September 2021

Takhti-Tepha Mud Volcanoes in Georgia

Published: 30 September, 2021 seen 58 Tourism objects

Takhti-Tepha mud volcanoes, sometimes also referred to as Vashlovani mud volcanoes is a landform created by the eruption of mud, slurries, water, and gases in the proximity of Takhti-Tepha mountain range. I had heard about this beautiful place many times before, but first visited at the start of June 2021, during the Vashlovani Trip Takhti-Tepha mud volcanoes in GeorgiaThis mud volcano is located on the plane, south of Dali water reservoir, at 620 m above sea level in Dedoplistsqaro Municipality, Georgia, and incorporated in Vashlovani Protected Areas. Mud craters from a drone flightMud…

Why I'm investing in DelfinGroup IPO

Published: 29 September, 2021 seen 104 Investments

DelfinGroup is a Latvian fintech company that offers accessible, simple, and consumer-focused finance and pawn services. Starting September 28, 2021, there is an ongoing IPO for DelfinGroup on Nasdaq Baltic stock market. IPO will end on October 11. There is a small hype with this IPO in Latvia and seems after IPO will end, it will attract new first time investors to the Baltic stock exchange (Nasdaq Baltics).  Which is great, and hopefully more people will start to explore and invest in other listed companies as well. This is not trading advice. Investments in stocks, funds, bonds, or cryptos…

Paravani lake

Published: 28 September, 2021 seen 42 Lakes

Paravani lake is a volcanic lake in Georgia, located in Javakheti Plateau between Abul-Samsari and Javakheti Ranges in the Samthske Javakheti region, some 2h 30 minutes drive (around 130 km) from Tbilisi. In the shores of Paravani lake, there is located famous Phoka monastery Little wooden church in front of Paravani lake in GeorgiaParavani Lake is located 2,073 m (6,801 ft) above sea level and has a surface area of 37.5 km2 (14.5 sq mi) and a drainage basin of 234 km2 (90 sq mi). Its maximum and average depths are 3.3 m (11 ft) and 2.2 m (7 ft 3 in) respectively. The volume of the lake is 91…

Fighting Webform Spam - Drupal 9 - AntiBot

Published: 27 September, 2021 seen 132 Drupal Development

Recently I migrated my personal blog (the one you are currently reading) from Drupal 7 - to Drupal 9. The migration process actually still is in process, as I faced a few issues with the site, like lost coordinates with gmap module, some lost pictures here and there, etc. For the contact form, I decided to re-create it using the webform module as I don't like the new default contact form (or I'm just too used to the webform).  How To Add CAPTCHA Protection to Drupal 8 Webform Soon I started to get a massive amount of webform spam, which I blocked using IP-block, but it started to really annoy…

Hotel Newport Kutaisi Review

Published: 24 September, 2021 seen 64 Hotel reviews

Built in 1914, former courthouse building has transformed itself into a modern 4-star hotel, located in the heart of Kutaisi. Featuring a bar and a terrace, Newport Hotel Kutaisi is located in Kutaisi, 400 m from Colchis Fountain and 1.5 km from Bagrati Cathedral. We booked this 4-star hotel for one night stay at the start of September 2021 and paid GEL 267 (USD 85 / EUR 72). Our stay was quite good, except the rooms seemed bit tiny.   Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and room service, along with free WiFi throughout the property. The hotel has…

Dalis Mta Water Reservoir

Published: 23 September, 2021 seen 65 Lakes

Dalis Mta water reservoir is a man made reservoir built on Iori river, at the distance of 30 km to the south of Dedoplistskaro, in the vicinity of Chachuna Managed Reserve.  We first discovered it during a Vashlovani trip in the Summer of 2021, we actually stayed overnight next to this water reservoir at the Hotel Dalis Mta Dalis Mta reservoir in GeorgiaVery spectacular place. I would say - one of the most interesting I have recently seen.  The mountain at the coast of the water reservoir is called “Dalis Mta”. The total water volume is 140,0 million m3. Hundreds of thousands of larvae are…

Valka Bus Station

Published: 22 September, 2021 seen 21 Railway / Bus / Ferry

Valka bus station is centrally located in Valka and offers quite convenient intercity connections to Riga, Valmiera, Rūjiena, and Smiltene. The bus station in Valka was opened to the public in 1965. There is cafe Walk across the square. 

