June 2014

Ukraine GDP per capita

  • Ukraine GDP per capita

    Published: 30 June, 2014 seen 2,401 Economic notes

    Ukraine GDP per capita in 2012 was about $3.866 thousands. Compared to other countries GDP per capita is low. Not to say very low. Ukraine together with Moldova and Georgia recenlty signed Association Agreement with European Union - and that opens European market for them. Will those countries benefits from that and will it eventually lead them to full membership in European Union - time will show.Some time ago I measured GDP growth in Ukraine, and pattern I noticed was that Ukraine has 3 times lower GDP than in Russia. The question I asked then, and will ask now:Ukraine's GDP historically…

Experienced my first Earth Quake - Tbilisi

  • Experienced my first Earth Quake - Tbilisi

    Published: 29 June, 2014 seen 1,664 Living in Georgia

    Today for the first time in my life I felt tremors of earth quake and it happened in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Nothing serious, as it's was announced in news - magnitude of this quake was 4.8. Although using other sources I found it was even 5.2. My story will be as dumb as many other dumb stories you have heard, like  - I went to bath and then I noticed that water is swinging. Indeed, my story is dumb - I laid back to take a nap and felt my bed is swinging. OK... at first I thought and continued to enjoy my nap. Then after few hours when again I was enjoying another great nap (Actually…

How to setup Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel

  • How to setup Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel

    Published: 29 June, 2014 seen 3,671 Blogging

    In this article I will explain how you can setup Facebook Custom Audiences Pixel and how you can benefit from it. But at start let me explain to you what is a Facebook Custom Audience. Facebook Custom Audience A Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets advertisers find their existing audiences among people who are on Facebook. You can choose from 4 options available to import or collect your custom audience on Facebook: Import from Data Source (CSV) Import from Mailchimp From your Mobile App Collect from your website Since the topic of this article is how to setup Custom Audiences…

Nagorno Karabakh - Frozen conflict

  • Nagorno Karabakh - Frozen conflict

    Published: 28 June, 2014 seen 1,769 Caucasus overview

    Today I spent a pleasant afternoon in one of the many Tbilisi parks on Eristavi street. I noticed there lives (or at least walks) a lot of American people. Anyway I had a lot of free time and I decided to buy some newspaper in English. I walked to newspaper stands but there were only newspapers and magazines in Georgian. I asked - OK - Do you have some Newspapers in Russian at least. One of the sales persons offered me just a Scan-words (Crossword). I continued my findings for some newspapers in English or Russian, and finally I found a stand were was newspapers in Russian (Argumenti i…

Georgia has signed Association Agreement with European Union

  • Georgia has signed Association Agreement with European Union

    Published: 27 June, 2014 seen 1,923 Geopolitics

    Today, June 27Th is a "magnificent" day for Georgia, or at least it's politics. Today Georgia in Brussels has signed Association Agreement with European Union. Together with Georgia association agreement was signed by Ukraine and Moldova as wellWhy I'm saying "magnificent" - let me explain:I'm neither Euro-pessimist or Euro-optimist. I'm trying to be neutral. I support democracy and transparency, I support European "values" - whatever they are. And I support Georgia's efforts to stay on Euro track. But there are Two reasons I look at this as some political spectacle- Geography and mindset.…

Writing 400 words in a day

  • Writing 400 words in a day

    Published: 27 June, 2014 seen 2,087 Search Engine Optimization

    Today I investigated my blogging habits and found pretty sad scene - In average I'm blogging 200 words (and in some month even less) in a day. And I'm willing to change that.Since October 2013, I ran a Can you blog 365 days in row contest. I have been blogging for about 8 month already, with a 2 day failure. At start in October I wrote 64 articles in average with 225 words per article.Total word count by monthIn above graph you can see how many words in total I have written in past 9 months. Since I started to blog back in October, it's obviously seen that I was really excited to blog, and…

