September 2015

Borjomi Cable Car (Aerial Tram)

  • Borjomi Cable Car (Aerial Tram)

    Published: 30 September, 2015 seen 2,920 Tourism objects

    One of the most interesting attractions in Georgian resort town of Borjomi is a cable car leaving from Mineral Water Park and heading uphill offering lovely and scenery views of Mineral Water park. Sometimes it's just enough to take that ride here to enjoy those scenery and beautiful views of Borjomi. Cable car station in Borjomi There is actually just one cable car available at this station. Price for a ride per person 3 GEL (as on September 2015) Cable car interior For me it looks this cable car stays here back from Soviet era days, but it has been at least once totally renovated back in…

First Georgia Expat Photographer Club Meeting

  • First Georgia Expat Photographer Club Meeting

    Published: 29 September, 2015 seen 976 Living in Georgia

    On September 19th, 2015 First meeting of Georgia Expat Photographers Club happened. As some of you already know - in the middle of this Summer Johann approached me with his idea to create a photo/travel club, and back then we established a community on Facebook. Read more on that here: Georgia Expat Photography Club Since our community was established on Facebook (if you are up to for something in Georgia, then Facebook is your best friend) we quickly gathered critical mass of fellow expats and photographers and just logical that our next step was to plan some meeting to discuss further…

Here Are the 15 Hotest Laptop / Notebook Models in Late 2015 if You're Planning to Upgrade

  • Here Are the 15 Hotest Laptop / Notebook Models in Late 2015 if You're Planning to Upgrade

    Published: 28 September, 2015 seen 3,395 Online Shopping

    Looking to replace your old laptop/notebook with a brand new one, something that will serve for coming years? In this article I have listed top 15 hot new laptop / notebook releases on Amazon, released on late 2015. I believe those models will be among best seller lists already for this holiday season (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) and they gone be among popular models in upcoming year of 2016. Honestly speaking I was surprised a lot, learning how fast technology has evolved and become cheaper - a lot cheaper, just recently I upgraded my old HP Compaq model (Which I bought in 2007 for some $1,…

Super moon Total Lunar Eclipse 2015: Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Super moon Total Lunar Eclipse 2015: Tbilisi, Georgia

    Published: 28 September, 2015 seen 726 Living in Georgia

    Total lunar eclipse was fully visible in Tbilisi, Georgia on September 28, 2015 between 05:07 and 06:55 (Tbilisi time). I must admit that I really enjoy photography, but I had never ever done anything like this (photographing lunar eclipse) before. This night was one of the strangest and mysterious nights I have experienced this year (at least) - what was meant to be just a photography turned ou to be a man's rescue from cold waters of Mtkvari river. (Spoiler: This story has happy endings). Here is the story: At first I was totally not into this thing - I slept well, and then without reason…

Understanding focal length: Testing 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses

  • Understanding focal length: Testing 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses

    Published: 27 September, 2015 seen 66,717 Digital Photography School

    Welcome to the another digital photography school tutorial on understanding focal length. It's not so long away when I entered magical world of Digital SLR photography, until then I was using simple compact sized cameras and did with them a simple thing - photographed things. Well, things changed when I bought Canon EOS 1200D camera (Read: First Impressions Of Canon EOS 1200D Camera With 18-55mm Lens), then I started to improve my photography skills. Since the camera I bought came with a kit lenses (18mm-55mm) I was left with what I got. Those lenses are perfect, don't get me wrong, but I…

Rhododendron Garden in Cirava (Latvia)

  • Rhododendron Garden in Cirava (Latvia)

    Published: 26 September, 2015 seen 676 Tourism objects

    If you are heading to a remote Latvian village Cirava, you have few options to make your visit pleasant here, like there are very interesting but abandoned manor complex and a lovely church.However, local residents at Cirava has something else to offer for both local and foreign travelers - a rhododendron garden located in territory of cemetery. Well, if you are hoping to see here something like Keukenhofs tulip gardens, then .. then go to the Netherlands, here in Cirava you will find a small (selected) selection of rhododendrons, it's about 150 plants here. Opened just back in 2010 this…

365 Day Photo Challenge Project

  • 365 Day Photo Challenge Project

    Published: 25 September, 2015 seen 1,804 Digital Photography School

    In this post you will learn why I decided to take a personal 365 days photo project challenge and how I'm planing to complete it. What is a 365 Project? There are many different 365 projects, but they all share one goal in common: taking at least one photograph every single day, for a full year. Many photographers take that idea one step further to including taking, and posting, at least one photograph a day for an entire year. Some people start 365 projects on January 1st, but you can begin one at any time. Read more: Jumpstart Your Photography – Start a 365 Project I like challenges and I…

