frontpage, click configure and enter settings as bellow:Now our block containing data from view, we created before, has been setup to be displayed only on front page.Let's see:Remember we created a view with block Featured…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 5 - Custom fronpage

Published: 5 November, 2013 seen 988 Drupal Development

By default Drupal comes with frontpage set to display latest 10 nodes from your site:Which might be ok, if you are runing some blog, but if you are looking the ways how to change default frontpage, you must take a look under system/site-information. In the section default front page it's set to /node (container of your latest posts)I'll show one technique I'm using to setup custom, views powered frontpage:In previous parts of this tutorial I have already showed how to install views and how to create a view This time we gonna enable view frontpage from our views page: Go to /admin/…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 4 - Creating views

Published: 4 November, 2013 seen 1,998 Drupal Development

Let's move on with our tourism companies website tutorial.In part 1 we created a custom content type - Tours, now it's time to make a few views which will contain data from node related to content type - tours.Before creating views - we must download a few modules, to get them work:Download ViewsDownload CtoolsExtract both to sites/all/modulesEnable Views, Views UI modulesA bried explanation from creators of Drupal views:You like the default front page view, but you find you want to sort it differently.You like the default taxonomy/term view, but you find you want to sort it differently; for…

10 largest countries by military expenditures 2012

Published: 3 November, 2013 seen 1,707 Geopolitics

Which country spends the most for it's military budget? Meet worlds top 10 most richest countries by military expenditures: United States 682.478 $ bln China 166.107 $ bln Russia 90.749 $ bln United Kingdom 61.007 $ bln Japan 59.267 $ bln France 58.943 $ bln Saudi Arabia 56.724 $ bln India 45.785 $ bln Germany 43.478 $ bln Italy 34.004 $ bln   As we can see from chart above, United States spends the most, but let's see which country has highest GDP nominal per capita for it's military expenditures: United States 2.174 $ thousands Saudi Arabia 2.005 $ thousands United Kingdom 0.964 $…

Week #4 of blogging 365 days in a row

Published: 3 November, 2013 seen 746 Blogging

3d week of blogging resulted in 15 blog posts. Nothing much to tell more.At the end of 3d week I realized there is need to implement some Twitter strategies, do drive traffic to my blog. Decided to use Twitter strategy for whole month of November. 

Dauphinoise potatoes

Published: 3 November, 2013 seen 651 Food blogger

Time by time, I like to experiment with food preparation, this time I decided to make a Dauphinoise potato, inspired by BBC Good Food recipe.  As it might happen, it happened this time as well - I didn't stick to BBC food preparation methodology. What did I do? I sliced potatoes, made a bechamel sauce. Took a pan, made the first layer with bechamel sauce, few rows with sliced potatoes, again bechamel sauce, salt, and pepper, again sliced potatoes. Actually kinda a lasagna from potatoes, right? Baked for about 1 hour at 200° C... at the end added cheese for toppings. I liked it. Good with some…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 3 - Better administration

Published: 3 November, 2013 seen 942 Drupal Development

Recently I started a tutorial series - How to build a Drupal site from scratch. In part 1 I'm talking about planing a site. In part 2, I'm showing how to make a subtheme from Bootstrap theme.  Before digging deeper in site customization, I'm willing to show how to tune a little bit up Drupal administrative tasks. By default (out of box) Drupal is not very user friendly for making admin related tasks. But it can be easily solved by adding few (actually just one module) Administration menu: From creators: Provides a theme-independent administration interface (aka. navigation, back-end). It's a…

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 2 - Applying a subtheme

Published: 2 November, 2013 seen 1,471 Drupal Development

Recently I started a tutorial series - How to build a Drupal site from scratch. In part 1 I'm talking about planing a site. In this tutorial I'm giving a real example for building a tourism companies web site for real customer. In part we learned that it's a wise to create a content type, which best describe products/services we gonna add (in our example tours). So I have added few tours to our site: As you can see from picture above, I'm using default Drupal bartik theme. Now is the right time to change it, and start building our own theme. For this I'm gonna use Bootrap theme, to serve all…