How to write an article with 2000 and more words

  • How to write an article with 2000 and more words

    Published: 26 June, 2014 seen 3,026 Search Engine Optimization

    Today I found an interesting article showing that Google prefers longer articles than shorter. The article I'm speaking right now is called How to write 2000 word a day.Since I'm using blog contest Can you blog 365 days in row, to boost my online presence and rank high on Google (and other search engines) I started to wonder how many words contains my posts in average, and sad fact is - they contains about 250-400 words.I did a quick word count to my blog posts for all blog posts this month, and sad true is that in average my posts are 216 words long.I guess 250 words is a minimum to rank at…

Google Domains

  • Google Domains

    Published: 25 June, 2014 seen 2,255 Web development

    Google has launched new service Google Domains, which as name says will act as a domain registrar. So far this service is available invite-only, but I guess it's not hard to acquire an invitation. At least I sent my invitation, and I'm hoping to recieve it soon.Google Domains seems will be rivalry for Godaddy domain registrar. And to make this competition more intense Google Domains offers free private registration, which allows us to hide our Name and Address information from WHOIS services. As well one of the mayor benefits should be that DNS will be directly on Google.Here is the list of…

South Ossetia wants to join Russia

  • South Ossetia wants to join Russia

    Published: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,334 Geopolitics

    Separatist republic of South Ossetia, which separated from Georgia after short 5 days Georgia-Russia war, will held a referendum to join Russian Federation.I presume that right now while all world is watching events happening in Ukraine, Donbass, Slavyansk, few have heard about situation in South Ossetia.On the other hand, what makes me puzzled, here in Georgia, it's not heard from many as well. Seems that Georgia omits events in it's breakaway territory, in order to sign a Association Agreement with EU on June 27th together with Ukraine and Moldova.  For price of what?On the other hand…

Summer solstice in Tbilisi

  • Summer solstice in Tbilisi

    Published: 23 June, 2014 seen 939 Living in Georgia

    There are some nations that celebrates Summer Solstice, most of them are located in Eastern Europe. Celebrating Summer Solstice involve to have a fireplace. Since in Georgia nobody celebrates Summer Solstice, and it was a working day, we decided to make a little fiesta on a ... balcony. How to chill your beer for Summer Solstice (and not only)Typical food at Eastern European celebrated Summer Solstice - yeast dough for patties, cheese (Georgian Sulguni), Rosol salads, and beer.How about a barbecue on balcony?The good thing, Georgians doesn't mind if you bake your chicken barbecue on…

How I got 2000 followers on Twitter

  • How I got 2000 followers on Twitter

    Published: 22 June, 2014 seen 2,860 Blogging

    Updated: I have abandoned methods I describe bellow - and I'm not suggesting using for you as well! Recently I reached my first 2000 Twitter followers, and today I will disclose how I got them. At first you might take a look on how I got my first 500 followers on Twitter. In overall it took me about 2 weeks from almost grand zero to 2000 followers. So what I did to get 2000 Followers? Simple, everyday I followed some 200 Twitter accounts I was interested into, and they followed me back. Not all of-course, but pretty huge mass followed me back. As you may already now Twitter has a limit you…

How to apply for Amazon Affiliate program

  • How to apply for Amazon Affiliate program

    Published: 21 June, 2014 seen 7,276 Affiliate Marketing Tips

    I just finished registration for Amazon Affiliate program. Since I'm new to Amazon Affiliate program I decided to give you a brief tutorial on how easy it is to apply for partner-program on Amazon.Step 1 - To sign up go to  Amazon Affiliate Program Step 2: If you are existing Amazon user, login with your username and password, if you are new to Amazon, signupStep 3: You will be asked to enter your phone number from which you will have to enter PIN Amazon will generate that on signup formYou are done!A message from AmazonThank you for applying to the Amazon.com Associates…

Schedule your tweets with Tweetdeck

  • Schedule your tweets with Tweetdeck

    Published: 20 June, 2014 seen 2,434 Blogging

    Lately I have been again playing around with Twitter. One thing to do on Twitter is to get followers, second thing is to compose tweets. It can be vice verse as well (Actually it should). Since your Twitter followers are growing you start realizing that not only you are getting more followers, but your followers are following way too more Twitter accounts. And if you keep posting once in a day, there is huge possibility that nobody will hear you. Of course this depends on many factors, including what is the reason you tweet - is it just for fun, or is it to drive new visitors to your website…

