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The Grand Documentary of 2018

Documentaries 29 October, 2021 seen 56
2018 was very special. Here is a brief recap in a 25-minute long documentary. Some shorts from Tbilisi, relocating to Jūrmala. A lot of snow. Building a baby crib, chilling. chilling a lot. Picking up a baby name. First meeting with a…

Prometheus Epic Hotel & Spa near Tskaltubo

Hotel reviews 28 October, 2021 seen 180
Located just some 500 meters from Prometheus Cave, Prometheus Epic Hotel & Spa provides accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool, and a bar. We booked this hotel for a 2-night stay at the start…

Sold all Bitcoin, Seb Mutual funds, Baltic Horzion and DelfinGroup Stock

Investments 27 October, 2021 seen 75
Yesterday, on October 25, 2021, I sold all of the Bitcoin holdings I had with Coinbase PRO. Additionally, I sold off all my investments with SEB mutual funds and stocks at Nasdaq Baltic: Baltic Horizon, and DelfinGroup. I did this because…

Buying Apple Stock for 52 weeks challenge

Investments 26 October, 2021 seen 70
Hey, I have decided to launch another interesting challenge - buying Apple stock for the next 52 weeks. My plan is simple, every Monday I will buy at least 2 Apple shares, so I have at least 100 shares with Apple stock by the end of the…

Top 7 Best Selling laptops with 11th Gen Intel Core i9 Processor

Online Shopping 25 October, 2021 seen 947
In this article, I've listed the top 7 best selling laptops on Amazon with the latest 11th gen Intel Core i9 processor A quick note: This article contains affiliate links to Amazon, by clicking on links on this page and by making a…

Kļavu Lapas Laidos

Tourism objects 22 October, 2021 seen 33
Kļavu lapas Laidos - an attempt to catch some falling colorful leaves. Laidi manor and more. October 17, 2021 Dji Mavic Air 2, Galaxy A52

Green Enefit IPO - 19% income return in 15 days

Investments 21 October, 2021 seen 27
On October 6, 2021, I subscribed to 32 shares of Enefit Green during companies IPO. I got subscribed at EUR 2.90. On the first trading day on the Nasdaq Baltics, I sold all my 32 shares at EUR 3.46 or realized 0.56 cents per share (before…

Eagle Canyon / Gorge

Tourism objects 20 October, 2021 seen 193
Eagle Canyon also Eagle Gorge or Artsivi Gorge is located close to the town of Dedoplitskaro in Georgia. The natural monument represents a unique complex consisting of two sites. The first one is a limestone rock canyon, while the other is…

Lake Zvirgzdu

Lakes 19 October, 2021 seen 26
Lake Zvirgzdu is located in Kurzeme historical region on the border of Kuldīga and Alsunga municipalities. There are several campsites available at Lake Zvirgzdu, with one of the most popular being - Ezermaļi. Lake Zvirgzdu in LatviaI…

Top 9 Best selling 360Hz FHD laptops (popular among gaming & business)

Online Shopping 18 October, 2021 seen 74
Competitive gaming?  Think 360Hz display! Top 15 Best Selling 240Hz laptops (gaming & business) Top 17 Best Selling Gaming Laptops with 144hz Display A quick note: This article contains affiliate links to Amazon, by clicking on links…