Irakli Garibashvili has been appointed as new Prime Minister of Georgia

Published: 2 November, 2013 seen 1,508 Caucasus overview

Some speculations have been raised lately, who will Bidzina Ivanishvili appoint as the new Prime minister of Georgia.  And here you go - Irakli Garibashvili, 31-year-old, former Interior Minister, again appointed by Bidzina Ivanishvili. I will not discuss a lot about the new Prime Minister, because, as said before, I'm not so much in Georgian politics, my Georgian political source - Tbilisi taxi drivers, have not been wrong. Yesterday holding a conversion with a taxi driver about awaiting Prime minister - he told with 100% assurance, that exactly Garibashvili will be the new prime minister.…

Turkey could join Eurasian Union

Published: 2 November, 2013 seen 1,759 Geopolitics

That said makes me think, that Turkey has no serious plans to join Eurasian Union. IMHO Turkey is teasing European Union. And why shouldn't? Turkey has long, long history on it's attempts to join European Union, but there always are some obstacles from EU side. And that makes Turkey angry. From one side - EU is feeling fears, if Turkey will join EU, then mass migration of Turkish job seekers will over flood EU, on other hand it sounds kinda ridiculous. Germany, the main country against Turkey in EU, has some "bad" experience with Turkish migrants. But, pardon me, how does it all started? Wasn…

Today will be announced new Prime minister of Georgia

Published: 2 November, 2013 seen 719 Living in Georgia

Recently I wrote an article about Georgian press discussing whether the new Prime Minister of Georgia will be David Seergenko. To this day Georgian Press, has already 3 candidates: David Sergeenko, Irakly Gariabshvili and Giorgi Kvirikashvili. As I wrote about Georgian president candidates before elections -  I had no clue who is who - so I can confirm, I have no idea who are these guys except some of these or somebody else, will be appointed by Bidzina Ivanishvili (current PM of Georgia). Either I should interest more about Georgian politics, either - it actually doesn't matters? 

Display YouTube videos on Drupal site with YouTube field module

Published: 2 November, 2013 seen 4,195 Drupal Development

Recently I started a new topic series - documentaries, where I publish documentaries I have watched and recommend to watch others. I write a brief description of what each documentary is, and then I embed a YouTube link to show a video on my blog.  How To Embed YouTube video in Drupal 8 (CKEDITOR) But lately I started to think of creating my own Screen-casts, and the idea of embedding a video on content didn't satisfy me anymore. What I wanted - to populate a video in the field, so later by using views I can display video on top of content, not in the content:   To achieve this, I just…

Blog statistics October 2013

Published: 1 November, 2013 seen 961 Blogging

First month since I started this blog, has passed already. I'm willing to share some results of my first month of blogging. In total I have posted 66 posts in month of October. According to Google Analytics, the top 10 most read posts in October: ​[view:referenced_items=block_2] Now let's see how many visitors I have attracted last month:   In total I had 39 unique visitors last month. Since I went online just October 10th, this is not showing full month, but still, it gives a clear insight. Is it much? Definitely not! Is it bad? Definitely not! It just shows, that in average by posting a…

30 days Twittering in a row

Published: 1 November, 2013 seen 1,011 Blogging

As you maybe noticed, I ran a 365 days blogging in a row contest. Now is start of November, and brainstorming ideas, how to drive more traffic to my blog, I decided to give a try to Twitter.  Idea is to use Twitter to interact with like minded people and of course to promote content availiable on my blog. Who knows will it end up, with writting again some bot to autopublish tweets to twitter or not (I'm willing to do each twitter post manually in next 30 days, each day) Starting my 30 day Twitter contest on November 1st, 2013, I have 5 followers on Twitter. By end of the month, I'm willing…