How I got 250 Google Plus followers

  • How I got 250 Google Plus followers

    Published: 19 June, 2014 seen 2,111 Blogging

    I have been playing around Google Plus since 2012, or so, I even had created some business pages there. At first I was very excited about Google Plus, but then when I had no return of it, my interest and excitement was gone. How one can get more excitement and return from Google Plus? Simple by having friends/followers there. Because if you are alone there it's pretty sad. So what's changed, why did I come back for Google Plus? I knew that Google might somehow take in consideration +1 your articles receives. My first and main motivation was to improve my SERP (Search engine ranking position…

How I got 1000 Pinterest followers

  • How I got 1000 Pinterest followers

    Published: 18 June, 2014 seen 1,290 Blogging

    Pinterest has been on my radar for a while (for a year at least), but I didn't used it as content promotion and traffic generator. Time after time I dig some articles claiming that Pinterest drives zillions of traffic. And I got greedy. I want those flows of visitors as some claim they receives from Pinterest. I had already my Pinterest account created (simple Facebook login is enough I guess to have one). I added a link back to my blog (www.reinisfischer.com) and verified it, now next to it you can see verified check mark. Pinterest profile showing that your URL is verified  I created some…

Canva.com - design like a PRO

  • Canva.com - design like a PRO

    Published: 17 June, 2014 seen 4,574 Web development

    I found a great web service that allows to create awesome graphics online and for free. Name of this great webservice is Canva, and you can find it here.Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.Canva offers a lot of already predefined designs:Facebook header templateA quick modification, and we can customize templates as we wish.Canva offers templates for most various life situations, templates for Google+, Facebook, Social posts…

Is your website traffic down on weekends?

  • Is your website traffic down on weekends?

    Published: 16 June, 2014 seen 2,596 Search Engine Optimization

    If you have a website and you are using some analytic tools, you might seen that at weekends your website traffic is down.For example my "worst" day is Saturday.At the above image you can see - with red line I have marked Saturdays when my traffic is down, and with green line I have marked last Saturday, when I applied solution for that.So what solution am I talking about?Before that, let's take a look at another screenshot, this time traffic source - Organic Search (Google)If you will look carefully at this screenshot, you will notice that my traffic is down, because of organic search…

Add Pin It button to hover over any image

  • Add Pin It button to hover over any image

    Published: 15 June, 2014 seen 2,594 Web development

    In this tutorial I will show how to add Pin it button for every image on your website. But before that you might check my tutorial how to add Pin it button to Drupal 7  Bellow is an example with working hover Pin it button Hover over image to see Pin it button on left top corner You will need to add following code to your website (in <head>section</head> <!-- Please call pinit.js only once per page --> <script type="text/javascript" async data-pin-hover="true" src="//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js"></script> And that's it! Nothing more to add, just small…

Cycling to Tbilisi sea and back

  • Cycling to Tbilisi sea and back

    Published: 14 June, 2014 seen 1,906 Outdoor Activities

    Today was a great Saturday, we took our bikes and rode to Tbilisi sea and back. It was all day long (more than four hours) fun experience in very hot Summer day in Georgia. Total distance: 16.9 km, Climb: 213 m, Time: 4.30h, Feelings: Superb Route map When we finally reached Tbilisi sea - I was so exhausted, after I got of from bike, my stamina was over: Tbilisi sea

How to check Google rankings with Google Spreadsheets

  • How to check Google rankings with Google Spreadsheets

    Published: 13 June, 2014 seen 7,581 Search Engine Optimization

    In this article I will show, how you can check and track your SERP with Google Spreadsheets.But at first I will tell you a story - More than 3 years ago I started to work on a hobby (but large scale site) dedicated to Georgia. It was built with Drupal, involved Google maps, Feeds parsing (Flickr, Wikipedia and more Open data)So basically I built a kinda Mash-up - web site, that aggregates different information related to tourism objects in Georgia (Kinda smaller Gogobot, Triposso e.t.c)Under this serious hood was not enough money, and by saying money I mean - Advertisement.Main impact was on…

