September 2014

My First Savings Report - September 2014

  • My First Savings Report - September 2014

    Published: 30 September, 2014 seen 947 Investments

    Around 9 months ago I started Online Income Reports series, sharing  income I have made solely on internet, by using my blog and sometimes some other websites (I have built by myself). For now - there are two income sources that gives me some money - Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. With second making it's lions share (around 90-95%). As well I'm living in fast developing economy of Georgia. Prices in Georgia are pretty low, and a person with $400 income monthly, can live here pretty good. Not to mention that average salary here is (was in 2012) around $413, while minimum wage is $51 (…

16 Best Sony Laptops You Can Buy Online - Amazon

  • 16 Best Sony Laptops You Can Buy Online - Amazon

    Published: 29 September, 2014 seen 47,517 Online Shopping

    Update: Seems Sony has left laptop market in early 2014, by selling  its PC business to the investment firm Japan Industrial Partners in February 2014 as part of a restructuring of the corporation to focus on mobile devices. Read more: VAIO  As there are no major laptop releases from Sony, their laptops though still great in performance are outdated. I originally wrote this article at the end of September, 2014. Since it got a lot of page - views I have updated and shortened list from 16 to 10 Sony VAIO laptops. A quick note: This article contains affiliate links to, by clicking on…

Highest Deposit Interest Rates in Europe

  • Highest Deposit Interest Rates in Europe

    Published: 28 September, 2014 seen 61,968 Investments

    I was searching online some information about interest rates for savings accounts in European Union for the year of 2014. Update: Highest Deposit Rates in the World by Country 2018 Basically, I was doing this "research" because I found that in some member states interest rates for savings accounts are pathetically modest. I mean annual interest rate of 0.008 or even 0.005% seems very pathetic to me. Taking into account that interest rates in Georgia are about 6% for savings in National currency (Georgian Lari) and about 2.5% for USD/EUR. Overlooking all bank offers in Georgia, I did find…

Opening a Savings Account in Republic of Georgia

  • Opening a Savings Account in Republic of Georgia

    Published: 27 September, 2014 seen 3,035 Living in Georgia

    For a many years I have imagined how I will run my savings account - but I have never ever had one - so I decided to change that. What's a saving account - well it's an account where your money are kept. There are many options you can choose to have one. To name of of them - compound percent savings account - what means you will earn a money for money you have deposited on your savings account.Since I'm living in Georgia, I decided to look for options straight in the Bulls eye (in Georgia). It looks like I hadn't to look to much. Since recently I opened my first bank account in Georgia with…

How to solve Nginx: 413 Request Entity Too Large error

  • How to solve Nginx: 413 Request Entity Too Large error

    Published: 26 September, 2014 seen 18,827 Servers

    I'm running a Nginx powered server I have configured a while ago. One problem I have on my Drupal sites hosted on that environment is that I couldn't upload a files larger than 1MB using Drupal fields. I got Nginx: 413 Request Entity Too Large error. And it pissed me of - because of - in my php.ini file I had already set a maximum upload file size to some 192MB. When I faced a situation, when I had to upload files larger than 1MB, I went on my searches, what's wrong with my server, after 1 minute search I found a solution here:…

Drupal Panels - When Best Used

  • Drupal Panels - When Best Used

    Published: 25 September, 2014 seen 1,286 Drupal Development

    I have seen many bad Drupal sites built around complex modules and panels. For a years I have avoided of using Drupal Panels. I mean in 90% cases developer can get along using just views and good structured theme.But there are 10% cases when you should consider of using Drupal panels. And those are cases when you want to have a large end-user style editors to have in your site. When we are dealing with end-users - everything must be created as for 5th graders (sometimes as for 1st graders).So I got a project, which involved use of Drupal Panels. I tried to avoid them as long as possible, but…