Saghamo Lake

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Saghamo Lake is a lake of Samtskhe-Javakheti, southeastern Georgia, just south of Gamdzani. It covers an area of 458 hectares. It is located north of Madatapa Lake and Biketi Lake. The village of Saghamo lies on its eastern bank. We made a brief stop here, during our Javakheti trip in early June 2021 Parking car near Saghamo lake in GeorgiaSaghamo lake is located on the east part of Javakheti volcanic mountains, in the Paravani river basin, at an altitude of 1996 meters. The watershed of the lake is located in the east part of the Samsari range and at the west part of Javakheti range slopes.…

Okatse Canyon and hanging cliff trail with a platform

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Okatse Canyon is another breathtaking landmark in beautiful Georgia. The main tourist attraction at Okatse canyon probably is the 780 m long hanging cliff trail with the 20m long platform at the trail end, hanging above the canyon and providing panoramic views.  The canyon is located some 50km west of Kutaisi, Georgia. I first visited Okatse canyon at the start of September 2021, during a weekend trip to Kutaisi and the area, see: Kutaisi Trip / Tskaltubo, Okatste canyon, Kinchkha waterfall, Martvili We arrived to the main entry by our own car, and from there hired a local driver for GEL 80…

Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe trip

Published: 17 September, 2021 seen 73 Living in Georgia

A quick day trip (with an overnight stay) to Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe in beautiful Georgia In this drone video footage - Saint George Church and Monastery (sometimes referred just as that lovely women monastery up there somewhere in Borjomi), Atskuri fortress, the gem of Samtskhe Javakheti region - Safara monastery; and of course Rabati complex (there is a nice hotel actually located inside the complex). Music by Scott Holmes - Epic Cinematic! Taken September 25 and 26, 2020 with DJI Mavic Mini.

Kinchkha Waterfall in Georgia

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Kinchkha Waterfall is located in Georgia near the village of Kinchkha, some 300km away or 4h 30m drive from Tbilisi / or about 55km 1h20m drive from Kutaisi. The waterfall is located in the river gorge of Okatse (Satsikvilo) at 843 meters above sea level.  Kinchkha waterfallWe first visited Kinchkha waterfall at the start of September 2021, despite I had heard about this magnificent place many many times before.  The waterfall is clearly visible from the roadside, but if you want actually get down to it, there is a visitor's center and the entry price was about GEL 18 per adult (foreigners)…

Covered Calls with Reinis Fischer Stock Fund

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Those of you following my blog for a while, probably have noticed I love writing a lot about stock and options trading. In fact, I'm running a separate fremium newsletter posting most of my options trades online - Covered Calls with Reinis Fischer It took me some time to find the best solution for newsletters, and I'm very happy with the substack platform. With substack I can focus on whats important - content and growing subscriber base. The rest is done by the platform. A few days ago I reached 50 e-mail susbsribers and there are already 3 paid subscriptions ($70 year) Paid subscriptions…

Wooden church near Paravani Lake / Phoka monastery

Published: 14 September, 2021 seen 60 Churches and Monasteries

Poka St.Nino Nunnery - is located at the shore of Paravani lake, Ninotsminda Municipality, South Georgia. The Little Wooden church is located bit outside the Poka village, on the left side on Tbilisi - Kojori - Tsalka - Ninotsminda road. That' s how we actually found this place. We were heading from Ninotsminda and wanted to make a stop at the famous Phoka nunnery, but at first found this lovely woodend church near the Paravani lake. Just later we learned that the nunnery is actually located inside the village (some 500 meters back on the road), while there is still a men monastery located…

Top 3 Best Selling laptops with AMD Ryzen 7 Processor

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Although not as popular as Intel, AMD is a reliable and good-performing processor. In this article, I've listed the top 3 best selling laptops on Amazon with AMD Ryzen 7 powered processor Top 4 Best Selling laptops withAMD Ryzen 5 Processor Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on the Amazon site, I might earn an affiliate income from that. Prices for laptop computers listed on this page are retrieved using Amazon Product Advertising API and is updated daily. For actual prices please refer to the product…

Kutaisi Trip / Tskaltubo, Okatste canyon, Kinchkha waterfall, Martvili

Published: 10 September, 2021 seen 65 Living in Georgia

UFO-shaped but abandoned spa sanatoriums, hot pools near stalactite caves, waterfalls, and canyons. Rivers and great cuisine. shortly put another great weekend has been recorded. Tskaltubo, Okatse, Martvili, Kutaisi and more. 