Google+ comments block for Drupal site

  • Google+ comments block for Drupal site

    Published: 12 June, 2014 seen 1,701 Drupal Development

    Lately I have been paying more attention to power of Google+ and so I decided to give a try to Google+ comments on a Drupal site. Google for me generates about 70-80 percent of traffic, and so I guess most of the users will have Google account, to comment without need to login/register onmy site or let's say Disqus comment system I'm currently using on my blog. As you can see - comment block is really nice, and taking in consideration it's Google comment system I guess it might only help you to be more discoverable on Google. How to add Google+ comments block to Drupal site You can find a…

How to align Facebook like, Google + and Twitter buttons?

  • How to align Facebook like, Google + and Twitter buttons?

    Published: 11 June, 2014 seen 12,706 Web development

    Working on a project I faced a problem how to align social share buttons. By default I'm not paying much attention to this, but there are circumstances you must provide clean work. So here is the example: These are social share buttons from my blog, as you can see, Facebook button is not in one line with other lines. To fix this, I did a quick Google search and found great tutorial on Github:  Here is my Drupal view - containing social share buttons: <div class="social-share"> <div class="fb-like" data-href="[path]" data-layout="button_count" data-action="like" data-show-faces="…

Azerbaijan ready to simplify VISA regime with EU

  • Azerbaijan ready to simplify VISA regime with EU

    Published: 10 June, 2014 seen 932 Caucasus overview

    I always have wanted to travel to Azerbaijan, Baku and probably I will do so this September. According to Azerbaijani newsportal NEWS.AZ Azerbaijan and EU might simplify VISA regime starting this September.Azerbaijan believes that the simplification of the visa regime with the EU will become possible from September.Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmud Mammadguliyev has stated that it remains for Azerbaijan only to carry out one procedure for this – to sign the law on ratification of the agreement on readmission with the EU."All the procedures were performed on the agreement on visa facilitation.…

How to get first 500 Twitter followers

  • How to get first 500 Twitter followers

    Published: 9 June, 2014 seen 2,972 Blogging

    In this article I will explain how to get your first 500 Twitter followers easy and pretty fast.  If honest - I got my first 500 Twitter followers just today, in total it took me about 6 months, but just because of I was passive in generating new followers. I developed my first Twitter strategy with plan to get new followers by using #hashtags and constantly (in day at least 2 times) publishing to Twitter, hopping that others will find my #hashtags and follow me, that didn't worked as expected.   So what worked, to achieve my first 500 Twitter followers in 3 days? In above graph you can see…

Switching to Caucasus Online internet

  • Switching to Caucasus Online internet

    Published: 9 June, 2014 seen 1,804 Living in Georgia

    For a last year in Tbilisi, I have used Silknet DSL internet connections, and everything was fine, till day it was not fine. I don't know the reason why, but Silknet's DSL stopped working as expected. You can read my thoughts about Silknet's Customer Service here.Anyway - I switched my ISP to another Great Georgian ISP - Caucasus Online. They offers much more speed for the same price, and they works quick. Today 3 guys came to my place and did all the installation works in less than 30 minutes.Here is the proof of much faster internet:Faster than 77% of GeorgiaAnd here is the internet speed…

Devious Maids

  • Devious Maids

    Published: 8 June, 2014 seen 918 Movies, TV shows & Documentaries

    Devious Maids is another great TV series to watch. About Devious MaidsFour Latina maids with ambition and dreams of their own work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2226342/

New Amsterdam

  • New Amsterdam

    Published: 7 June, 2014 seen 1,058 Movies, TV shows & Documentaries

    New Amsterdam is a TV series made on 2008, and lasted just for 8 series.  Why I found these series interesting? Producers has tried to make something very interesting. As you may already know - New York city once was New Amsterdam and was found by Dutch colonists, well of course there lived Native Americans, before Dutches came.And that is showed in New Amsterdam series - main role actor - John Amsterdam, a New York homicide detective, who is immortal, and has born back there in 1600-ies.Probably you will recognize Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from another series - Game of…