Installing ownCloud on Linode - Ubuntu 14.04

  • Installing ownCloud on Linode - Ubuntu 14.04

    Published: 24 September, 2014 seen 3,321 Servers

    Some time ago I get an opportunity to familiarize with ownCloud, you can find out more about my first impressions with ownCloud server here.  Today I decided to create a simple tutorial were I have noted have one (perhaps you) can install his/her own file sharing server - ownCloud. I'm going to use Linode VPS, Ubuntu 14.04 and Apache Actually, I tried to set ownCloud on Ngnix, but there was some problems with it, so i sticked with Apache At first I bought a new VPS from Linode. Quickly deployed a new Ubuntu 14.04 server And rest was handled using SSH (Putty) sudo sh -c "echo 'deb http://…

The University of Georgia (Tbilisi)

  • The University of Georgia (Tbilisi)

    Published: 23 September, 2014 seen 4,086 Professional services

    The other day I accompanied a person visiting The University of Georgia. And for a surprise for me - I found this educational institution as pretty good. No I have no thoughts of studying in Georgia, but you never say never. The University of Georgia   Students have free Internet access The University of Georgia offers studies for international students   Coffee machine for students After lectures students can rest on cozy coach Georgian Flag at the main entrance of The University of Georgia Another interesting thing I noticed in those short 15 minutes I was in The University of Georgia,…

15 Popular Lenovo Laptops (ThinkPad) - Buy Now!

  • 15 Popular Lenovo Laptops (ThinkPad) - Buy Now!

    Published: 22 September, 2014 seen 2,090 Online Shopping

    For some Lenovo might look like a geeky Linux friend computer, but in fact in our days Lenovo has built a pretty solid business class laptop brand. If you are gaming fan, you will enjoy some of the models listed here, they come with pretty solid video cards (NVIDIA) and huge RAM (8GB). If you are a small business owner and you need to keep your accounting updated - not a problem. Lenovo offers ThinkPad notebooks line for different computing tasks. Even more - you can have some notebooks with touchscreen. Update: As this article might be outdated, please see: Top 17 Best Selling Lenovo Laptops…

Visit of Tbilisi Theater Reminds me Drive in Marshrutka

  • Visit of Tbilisi Theater Reminds me Drive in Marshrutka

    Published: 21 September, 2014 seen 1,199 Living in Georgia

    This autumn season we wanted to start with something beautiful. At the end of every September Tbilisi International theatre festival is held. Actually, it might come as a surprise for some, but Tbilisi is city who loves theatres. At least there are dozens of them in the city, there are some smaller ones and then there are some larger ones, the ones which receive state funding.So, on September 20th we went on one play which were held in frame of Tbilisi International Theater festivalVe decided to bought some tickets, by using Georgian (we have used this system before, for buying…

Launching Amazon Niche Site

  • Launching Amazon Niche Site

    Published: 20 September, 2014 seen 2,969 Blogging

    Some time ago I did my first Amazon affiliate experiment, it turned out that in first month of promoting Amazon products I earned more than $80, now it is the second month of this so called experiment - and I have earned more than $160 in 20 days of September. I'm very surprised of such a positive affiliate marketing experience. What led me to think again of niche marketing. Some time ago I have already built some niche sites, though if my all previous niche affiliate attempts were built around Google AdSense, then this time I'm considering Amazon. What is pretty straightforward choice,…

Georgia Ranks 10 Worst on Global Well-Being Index

  • Georgia Ranks 10 Worst on Global Well-Being Index

    Published: 19 September, 2014 seen 1,690 Caucasus overview

    The other day I took the taxi, for a short drive I usually pay 3 GEL, Taxi driver asked me 10GEL, when I pointed him that it's a bad attitude regarding foreigners, he started to yell on me telling that - Foreigners just like to visit Georgia, not to spend a dime, and that he is not satisfied with that. I asked does he thinks Georgia is equal to Germany, Netherlands or Spain?If it so, why dies he is driving a junk car without safety belts and fails to comply with traffic signs, rude violating the traffic rules? I gave him 5 Lari and asked he gives me back my change - 2 GEL, he refused. I…