11 Near Perfect Guesthouses and Hotels in Mtskheta (Georgia) With Free Breakfasts

  • 11 Near Perfect Guesthouses and Hotels in Mtskheta (Georgia) With Free Breakfasts

    Published: 25 September, 2015 seen 872 Hotel reviews

    Felt in love with that lovely view of Jvari monastery, probably Svetiskhoveli cathedral. Would you like to stay in Mtskheta for some extra day, maybe even a weekend and wouldn't mind having a clean, safe and decent stay in Mtksheta (Georgia)? You have arrived at the right place, look no more, you have just found 11 near perfect guesthouses and hotels in Mtskheta. Actually, there are not many hotels in Mtskheta (yet) so the majority accommodations here are guesthouses. The prices for Mtskheta guesthouses are really low if compared to Tbilisi, so you can have a stay for just $20 per night. It's…

Akhtala Monastery in Armenia

  • Akhtala Monastery in Armenia

    Published: 24 September, 2015 seen 1,212 Churches and Monasteries

    Akhtala monastery was our third and last stop during our short one day trip to Armenia, before returning to Tbilisi. Prior to Akhtala monastery we visited Haghpat monastery and Sanahin monastery. The truth is - our trip was made especially to visit Akhtala because of a barbeque festival was held here. I will cover some details (and photos) about that festival in some of the next blog posts, but today I decided to share some photography I captured here at Akhtala. Just like Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries, Akhtala monastery is located in province of Lari in Armenia (close to Georgian border).…

Sanahin Monastery in Armenia

  • Sanahin Monastery in Armenia

    Published: 23 September, 2015 seen 928 Churches and Monasteries

    Sanahin monastery is located in province of Lori in Armenia, close to Georgian border. Sanahin monastery was second site we visited during our short one day trip to Armenia, just shortly after we visited Haghpat monastery. I was so eager to master a photography using my DSLR camera and a tripod (it's damn hard to use a tripod in 30 minutes sightseeing tour) so I didn't actually paid much attention on history a local guides were telling about this place. After all I prefer to do Wikipedia search after or before, but not on site. So it's all about photography this time, for the first time I…

How To Recover Lost Password on Linode Server (SSH, Putty)

  • How To Recover Lost Password on Linode Server (SSH, Putty)

    Published: 22 September, 2015 seen 7,798 Servers

    Bad things happens time after time, and so did happened to me recently - after a longer pause I resumed work on a customers project, and I faced a problem - I had lost my password for accessing my Linode VPS. I must admit that I panicked a lot. Since this happened second time in a 3 years, I decided to wrap up a simple article to help me and others to quickly get connected back to our servers. Interested in Linode VPS? You can actually have a Linode VPS starting as low as $10.00/mo In this article you will learn how you can reset your password using Linode's dashboard, how to enter Lish Ajax…

Save 20% and More On Canon Mount Wide Angle Lenses (Rokinon, Samyang, Sigma, Bower)

  • Save 20% and More On Canon Mount Wide Angle Lenses (Rokinon, Samyang, Sigma, Bower)

    Published: 21 September, 2015 seen 994 Online Shopping

    There is a huge sale going on on Amazon for Canon mount lenses. I'm not an expert in photography, it has been just a while since I'm a lucky owner of my first Canon DSRL camera, and it has been not so while (about a week) since I own another telephoto lens, which is Sigma branded for my camera. As I'm just starting to explore this lovely world called photography after acquiring that telephoto lens I realized that my next big purchase should probably be - a wide angle lens to do a lovely photography. So what does actually wide angle lens means? In photography and cinematography, a wide-angle…

Haghpat Monastery in Armenia

  • Haghpat Monastery in Armenia

    Published: 20 September, 2015 seen 1,308 Churches and Monasteries

    Haghpat monastery, together with Sanahin monastery, are placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1996. At the start of September we booked a one day tour from Tbilisi to Armenia, and I had chance to visit both Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries. Since this time I was less into history, more into photography, that's what I exactly did - I photographed both places. Today I will start with photography of Haghpat Monastery in Lori province. Landscape at Haghpat monastery Look at the fog! I really enjoy days like this - it's green, there are mountains covered in lovely fog. Haghpat Monastery…