How to get more followers on Twitter

  • How to get more followers on Twitter

    Published: 7 June, 2014 seen 1,588 Blogging

    In this article I will reveal one of the simplest "tricks" to get more followers on Twitter. But at start I will dive a little in my blogs past. I started to blog on October, last year. Since my blog was and still is new, I was looking for more ways to drive traffic to my blog. And one of the options I looked at first was Twitter. I even created a contest to myself, to twitter 30 days in a Row, and here you can find the results of my contest. In brief I got 22 visits to my site, form 37 followers. Then I stopped to think about Twitter, created a bot what posts to Twitter. There was no big…

Just got $100 in Linode credit

  • Just got $100 in Linode credit

    Published: 6 June, 2014 seen 1,339 Random thoughts and notes

    I have been using Linode VPS for almost two years, and always have been very pleased of their services. Time by time Linode offers some great upgrades for their customers at no cost at all.Like storage upgrades, RAM upgrades and other.Yesterday Linode on Facebook achieved 10 000 likes, and they marked this anniversary by giving $100 credit for existing customers, who will share their status update and send PM with Linode username.I was one of the lucky ones - and I got $100 credit.Thank you Linode!About LinodeWe love technology and helping our customers — we get excited about computers and we…

Tbilisi Open Air 2014

Silknet - Conversation over phone - Nightmare

  • Silknet - Conversation over phone - Nightmare

    Published: 5 June, 2014 seen 1,220 Living in Georgia

    Silknet is one of the major internet providers in Georgia, it offers great service for great money. But there are times things break up, for example Wi-Fi router. Silknet for their customers is offering some cheap ZTW 300 routers, and that's fine with me as long they work, when they stop to work, it's time to call to Silknet customer service.And then it sucks - you are getting forwarded from one to another e.t.c. When you get some from the techical department it's just nightmare. The guy who doesn't understand much from DNS, routing and other geeky stuff is starting to teach you, like, you…

Yerevan Business Run 2014

  • Yerevan Business Run 2014

    Published: 4 June, 2014 seen 1,132 Caucasus overview

    Austrian Airlines in cooperation with the Municipality of Yerevan and “Orange Fitness club”, with the support of “Royal Grand Hotel Yerevan” and “Best Western Congress” hotels will be holding the “Yerevan Business Run 2014” 10Km run, which will take place on June 8, 2014. The main aim of the program is to encourage the healthy lifestyle in the society. The “Yerevan Business RUN” is becoming a traditional event of the city of Yerevan with the growth in number of participants each year. This is the third year that it will be held. As previously, this year also participants from…

Working with Drupal views attachments

  • Working with Drupal views attachments

    Published: 4 June, 2014 seen 3,402 Drupal Development

    Drupal views attachments is a nice feature, which allows us to extend  Drupal views. For example, we can create a featured view and attach to it other view displaying additional information. One of the reasons I love views attachments is because of I can create a main view and add to it smaller view and offset some items: With views attachment sky is the limit, you can build for example a restaurant list view and attach to it Gmap style map, displaying both grid view with results and map with all nodes. Today I wanted to just build a portfolio page, and by using views attachment I achieved…

Joseph Stalin Declassified

  • Joseph Stalin Declassified

    Published: 3 June, 2014 seen 1,292 Documentaries

    A History channel documentary on Joseph Stalin.In this documentary is pictured time how Stalin took the power after death of Lenin. About mass deportations and Stalins plans to conquer the west.Not very objective, but still enjoyable documentary.

