April 2014

For wandals

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At flowers shop

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Down on the river

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Last day of April (complete Time Lapse)

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Its about 3 weeks since I started to take photo shoots of wall opposite to me, and observing how leaps of ivy is thriving. Here is the finale. Time lapse Day 1 Time lapse Day 2 Time lapse day 3 Time lapse day 4 Time lapse day 5 Time lapse day 6 Time lapse day 7 Unfortunately I missed some two weeks of photography here so I got a last photo from April 30, 2014 Time lapse Day last

Romania - a brief overview

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Yesterday I took a brief overview of Moldova, today I'm willing to briefly see how neighbouring Romania looks like. Romania - basic dataPopulation: 21.33GDP: 169.4 billion USD (2012)GDP per capita: 7.942 thousands USD (2012)Romania since 2007 is a full member state of European Union. Together with Bulgaria they counts as poorest countries in EU in terms of wealth. Although Romania is about 4 times richer than neighbouring Moldova, it is about 5 times poorer than Germany. Since entering European Union back in 2007, GDP of Romania has stayed the same in 2012, with expectation, that it…

Game of thrones

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Probably the most famous Latvian in Georgia

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Instagram app fails using GPS data offline

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I have been playing around  with my brand new Android phone, with built in GPS. To make this true fun, I created my Instagram wall. But..It's pain, it's true pain in your ass. One of the main problems is when your WiFi is turned of, and you are not using mobile internet, like 3G. I hopped GPS will work, but it's not true in case with Instagram. So it makes it totally useless if you are like tagging all your places where you have been with your Instagram app, I mean, for sure, If you have 4G and you are in States, probably you will be covered, and both your slice of pizza and Great Canyon…

Best mcvadi in town

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At market

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Adding CAPTCHA to Drupal 7 Webform

Published: 29 April, 2014 seen 11,174 Drupal Development

In this tutorial, I will show how to add CAPTCHA module to the Drupal 7 webform. Why? I was sick and tired to manually block spammer's IP addresses.  How To Add CAPTCHA Protection to Drupal 8 Webform In order to work with this tutorial, you will have to install CAPTCHA and Webform modules. I will assume, you have already configured your webform, now lets add captcha to it, and keep those spammers away from our precious websites. There is great documentation already on Drupal site, you can follow it here: Adding CAPTCHA to a Webform Go to admin/config/people/captcha/captcha/settings in the…

Moldova - a few facts

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Moldova - a country between EU and Ukraine, member of Eastern Partnership, once a member of mighty Soviet Union. Recently EU liberated VISA FREE Travel for Moldavian citizens to EU. I decided to take a look at this country, which I know just some basic facts (mentioned above)Moldova some basic facts:GDP (2012) - $ 7. 254 billionsGDP per capita (2012) - $2.037 thousandsPopulation (2012) - 3.56 millionsThis country seems too poor to take it seriously, but on the other hand, it has a great potential. In coming decades this country might became a prosperous Island of piece in middle of…

The Musketeers

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Another great TV series from BBC. The Musketeers series is based on Alexandre Dumas novel - Three Musketeers.In this version we will meet again evil cardinal, coward king, beautiful queen and of course the brave musketeers and D'artagnan.About "The Musketeers"Set on the streets of 17th century Paris, series gives a contemporary take on the classic story about a group of highly trained soldiers and bodyguards assigned to protect King and country. Read more.  

The Truth About Immigration in the UK

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The Truth About Immigration in UK is a BBC documentary shot in 2014, investigating effects on Immigration in United Kingdom.In 2004, when European Union expanded by 10 more new countries, United Kingdom opened its door for new job seekers for Eastern Europeans. Was it a mistake?According to data from this documentary its pictured that British government miscalculated a lot. Instead of getting 10 000 newcomers in a year, they got some 130 000. In film is shown different aspects, like impact on overall UK economy, standard of living, e.t.c.

Moldova - EU Visa Free Travel

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Molodvan citizens will no longer need Visa to travel to European Union, starting April 28Th, 2014.Found this news on Reuters site.I guess it's not long time to wait to see Visa Free travel to EU for Georgian citizens as well.ĖU citizens already can enter Moldova and stay up to 90 days Visa free. 

Umbrella, umbrella...

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Mega mix

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<div>It's everywhere</div>

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New sheriff in town

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Happy meal

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Municipal elections will be held in Georgia June 15th

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Municipal elections will be held in Republic of Georgia in June 15th, 2014.I'm not following a lot for political party activities here in Georgia, I can name just 2 of them - Georgian Dream and National Movement. It's awaited those 2 parties will split victory. Some might say it will be Georgian Dream coalition, some might say it will be formers president's Mikheil Saakashvili Nationalists.I have no clue, but the fight will be between those 2 parties.

Paint job

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It rains..

