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Hi! My name is Reinis Fischer (38), a proud dad and devoted husband. CEO and Founder of Terramatris crypto hedge fund, drone enthusiast, world traveler, photographer, book author and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine (vegetarian).

An ex-pat living in Georgia since 2011, I trade stocks, take photographs, work out at the gym, and many more. Here I write about travel, finance, and other things that might interest me.

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Cafe Mixail Malandrakis in Kalydonia, Crete

Cafe Mixail Malandrakis is located in a small village of Kalydonia, Crete in distance some 25km from Chania town. We discovered this place by accident, when, after checking out from a hotel room in Agia Marina (see: Vergina Beach Hotel Review, Agia Marina, Crete), took a rental car and decided to head in the direction towards Kissamos. it was still quite early, and we decided it would be a very good idea to have some morning coffee.  As usual…

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Wandering In The Woods B&W Photography

For the second year in the row I agreed to go to the same forest and harvest mushrooms, instead of a catch of forest goodies, I spent a few days finding interesting, eye catching elements in the woods. Don't get me wrong, I did find some forest mushrooms (eatable), but compared to previous year's experience this was nothing much. See the same forest a year ago: Deep in the Forest, also see: Forest Mushrooms - Penny Bun & Red-Capped Scaber…


How To Fix Mixed Content Errors From Disqus on HTTPS site

Today I noticed that SSL connection on this blog had errors due to “mixed content”, meaning HTTPS site was loading additional content that was served over insecure HTTP. After a little bit of digging in the console, I discovered that the issue was due to our Disqus comment plugin loading over HTTP. I felt surprised learning that Disqus is serving HTTP content, and quickly googled, are there other webmasters complaining about this, and I found a…

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Mild Summer Evenings at Agia Marina Beach in Crete

We traveled to Crete, at the start of June 2016, after capturing mesmerizing postcards from Chania, we continued our route to Agia Marina, where stayed for about 3 nights at Vergina Beach hotel After, we continued our trip deeper in Island, and at the end of this trip returned to this area for another 5 days In today's Piece of Love series, pictures from Agia Marina beach Rock formations near Agia Marina beach in Crete From what we have…


Red Dragon Restaurant Review in Platanias

Red Dragon is a Chinese restaurant in Platanias, Crete serving kind of combo tourist meals for IMHO bit high prices. Anyhow, as we booked a hotel room in a nearby Agia Marina town (which seems is a hotel area), then most of the dinning options are located in nearby Platanias. As previous evening we walked about 4 km to The Stones Restaurant, for this night we wanted something closer, Red Dragon was one of the first places we met in our route…

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Top 15 Kutaisi Hotels in Georgia

Kutaisi lacks 5-star hotels, but there are plenty of 4-star and 3-star hotels, prices for hotels are quite cheap  here ( if compared to Western Europe) and you could easy find a decent 4-star hotel  with a budget of $50 or less per night. From my personal experience, I have stayed a few times in middle budget class hotels in Kutaisi, and they have been decent.  See: Hotel Edemi Review in Kutaisi, Georgia and Hotel Newport Kutaisi Review In…

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Tampakakis Bakery in Agia Marina, Crete

Tampakakis bakery is a lovely place in Agia Marina, many pastries and tasty coffee available here. Tampakakis was closely located to hotel we stayed for couple of days in Agia Marina (Vergina Beach Hotel Review, Agia Marina, Crete) Fresh morning coffee and crispy buns guaranteed. Tampakakis Bakery in Agia Marina, Crete Wide variety for morning coffee and affordable prices. Cookies, buns and bread at Tampakakis Bakery 

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SEO Results After Implementing Drupal AMP

About a month ago I finally managed to implement AMP for my Drupal powered blog. Now, a month latter I decided to take a look and see is there any SEO boost from it. In the past 30 days traffic have grown my 13%, for the first time cracking 100,000 users milestone. Although, it's hard to say with a 100% confidence that AMP did it - I still will say - AMP is amazing and I would recommend to implement it for any type of websites. If still wonder…

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The Stones Restaurant Review - Platanias, Crete

The Stones restaurant is located in Platanias, Crete. Located kind of remote / roadside. We visited this place on a rainy day, after checked in at hotel in nearby town of Agia Marina (see: Vergina Beach Hotel Review, Agia Marina, Crete). The walk was for about 4 km (each direction) This place serves traditional Greek and European cuisine, obliviously we opted for Greek salad as a starter. I wanted to order some mussels, but kind owner of The…

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Top 13 5-star hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Planing our holiday season for this year we booked plane tickets to Colombo, Sri Lanka.   We are looking to spend about 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, with Colombo just as the first stop for a couple of days. As we have up to a 10-hour flight planned, and the city's airport (Bandaranaike International Airport) is located some 35 km from Colombo center, I decided to do a quick research and list top Colombo 5-star hotels.  Colombo luxury stay starts at…

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Sri Lanka Trip Planning - Obtain Visa Online - Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Planing our holiday season for 2017/2018, we decided to travel to Sri Lanka, a country in continent, neither me nor my partner, never have been before. This should be one of the most epic trips and many cool photo stories to be developed on this blog. For traveling to Sri Lanka (Colombo) we bought Qatar Airways round trip tickets - Tbilisi (Georgia) - Doha (Qatar) - Colombo (Sri Lanka), it was a bargain deal and I must admit - I'm keen to try…

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Starting To Learn Crypto Currency Day Trading With EUR 25

Originally I planed to start learning crypto currency day trading with the January 2018 (that's about 5 months from now), but then I realized - why wait? Let me explain - I've been in crypto currency investments for about 2 months now. I'm the one from buy and hold camp. I use averaging dollar cost approach to buy more crypto coins once in the month. So far my experience with crypto currencies have been like a roller coaster with a positive…

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Review of Peer To Peer Lending Platform After 6 Month of Investing

I've been investing on peer to peer lending marketplace already 6 months. In today's article, I'll share some of my key findings so far Before continuing, please see Review of Mintos Peer to Peer Lending After One Month of Investing and Review after 3 month investing in Peer to Peer loans. There is one reason I'm investing here on Mintos - option to invest in Georgian Lari currency, as I've been living in Georgia for a…

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Souvenir Guide - What to Buy in Tbilisi

Georgia has already gained an extremely popular reputation among densely-visited tourist countries. Days spent in Georgia no matter what time of the year it is will never fade away from your memory. The name of the country itself sounds as the title of a song but in this case it is a rock ballad that takes you on an exotic journey. The most convenient part about Georgian cities is that you choose yourself whether you want to stay in the crowded…

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Embedded thumbnail for Perseid Meteor Shower Time Lapse Video / Photography - August 13, 2017

Perseid Meteor Shower Time Lapse Video / Photography - August 13, 2017

The Perseid meteor shower, one of the brighter meteor showers of the year, occurs every year between July 17 and August 24. The shower tends to peak around August 9-13.  The 2017 Perseids peaked on the night of August 12 and early morning hours of August 13. I was a little bit late to the party and decided to capture star trails on night from August 13 to August 14.  What was meant to be a star trail photography, actually turned out a lovely…

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