New Asia - Tbilisi Restaurant Review

  • New Asia - Tbilisi Restaurant Review

    Published: 18 September, 2014 seen 2,111 Restaurant reviews

    New Asia is a Chinese restaurant located in Tbilisi on Griboedov street (just next to Rustaveli Avenue). The idea to visit this Chinese restaurant came spontaneous... you see - khinkali, khachapuri or barbecue... there are times you get sick and tired of them in Georgia. So one of the alternatives is to visit some other type cuisine - and this time our choice was Chinese cuisine. New Asia Restaurant in Tbilisi Entrance at New Asia Restaurant in Tbilisi For a surprise, the restaurant was full of people even on this Wednesday's evening.  I decided to stick with something casual and ordered…

Open Atrium - Love it or Hate it

  • Open Atrium - Love it or Hate it

    Published: 17 September, 2014 seen 3,474 Drupal Development

    Some potential customer of mine would like to build an intranet site after several meetings we have negotiated we could use Open Atrium for building a companies intranet site.Honestly speaking I'm not very familiar with Open Atrium, and I have ambivalent feelings regarding this.I can only agree that OA probably is one of the best open source solutions for your companies intranet, on the other hand it involves a huge learning curve, even for me. It took me several hours to find where the default overrides come from, documentation kinda suck or is to technical even for me. At few stages I…

OwnCloud - Answer to my Needs

  • OwnCloud - Answer to my Needs

    Published: 16 September, 2014 seen 1,878 Servers

    A while ago (actually a very long time ago) I faced a need to develop a file storage server for some of my customer. This is what I wrote 6 months ago: My first idea is to buy cheap VPS from Digital Ocean, set up vsftpd, and add some web interface for user management. For $5 I can get 20GB disk space, so I will try soon to realise this idea, and see how it's gona work. Unfortunately I didn't finished my idea using cheap VPS for more than 6 months. Today, speaking with another customer, who is pretty technical, I asked, maybe he has some idea's regarding my needs, and he pointed me to…

TOP 10 Best Selling Laptops on Amazon- September Edition

  • TOP 10 Best Selling Laptops on Amazon- September Edition

    Published: 15 September, 2014 seen 3,734 Online Shopping

    Last month I started  a new topic series - Best selling laptops on Amazon. Today I'm publishing a new best selling top - covering September. Best of all - most of those popular buyers choices are less than $250.00. Second month in a row buyers choice Nr 1 is Dell Inspiron, and honestly speaking I'm looking at this laptop for a while and considering to purchase it for my needs, although I'm aware it runs on Celeron processor. See - Best DELL Laptops listSeems Transformer books are getting more popular in our days as well - so you will find a great ASUS Transformer book for $379.00.…

Abother mobile blog post

  • Abother mobile blog post

    Published: 14 September, 2014 seen 534

    My blogging motivation is down due to my longer travel abroad. So again I'm making post just not to miss a day.Tomorrow I'll be back home and I hope will get back to everyday routine. Yes I'm naking this post from my mobile device. This is a neat feature I created for my Drupal powered blog.Actually I m thinking of creating an Android app for better mobile expierience. Time will show.At end of this October a I m off for week long trip to Barcelona;  so I must get prepare better.

Today I will miss minimum 500 word count per article

  • Today I will miss minimum 500 word count per article

    Published: 13 September, 2014 seen 805 Blogging

    I must admit again - it's hard to stay focused when you are on your travel. And so did happens today and probably will happen tomorrow as well.But I still will make this blog post, to get me better focused next time on my travels.