Blog Monthly Online Income Report - August 2015 - $880.09

  • Blog Monthly Online Income Report - August 2015 - $880.09

    Published: 19 September, 2015 seen 1,201 Online Income Reports

    Welcome everybody to the 20th online income report of Reinis Fischer blog. In this post I will cover some info about earnings I have made in month of August solely with my blog ( I like to call this phenomena - a smart passive online income.  In case you are wondering why should someone publish online his/her earnings - the answer is pretty simple - I like transparency and these reports help me to observe my progress or bounces. Hopefully my reports can give some inspiration to you as well.  If you want to learn more about how to start a blog and make it successful - I…

Top 10 Boutique / Luxury Hotels in Tbilisi (Georgia)

  • Top 10 Boutique / Luxury Hotels in Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Published: 18 September, 2015 seen 11,716 Hotel reviews

    When it comes down to choosing a hotel in Tbilisi (and Georgia) you are left with two options - to take a cheap hostel (Read: Tbilisi hostels: 15 hostels in Tbilisi for couples) or chose a boutique (call it a luxury, if you prefer). I have been living in Georgia for almost 8 years already, and most of the time in Tbilisi, since I'm renting an apartment here, I haven't stayed at any hotel in Tbilisi yet (well I did some 8 years ago for a few nights, but I believe that hotel is out of business).  Top 5-star Hotels in Tbilisi 2019 As I'm getting many questions on Georgia related topics, using…

Gardenia Shevardnadze - Flower Garden in Tbilisi

  • Gardenia Shevardnadze - Flower Garden in Tbilisi

    Published: 17 September, 2015 seen 2,438 Shopping Venues

    Gardenia Shevardnadze is a lovely garden of ornamental plants, located close to the Tbilisi Sea, where you can buy seedlings for your yard, balcony, terrace, home, or office. Or just enjoy a tranquil afternoon. I first discovered Gardenia Shevardnadze back in 2014 while Cycling to Tbilisi sea and back We have been returning to this place ever since. Sometimes with a tripod, sometimes not. Sometimes for macro photography, sometimes just to enjoy a good cup of coffee at the onsite cafeteria. If you are into photography, then you will enjoy Gardenia Shevernadze just as I did.  Little Cafe at…

Cirava Evangelic Lutheran Church

  • Cirava Evangelic Lutheran Church

    Published: 16 September, 2015 seen 628 Churches and Monasteries

    Cirava Evangelic Lutheran Church is located in historical region of Courland in Latvia. Cirava church is closely located to Cirava manor complex, those of you traveling to Latvia and especially to Courland, it's woth to pay a visit to Cirava as well. Cirava Church​ This massive church has been built in 1780-1781, and had been rebuilt in 1876 and 1888. The church is known for its exquisite Rococo altar, pulpit and organ. Read more (In Latvian) Architectural monument Cirava church View to Cirava church from distance

The New Affiliate Partner Center

  • The New Affiliate Partner Center

    Published: 15 September, 2015 seen 2,071 Blogging

    I have been partnered with for many years (at least 3) and there is one thing I both enjoyed and missed some upgrades- it's Partner Center, I really enjoyed it's simplicity, but on the other hand I was looking for something more appealing, today I received an email from Affiliate Program inviting me to upgrade my account to the new one. That's what I exactly did: The new partner center As far as I understand the account migration doesn't happen automatically, you must go through a few simple steps, at the end you will have a new username (your email as a…

Top 15 Best Selling DSLR (Digital SLR Cameras) 2015

  • Top 15 Best Selling DSLR (Digital SLR Cameras) 2015

    Published: 14 September, 2015 seen 4,989 Online Shopping

    Holiday season is approaching and you probably are looking to upgrade your existing camera to brand new DSLR camera? You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to own a decent and brand new camera (well you can actually spend if you are a professional photographer). I believe you wont be surprised to learn that there are just two major players in DSLR market, and I'm speaking of Canon and Nikon. Since I'm a proud owner of Canon camera I can recommend only Canon. But seriously speaking both are great cameras. If you are just starting into DSLR world - take some cheaper model under $500 no…

Abandoned Manor Complex in Cirava (Latvia)

  • Abandoned Manor Complex in Cirava (Latvia)

    Published: 13 September, 2015 seen 1,233 Tourism objects

    Now, this was a quite interesting experience discovering a small village in western Latvia (region of Courland) - Cirava. I was so fascinated about this place that I decided to make two separate articles - one for the manor complex and the second for the church. Today I will write about the manor complex which actually seemed abandoned for me, but as it turns out it's actually sold to some Italian investor for about EUR 700 000 back in 2014. So seems this is money you should have in your pockets to acquire a badly managed manor complex in Latvia. Cīrava manor from a birds flight during the…