Georgian Bus - Great way to travel from Kutaisi to Batumi or Tbilisi

  • Georgian Bus - Great way to travel from Kutaisi to Batumi or Tbilisi

    Published: 3 June, 2014 seen 15,897 Travel guides

    At first, when Kutaisi International airport was built (around 2012/2013) there were few transport options to choose from to get at least to the city center of Kutaisi, as it turns out, the city is actually located about some 17km from the airport. Back in the days, there were just taxi services, which was and still is pretty costly (as long as you are not using BOLT) While you are still figuring out about your next flight to Kutaisi or travel options around Georgia consider Batumi Real Estate Crypto Investment One way direction from Kutaisi city center to the Kutaisi airport with street taxi…

Georgian Youth Eager to Legalize Marijuana

  • Georgian Youth Eager to Legalize Marijuana

    Published: 3 June, 2014 seen 723 Caucasus overview

    Today I red strange news in Georgian news - Georgian youth is eager to legalize marijuana and other lights drugs in Georgia. I understand youth is eager for many things and probably for marijuana as well, but what surprises me that the youth of Georgians has made an rally with few thousnad participiants demanding government to legalize this crap.If honest I'm confused, because  usually young people are not very eager in politics, but this time they have organized in masses. Second, where are they parents looking to?Third - last year there were some attempts to make Pride walk…

Coffee bar Palms

Batumi McDonald

Sunset at Batumi

Smoking kills

Back to everyday life

Baltic romance

Riga central market

Bolderai golodni krai

Another Latvian barbecue

Riga at night

Batumi Aerial Tram

  • Batumi Aerial Tram

    Published: 2 June, 2014 seen 2,223 Tourism objects

    One of the must have tourist attractions in Batumi is an aerial tram (cable car) ride. Built back in 2012 these gondolas will take you in a 2,5 km long route at maximum elevation of 252 meters. During you ride you will enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Batumi city. Best enjoyed in evenings shortly before sunset. At the other end of the ropeway there is nice viewing platform offering scenic views to the city and Black sea. Ticket price per ride (round-trip): 10 GEL, as of 2016 Futuristic design of Batumi cable car station Located at the Batumi bay, this station house indeed features…

Sataplia cave in Georgia

  • Sataplia cave in Georgia

    Published: 2 June, 2014 seen 6,533 Tourism objects

    Sataplia cave together with Prometheus cave are one of the main tourist sights around Kutaisi town, in Republic of Georgia. I first visited Sataplia cave at the end of May 2014, when my father for the first time visited me in Georgia. I picked him up at Kutaisi airport and before departing back to Tbilisi I decided to take an opportunity and explore this cave together.. At first you will need to have some taxi to get there, luckily I had one. Sataplia cave is located some 18 km away from Kutaisi.  The entrance fee (as of 2014) in park was 6GEL and was accompanied by English speaking guide…

Google Authorship for Drupal

  • Google Authorship for Drupal

    Published: 2 June, 2014 seen 1,270 Drupal Development

    Updated: Google seems doesn't takes into consideration Google Authorship markup I have been many times heard that adding Google Authorship tag to your website will help you in terms of SEO. So I decided to add Google Authorship tag to my blog and observe results. What is Google Authorship? Good for authors like you Distinguish and validate your content in search results. Get more followers on Google+. Help readers discover your other content on the web. Good for the web Help users find high quality content on the web. Empower them to engage with content authors through Google+. How it looks…

My online income report - May 2014

  • My online income report - May 2014

    Published: 2 June, 2014 seen 1,529 Online Income Reports

    My online income in May has decreased by $1.88 compared to previous period and in month of May totalled in $6.01.Average earning last month by day was $0.19, what is down from $0.26 in previous month.Highest earnings per day: $0.63Days earning more than $1: 0Lowest earnings per day: $0.01Days earning less than $0.10: 13I'm still using just Google Adsense to monetize my websites

Blog statistics May 2014

  • Blog statistics May 2014

    Published: 1 June, 2014 seen 1,419 Blog statistics

    Last month I expressed hopes to achieve 1200-1500 users this month, unfortunately my hopes were false. My blog traffic experienced growth, but not as much I hopped for.Compared with month of April, in month of May traffic to my blog raised for 5% and totalled in 1027 users.By now I'm getting in average 33.12 visitors a day, what is up for 0.62 visitors in day compared with previous month.In overall it was pretty OK, but I hopped for more.I'm still hopping to get about 6000 users in month by end of this September/October. Will it happen? It depends - I can keep on relying on organic search…