5 Best Flat Screen TV's with 50 inches and more to Buy Online

  • 5 Best Flat Screen TV's with 50 inches and more to Buy Online

    Published: 12 September, 2014 seen 2,888 Online Shopping

    Get ready to upgrade your existing or to purchase a brand new (or if you are on tight budget - used) Flat Screen TV.I have listed 5 best rated Flat Screen TV's sized 50 inches and more on Amazon, based on actual user reviews. Please note those TV's are available for sale on Amazon, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on Amazon site, I will earn an affiliate income from that.Toshiba 50L1400U 50-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TVEnjoy vibrant colors and crisp details when you're watching movies, TV shows, or sports with the 50L1400U 50-Inch LED HDTV from…

How To Enable Google Analytics Display Features

  • How To Enable Google Analytics Display Features

    Published: 11 September, 2014 seen 5,300 Web Analytics

    Some time ago playing around with my Google Analytics reports, I noticed a tab called Demographics. In fact I have  noticed this tab already in past though this time I decided to enable it (or to find a way to enable) and learn more about it - how it could help me in my blogging adventures.This is the default screen on Demographics tab, in order to see real data, we must add a minor changes to our Google Analytics tracking code.Here is what Google says about that:Demographics and Interest ReportsThe Demographics and Interest sections include Overview reports, along with new Age, Gender,…

Baltic States Vs South Caucasus States by GDP 2013

  • Baltic States Vs South Caucasus States by GDP 2013

    Published: 10 September, 2014 seen 2,318 Economic notes

    A while ago I already compared Baltic nations with Caucasian nation by GDP (that time I was comparing data for 2012). Since it's second half of 2014 already, I decided to compare how 6 independent states looks alike in 2013 (Most recent data we can get from World Bank) Some might argue - why I'm comparing those regions? Well - why not?  Baltic states and South Caucasus GDP 2013/2012 Country 2012 ($bln) 2013 ($bln) Growth ($bln) Azerbaijan 68.73 73.56  4.83 Lithuania 42.34 43.82  1.48 Latvia 28.37 29.61  1.24 Estonia 22.37 24.47  2.1 Georgia 15.84 16.12  0.28 Armenia 9.95 10.43  0.48    187.6…

My Sighnaghi Travel Guide

  • My Sighnaghi Travel Guide

    Published: 9 September, 2014 seen 7,165 Travel guides

    Georgia teaches one useful thing - everything is relative - So did happened at last weekend of August, when following previous weekend's trend for getting out of Tbilisi, we decided to book a hotel in remote Napareuli village (some 20 km from Telavi) - so at Saturday morning we decided to take marshrutka to Telavi and then from Telavi to take a taxi.  First things first - I found that marshrutkas leaves to Telavi from Samgori. We catched a Taxi and went to our Marshrutka station. Taxi driver didn't agree with me that we need Samgori, so he took us to Isaani. At Isani there are no marshrutakas…

13 Best Dell Laptops - Buy Online From Amazon

  • 13 Best Dell Laptops - Buy Online From Amazon

    Published: 8 September, 2014 seen 33,347 Online Shopping

    Meet 25+ great laptops from DELL available on Amazon. Dell laptops have been known as reliable business computers. Nowadays Dell builds not only business laptops, but also gaming laptops, Chromebooks and of course simple everyday use machines.  In this post, I've listed some popular user buy choices you might like to consider before buying your brand new Dell laptop.  Alternatively see: Top 30 Best Selling & Latest Dell Laptop Computers or Latest Dell Laptop Releases A quick note: This article contains affiliate links to, by clicking on links on this page and by making a…

Average Salary in Former Soviet Union 2014

  • Average Salary in Former Soviet Union 2014

    Published: 7 September, 2014 seen 8,834 Economic notes

    Some time ago I did a comparison of minimum government set wages in Former Soviet Union republics. Today, I decided to figure out - what is the average salaries in those republics. I must admit, it was harder to gather data about average salaries, than gathering data for minimum wages. Seems governments are not eager to share such data. So in this average salary table you will find figures for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Unfortunately it makes this table not 100% reliable, but it gives us some overview. Average Salary in FSU (2014) Country Net Salary ($) Year Estonia 1065 2013 Russia 851 2014 Latvia…