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Christmas tree

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Inject Block In Drupal 7 Node With Block Inject module

Published: 26 April, 2014 seen 2,036 Drupal Development

I was looking for options to inject Google Adsense ads into my Drupal blog. There are few modules and tactics available. But today I found an excellent module - Block Inject. The Block Inject module allows for regions to be created and injected in the middle of chosen node types. You can create any number of regions to inject as well as select as many node types you would like these regions to be injected in. The blocks you assign to these regions will then appear in the middle of the body field of these node types if the number of paragraphs is bigger than 2. Download it here: Block Inject…

Flickr vs Instagram apps - first thoughts

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I have been testing for a while to turn my phone into publishing machine by taking pictures and uploading them to picture services like Instagram and Flickr. And then syncing them to my blog and to tourgeorgia.One thing I didn't know - If you wish to add a location to your photo, make sure your GPS is turned on, and don't use Add location feature available both in Instagram and Flickr app. If you want precise location of your photo, it might screw things up. Just make sure GPS is turned on, and in your Flickr or Instagram app you have enabled sync GPS location. Avoid using Add location button…

Instagram Flickr Test

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Some magic with Drupal, Flickr and Georgia

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Update: Further developments of both tourgeorgia.eu and instagram wall have been stopped. I have created a new Travel Map section instead. Since I bought my first Android phone so many new thoughts and ideas has run through my head - I mean in opportunities of development. One of them I already realized - I created my custom Instagram wall, where I'm syncing all my photos taken by phone, and putting them on map. I really like this approach. Update: I have stopped further development of Instagram wall When I first landed to Georgia, back in 2011, I wanted to start fresh, not only my life…

New wine Festival in Georgia 2014

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This year "New Wine Festival" will be held May 24th at Tbilisi Open air museum, Georgia. I have warm memories from last years Festival and looking through this years program, it seems it will be even more awesome:On May 24, 2014 the Wine Club is organizing fifth annual New Wine Festival, aimed at promotion of Georgian wine and related culture. New Wine Festival is the only event where large enterprises as well as farmers can participate. Last year the festival was a great success – the Wine club hosted about 20,000 visitors, mostly individuals interested in wine and consumers trying to…

Green wall test with Flickr

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Pushing the limits - Brain power

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Nice documentary about our brain power

Magti 3g internet in your phone

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Recently I bought my first Android phone, one of the first things I did - I wanted to activate internet on it, I mean mobile internet rather WI-FI.Since I'm customer of Magti (Bani) I turned to Magti office on Rustaveli street to change my old SIM card to micro- SIM card by additional 5GEL charge. I was on rush, and I told that I will enable internet later on my phone by myself.I then called to Magti info line, to ask for settings for my phone.  Girl via phone told me that I can get 100 MB for 1 GEL for 24 hours. It took me a while to activate all the settings. I will not write…

Finally its green

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First test with MapMyRide app

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Recently I bought my first Android phone with GPS function. And I decided it might help me in my bike riding exercises time. I did a quick app search on Google Play and found app called MapMyRide. To test, how this app is working, I turned on GPS on phone, took a marshrutka to Tbilisi mall. Here is how it looks like:Sorry it's not real my ride data, data is real, but they are done by cosy sitting in marshrutka, rather spinning pedals. But for now - I'm sure I will use this app in my future rides.

Pobeda vs Accord @tbilisimall #tbilisi

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Import your Instagram photos to your blog using Flickr + Flickstagram

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Recently I bought my first Android phone, and I found Instagram app really useful. What I like the most is it's mapping options, so you can add latitude/longitude auto, if your GPS is turned on. Then I wanted to import my Instagram photos to my blog and found some problems with it. As I'm using Drupal as my blogs CMS, at first I headed to Drupal.org to search for some ready built modules, to import my Instagram photos, so I could later use views, for example, to tune things up. There are few solutions provided by Drupal community, but Instagram requires SSL, and at this stage, I'm not ready…

Tbilisi mall

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Royal Batoni

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Lisi lake #tbilisi

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Kus tba #tbilisi

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Dinama arena #tbilisi

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Hotel Royal Batoni

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Gremi monastery

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Gremi monastery complex

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To the museum. ..

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Wine Cellar

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Big bad wolf

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Fireplace at Royal Batoni

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Bicycle track

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Blue skies and a swimming pool

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Brick wall

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Rustaveli Boulevard

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Gremi monastery complex in Georgia

Published: 20 April, 2014 seen 1,700 Churches and Monasteries

Another very interesting tourist attraction in Kakheti close to Kvareli - Meet the Gremi Monastery complex. Features rich history and very spectacular views.  For the first time I visited Gremi monastery complex back in 2014, when we booked a private tour from Hotel Royal Batoni. Next time I was here was during another short one day trip around region Kakheti together with my mom. This definitely means there are places in Georgia where it is worth to return. Impressive fortification walls at Gremi The monastery complex is located just right next to the highway making it impossible to miss…

Lisi Lake in Tbilisi (Georgia)

