Blog Archive: September 2021

Takhti-Tepha Mud Volcanoes in Georgia

Tourism objects 30 September, 2021 | 211 views

Takhti-Tepha mud volcanoes, sometimes also referred to as Vashlovani mud volcanoes is a landform created by the eruption of mud, slurries, water, and gases in the proximity of Takhti-Tepha mountain range. I had heard about this beautiful…

Why I'm investing in DelfinGroup IPO

Investments 29 September, 2021 | 136 views

DelfinGroup is a Latvian fintech company that offers accessible, simple, and consumer-focused finance and pawn services. Starting September 28, 2021, there is an ongoing IPO for DelfinGroup on Nasdaq Baltic stock market. IPO will end on…

Paravani lake

Lakes 28 September, 2021 | 281 views

Paravani lake is a volcanic lake in Georgia, located in Javakheti Plateau between Abul-Samsari and Javakheti Ranges in the Samthske Javakheti region, some 2h 30 minutes drive (around 130 km) from Tbilisi. In the shores of Paravani lake,…

Fighting Webform Spam - Drupal 9 - AntiBot

Drupal Development 27 September, 2021 | 357 views

Recently I migrated my personal blog (the one you are currently reading) from Drupal 7 - to Drupal 9. The migration process actually still is in process, as I faced a few issues with the site, like lost coordinates with gmap module, some…

Hotel Newport Kutaisi Review

Hotel reviews 24 September, 2021 | 149 views

Built in 1914, former courthouse building has transformed itself into a modern 4-star hotel, located in the heart of Kutaisi. Featuring a bar and a terrace, Newport Hotel Kutaisi is located in Kutaisi, 400 m from Colchis Fountain and 1.5…

Dalis Mta Water Reservoir

Lakes 23 September, 2021 | 217 views

Dalis Mta water reservoir is a man made reservoir built on Iori river, at the distance of 30 km to the south of Dedoplistskaro, in the vicinity of Chachuna Managed Reserve.  We first discovered it during a Vashlovani trip in the Summer of…

Valka Bus Station

Railway / Bus / Ferry 22 September, 2021 | 44 views

Valka bus station is centrally located in Valka and offers quite convenient intercity connections to Riga, Valmiera, Rūjiena, and Smiltene. The bus station in Valka was opened to the public in 1965. There is cafe Walk across the square. 

Saghamo Lake

Lakes 21 September, 2021 | 164 views

Saghamo Lake is a lake of Samtskhe-Javakheti, southeastern Georgia, just south of Gamdzani. It covers an area of 458 hectares. It is located north of Madatapa Lake and Biketi Lake. The village of Saghamo lies on its eastern bank. We made a…

Okatse Canyon and hanging cliff trail with a platform

Tourism objects 20 September, 2021 | 289 views

Okatse Canyon is another breathtaking landmark in beautiful Georgia. The main tourist attraction at Okatse canyon probably is the 780 m long hanging cliff trail with the 20m long platform at the trail end, hanging above the canyon and…

Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe trip

Living in Georgia 17 September, 2021 | 83 views

A quick day trip (with an overnight stay) to Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe in beautiful Georgia In this drone video footage - Saint George Church and Monastery (sometimes referred just as that lovely women monastery up there somewhere in Borjomi…