Monument to the Sailors and Fishermen Perished in the Sea (Liepāja)

  • Monument to the Sailors and Fishermen Perished in the Sea (Liepāja)

    Published: 12 September, 2015 seen 588 Military Heritage

    Although this monument in Liepaja (in seaside park) is dedicated to the sailors and fishermen perished in the sea I decided to add this place in military heritage category, because for me it kinda reminds something from Soviet military. Well actually this is a great example of Latvian architecture, as it turns out it's designed by local Latvian designers Alberts Terpilovskis and Gunārs Asaris. Anyway - once in Liepaja, this place is a worth of case you are heading for a lazy walk on seaside park you will definitely notice this monument and hopefully enjoy views from its stairs. View…

Practicing Photography: Doing Night Shots - Tbilisi By Night

  • Practicing Photography: Doing Night Shots - Tbilisi By Night

    Published: 11 September, 2015 seen 1,095 Digital Photography School

    Tonight was one, a really great evening, it was the first time I started to understand how ISO actually works. I took my DSLR camera, a tripod and a friend of mine and we headed to Zaarbrucken Square (Dry Bridge) in Tbilisi. At start I was planing to make some photos at Rose Garden (I actually did) but latter, when post-processed, I understood  they don't look so interesting as images attached bellow. Sameba Cathedral in Tbilisi by night This is a pretty interesting picture, I got using a 30 second exposure, a tripod and kit 18-55 mm lenses. I believe from this vantage point it would be…

Most Popular Value Deal Hotels in Barcelona City Centre

  • Most Popular Value Deal Hotels in Barcelona City Centre

    Published: 11 September, 2015 seen 735 Hotel reviews

    I probably wont be too original by saying that Barcelona for me is among the most desired travel destinations. I first time headed here back in October 2014, and was so impressed of this city that I even created my Barcelona Travel Guide. Although back then we traveled by a rental car and we had an option to stay at cheaper but more remote locations in Barcelona Read more: Hotel Hesperia Sant Just in Barcelona Review), my suggestion to you is, if you truly would love to experience Barcelona stay at city centre, enjoy a morning coffee at Rambla, walk around Gothic quarter and etc. In this…

How To Fix "Server has a weak ephemeral Dillie-Heffman public key" For Jboss Server

  • How To Fix "Server has a weak ephemeral Dillie-Heffman public key" For Jboss Server

    Published: 10 September, 2015 seen 11,714 Servers

    A few days ago a customer of mine experienced an error by not being able to access his management system on intranet I built a few years ago. The error we got was following: "Server has a weak ephemeral Dillie-Heffman public key" or ERR_SSL_WEAK_EPHEMERAL_DH_KEY What basically means: If you see this error, it means that a secure connection can't be established because of outdated security code on the website. Chrome protects your privacy by preventing you from connecting to these sites. You won't be able to visit this page using Chrome. I spent some time to figure out what all is about, and…

Liepāja Seaside Park and Blue Flag Beach

  • Liepāja Seaside Park and Blue Flag Beach

    Published: 10 September, 2015 seen 1,003 Tourism objects

    I'm continuing my Latvia travel guide notes I have taken (photographed) at start of the June 2015. This time I visited a lovely Liepaja Seaside Park and Blue Flag Beach.  Map of the Liepaja seaside park According to the official Latvia Travel guide - This is the Latvia's largest dendrological park, now extending for about 50 ha, was gradually developed from 1870 to the early 20th century. The park boasts more than 140 different species of trees and shrubs. Drums in Liepaja Liepaja is famous of being a Rock Capital of Latvia, and there is no surprise of seeing a huge monument of... drums.…

Top 10 Best Selling Laptops / Notebooks - September 2015

  • Top 10 Best Selling Laptops / Notebooks - September 2015

    Published: 9 September, 2015 seen 903 Online Shopping

    Welcome to the September 2015 best selling laptop list. Two days ago I made a spontaneous decision and bought a brand new laptop for myself - you can read my first impressions and photo story here: ASUS X552M laptop review.  Speaking of this September, you will find that budget friendly laptops dominates this list, but not only, even a Mac friends will find an interesting offer for them. Please note this list contains affiliate links to, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on Amazon site, I will earn an affiliate income from that. Prices for laptop computers …