Top 10 Largest Countries by GDP 2013

  • Top 10 Largest Countries by GDP 2013

    Published: 6 September, 2014 seen 33,585 Economic notes

    Last year I started to pay more attention to the TOP 10 largest economies in the World by terms of Gross Domestic Product. It's time to compare them again. Top 20 Largest Economies In The World by GDP Nominal (2019) Gross Domestic Product in TOP 10 Largest Economies 2013 Rank Country 2012 2013 Growth bln $ Growth % 1 United States 16,244 16,800 556 3.42 2 China 8,229 9,240 1,011 12.28 3 Japan 5,937 4,901 -1,036 -17.44 4 Germany 3,425 3,634 209 6.10 5 France 2,611 2,734 123 4.71 6 United Kingdom 2,461 2,522 61 2.47 7 Brazil 2,248 2,245 -3 -0.13 8 Russia 2,017 2,096 79 3.91 9 Italy 2,013 2,071…

I'm Dropping Hotel Affiliate Marketing - Too Competetive

  • I'm Dropping Hotel Affiliate Marketing - Too Competetive

    Published: 5 September, 2014 seen 17,068 Affiliate Marketing Tips

    I decided it's time for me to drop any further hotel affiliate marketing programs, due to they are way too competitive.I have been in hotel affiliate marketing programs already by more than one year - and haven't made more than some twenty bucks. Either I'm not smart enough, either it's too competitive. I would say like this - it's mashup of both. By knowing I haven't made much progress for more than one year - I should step back right now, instead of keeping to push.I agree - maybe I should push harder, you are right. Never give up. I just need a break.The second thing - I'm starting to get…

Estonia To Catch Up Income Level like in Scandinavia in next 9-14 years

  • Estonia To Catch Up Income Level like in Scandinavia in next 9-14 years

    Published: 4 September, 2014 seen 1,668 Economic notes

    Last year I red an excellent article pointing out that income level in Estonia could reach level its in Scandinavia in next 10-15 years. Although this article made me smile, I decided to compare - is it real for Estonia to reach level like that? Since its almost a year since  I wrote that article - I decided to compare again and see how Estonia is doing in it's already 9-14 years plan to reach that level.In my measurements I'm using raw data for GDP, GDP per capita, I could use minimum wage as an indicator as well, but since there is not set a government minimum wage in…

My Online Income Report - August 2014

  • My Online Income Report - August 2014

    Published: 3 September, 2014 seen 1,701 Online Income Reports

    This is already my eight Online Income report this year - covering my online income for month of August 2014.In brief - August so far has been the absolute best in terms of online income. In total I earned $95.03 what is a 343% growth if compared to last month ($21.41) In absolute numbers I earned $73.62 more than in previous month. $95.03 makes average $3.06 per day, what is up from $0.69 last month.For me such a leap is a great achievement, and I'm very proud of myself.In fact - last month I earned more, than in previous seven month combined.Now, there is a one pattern I have noticed…

Blog Traffic Report - August 2014

  • Blog Traffic Report - August 2014

    Published: 2 September, 2014 seen 1,318 Blog statistics

    Month of August was good in terms of my blog traffic. Comparing to previous month (July) my blog's traffic has increased by 15.98% of unique visitors, totalling in 2,584 (2,228 in July).I have managed to attract 356 more unique visitors this month, if compared to previous month.Blog Traffic Report August (Data source: Google Analytics)2,584 unique visitors makes average 83.35 unique's a day, what is up by 11.55 visitors in a day, compared to month of July (71.8)In total there were 12 days this month, I got more than 100 unique's in a dayThe least visitors, as usual, I got in weekends, the day…

18 Best ASUS Laptops, Buy Online from Amazon

  • 18 Best ASUS Laptops, Buy Online from Amazon

    Published: 1 September, 2014 seen 3,582 Online Shopping

    ASUS offers rock solid, stable and long-lasting laptops, in this article I have listed some of the best ASUS laptops available from Amazon. Update: This article might be outdated as it was written in 2014, I have added three best selling ASUS laptop models as of 2016, for a complete list of popular ASUS laptops in 2016 - see Top 21 Best Selling Asus Laptops in 2016 Turns out - in over days, popular choice for buyers choosing from ASUS brand are so called "Transformer books", which are available for really affordable prices. Now, you can transform your laptop into a tablet and vice verse with…