Martvili Canyon

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Martvili Canyon is a picturesque landmark of water and rocks, located some 50km west of Kutaisi, Georgia. It is located 5 km from the town of Martvili, and 2 km from the village of Gachedili (which gave the canyon its other name, Gachedili Canyon).  Water and Rocks at Martvili canyonWe first visited Martvii Canyon at the start of September 2021 during a weekend trip around this part of Georgia. The entrance fee per adult as about GEL 18 (for foreigners). At Martvili canyon a boat trip is possible, but during our time here boats were out of service.  Martvili canyon700 meters circular hiking…

Naukšēni Manor

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Naukšēni Manor is a two-story manor house located in the Naukšēni Municipality, Naukšēni Parish, in the historical region of Vidzeme, northern Latvia. We discovered this manor by a chance by traveling Valka - Rūjiena road in the mid July 2021 Nakšēni manorBuilt in 1820, it was renovated in 1843 by Friedrich Gottlieb Gläser in Empire style according to the drafts made by its landlord Heinrich Wilhelm von Groth. Additional modifications were made at the end of the 19th century and again in 1938. Between 1920 and 1957 the building functioned as a children's home. It now houses the Naukšēni local…

Phoka Nunnery in Georgia

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Phoka – a village in Georgia, In the municipality of Ninotsminda, Samtskhe-Javakheti region, on the shores of Lake Paravani, with an altitude of 2080 meters above sea level. Distance to Ninotsminda – 28 Km, to Tbilisi – 128 Km. Phoka nunnery in GeorgiaThere are a public school and St. Nino operational monasteries and nunneries in the village. There are a parish school and a medical inspection room as well as a studio of  cloisonne enamel for manufacturing icons and holy vessels at the nunnery.  From 1999 by the blessing of the Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II the day of arrival of…

Top 4 Best Selling laptops withAMD Ryzen 5 Processor

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Althouhg not as popular as Intel, AMD are realiable and good performing processors. AMD Ryze 5000 Series Mobile Processors for ultrathin notebooks offer the most cores available, with the highest performance you can get in a mobile processor. In this article I've listed top 4 best selling laptops on Amazon with AMD Ryzen 5 powered processor Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on the Amazon site, I might earn an affiliate income from that. Prices for laptop computers listed on this page are retrieved using…

Hiking at Birtvisi Canjon

Published: 3 September, 2021 seen 38 Living in Georgia

Easy Sunday hiking trip at Birtvisi Canyon + almost reached Samshvilde canyon. Quite awesome and easily doable from Tbilisi. Highly recommended! Thumbs up and enjoy the video

Coworking Space in Tbilisi - Terminal on Abashidze street 34

Published: 2 September, 2021 seen 114 Professional services

Time after time I love working outside my lovely home office, starting from a Turtle lake ending a yard in a countryside. A couple of years ago i discovered the beauty of working at Fabrika coworking space in Tbilisi, but today I had a chance to visit Terminal coworking space on Abashidze street 34 in Tbilisi. Fun, I still remember how I met John, an American entrepreneur here in Tbilisi back in 2012, and he was talking it would be cool there would be a kind of a coop in Tbilisi, where like-minded people could work together, share resources e.t.c Back then it sounded a bit bizarre to me, but…

August 2021 Dividend Income Report - $1.84

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Welcome to the fifty-second (#52) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks in August 2021. The last August we spent in Georgia and did a few nice road trips across the country. For the first time, we had camping in a tent (just for a few hours) at the Lagodekhi nature reserve. Ampelo Resort KardenakhiFrom the perspective of dividend income - Last August was the lowest since we started this dividend journey back in 2017.  In total, I took just shy $1.84  in dividend income last month. Which is still quite awesome, for doing nothing, just holding stakes at…