Asus X552M Laptop Review

  • Asus X552M Laptop Review

    Published: 8 September, 2015 seen 24,094 Gadget Reviews

    For a long time I have been making laptop reviews, since yesterday I bought a brand new ASUS X552M laptop on a local Georgian Carrefour shop I decided to describe my first impressions and a few photos of my new best buddy. This model I believe is only available in Europe, for North American customers I believe there is an ASUS D550MAV or something. I could probably buy this one or even a better one for even a cheaper price on Amazon (and that's the thing I'm actually recommending to others) but since I just returned to Georgia I needed a quick solution, and by saying quick I mean - right now…

Doing photography in Tbilisi

Adsense Achievement - Been With Google Ads for 6 years Already

  • Adsense Achievement - Been With Google Ads for 6 years Already

    Published: 6 September, 2015 seen 1,077 Google Adsense Tips

    Today when logged into my Google Adsense account I noticed a badge - saying - that I have been with Google Adsense for 6 years already. Damn, this has been a long ride, I actually do remember that 4th September late evening back in 2009, when I finally decided to give it a try for Google Adsense. Here is the fun fact - I have earned a really modest income from Google Adsene  - it's about $366.00 in matter of six years (I haven't withdrawn my funds yet either). But most of the money made on Google Adsense dates back to the start of this blog. For many years before my Adsense account was…

How To Apply For GoDaddy Affiliate And Start Earning Money

  • How To Apply For GoDaddy Affiliate And Start Earning Money

    Published: 5 September, 2015 seen 3,364 Blogging

    Ok, lately I have been into diversifying my affiliate income streams and today when I got a reminder e-mail message from GoDaddy to review and renew my domain names purchased there I decided to take a look - is there actually some affiliate program for one of the worlds largest domain name sellers? Turns out there is. GoDaddy affiliate program Here is what GoDaddy Affiliate Program is all about: Making money as an affiliate is a snap. Just place one of our banners or links where your visitors, customers and friends will see it and you'll earn cash on every qualifying sale made through your…

Why I Stopped Facebook ADS Campaign: Case Study

  • Why I Stopped Facebook ADS Campaign: Case Study

    Published: 4 September, 2015 seen 800 Blogging

    This post comes from my blogs draft section - originally I wanted to name it - How To Use Facebook ADS To Promote blog content, but since I got a negative return of that campaign - I decided to change title and meaning of this blog post - that actually sometimes Facebook ADS (or any other PPC) can do a harm for your blog.​ Some time ago I decided to create an experiment - Should every bloger should spend $1.00 per day on Facebook Ads. I was keen to learn two basic things - does it will actually bring traffic to my blog and does it will help me rank better for specific keyword on Google's SERP…

Blog Traffic Report - August 2015 - 34,509 Users

  • Blog Traffic Report - August 2015 - 34,509 Users

    Published: 3 September, 2015 seen 793 Blog statistics

    Welcome to the 23rd blog traffic and statistics report. Since the very first month of my blogging career I have created a monthly blog statistics reports and starting January 2014 a blog income reports. These numbers helps me stay focused, motivates and hopefully can inspire you as well. If you want to learn more about how to start a blog and make it successful - I recently started a blog post covering things you should do.  I'm very excited to report that despite many obstacles in my offline life (Generally all August was spent on home remodeling tasks) This August managed to crack another…

How To Display Username In URL For Drupal Site

  • How To Display Username In URL For Drupal Site

    Published: 2 September, 2015 seen 1,358 Drupal Development

    I know for some experienced Drupal developers such question might sound bizarre, because  -'s a piece of cake...  I have been subscribed to the LinkedIn Drupal group and exactly such question arise here: hey guys is there any way to display username in URL when user logged in like example was asked by one of the group members I added my solution for this question on that post already and I decided to share it on my blog as well since other Drupal users might ask such question as well. Solution: How to display username in URL At first you will need to have…

New Orleans - Most Unique in United States

  • New Orleans - Most Unique in United States

    Published: 1 September, 2015 seen 716 Travel guides

    I'm continuing to summarize my memories from my latest trip to US back in Summer of 2013. Finally we have arrived at the city I probably like a lot - New Orleans. City of alternative cuisine, Jazz birthplace a lot of Voodoo and ... most interesting emotions from US. Although we spent some week or even more here, we actually settled in a another much smaller and much quiet town of Gretna. We did spent our nights at Gretna while our days were spent in New Orleans. Palm Tree in New Orleans I know it's like comparing apples with oranges, but if I might ad my fifty cents - New Orleans reminds me a…