Published: 20 April, 2014 seen 2,323 Lakes

Lisi lake is a popular recreational area in Tbilisi. Some will find a lazy walk around lake while others will enjoy a mountain biking here. I prefer both. As well I like here capturing spectacular views using my DSLR camera. You can get to Lisi lake by using public bus #29, taxi (costs around 6 GEL from the city center) or by a car. There is a large parking lot in front of the lake. Recently Lisi lake has undergone through major improvements, a new concrete slab road around the lake is built (the total distance is about 3 km). There are some vendors selling coffee and sweets, and there is a…

Nekresi Monastery Complex in Georgia

Published: 19 April, 2014 seen 3,433 Churches and Monasteries

Nekresi once was a town in Kakheti, Georgia. Nowadays Nekresi is a monastery complex located high up in the hill offering breathtaking views to surrounding plateau, not to mention that monastery complex is really interesting by it self. Located close to Kvareli town. The church was recently restored, stone masonry repaired, roof rebuilt, windows put in place. For the first time I visited this place back in the Spring of 2014, during a short day trip around region of Kakheti, offered by a hotel we stayed (Royal Batoni). Second time I paid a visit here in Autumn 2015, when I was taking my mom…

Easter holidays with Putin and Valeriya

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We made a holiday booking at Royal Batoni, Kvareli.For me it is a great pleasure to just lay down and lazy watch satellite television shows with Vladimir Putin and pop singer Valeriya.Great holidays.I will add some photos from the Royal Batoni when will be back in the Tbilisi.

Started using Instagram

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Nice photo app on phone. I will make some Drupal function to import all photos to my blog soon.

My first mobile post

Published: 16 April, 2014 seen 1,503 Drupal Development

My first mobile post using Drupal powered blog.

Time lapse - Day 7

Published: 15 April, 2014 seen 603 Random thoughts and notes

It has been already 7 days passed since I started my observations how brick wall is turning into green wall. By observing my neighbors brick wall I have started crooning a song by Björk 

GEL to USD exchange rates Mid - April 2014

Published: 14 April, 2014 seen 1,278 Investments

It has been awhile since I last time examined GEL/USD exchange rates. Last time I did that, I was pretty worried about hidden devaluation of Georgian national currency Lari. During the past 4 years, GEL has lost its value against USD by -27.51% What are historical exchange rates (January - April 12th, 2014) (Screenshot from National Bank of Georgia) In last 3 and a half month, period Gel continues to lose its value against USD. USD 1 US Dollar 2014-01-01 1.7366 USD 1 US Dollar 2014-04-12 1.7515 Doing quick math we can easily find out that GEL has loosened another 0.0149 from its value at…

Time lapse - Day 6

Published: 14 April, 2014 seen 591 Random thoughts and notes

Day 6 of Time lapse watching brick wall turning into green one. Today we can see some green bunches already.

How to enable Do Not track Chrome

Published: 14 April, 2014 seen 855 Web development

Do no Track gives you some level of anonymity while browsing internet. In this article I will explain why I'm enabling Do not track.The reason I'm enabling Do not Track is no because I'm afraid or scare someone is using my browsing history in his evil marketing or surveillance plans. The reason I'm enabling is because lately I'have seen to huge page views for my websites. And I believe it's caused by me. I'm generating too much Page views in my sites, so making incorrect statistics for me.I'm speaking of Google Analytics of-course. Well the thing is, you can apply some Google Analytics filter…

Time lapse - Day 5

Published: 13 April, 2014 seen 518 Random thoughts and notes

It's day 5th as I'm watching this brick wall turning into green.

Boris Grebenshchikov and Aquarium @ Tbilisi Concert Hall

Published: 13 April, 2014 seen 1,708 Events

Yesterday Boris Grebenshchikov and his band Aqurium performed at Tbilisi Concert Hall. Although I'm not huge fan of him I must admit, he is so called Russian Rock Grandfather and it would be a crime to waste an opportunity to visit his concert right next door, here in Tbilisi. About concert: Since I was not very familiar with his creation, first part of concert I just listened, to determine, do I like him or not. His music is really eclectic, so I found something from Visotsky and Tsoi (Kino), then Russian Rock Grandfather turned to reggae, I found both Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, even some…

Time lapse - Day 4

Published: 12 April, 2014 seen 583 Random thoughts and notes

It's already Day 4, and today we can finally see that roof top of brick wall is turning green, while wall in deep has already been almost green. As well neighbours have hanged some socks to dry.

Caucasus Tourism Fair 2014

Published: 12 April, 2014 seen 1,412 Living in Georgia

Every year in start of April, in Tbilisi, Georgia tourism fair is held. I'm visiting it already third time. This time I got some emptiness feeling, it doesn't looks like organizers has made any promotion both to attract visitors and companies. As usual at fair you could meet some hotel representatives, trying to give you some crappy brochure, rather telling their unique story. There are few international companies, which seems there are just to make a check box in their long long fairs list. This year seemed one of that kind was TAV airports.  For example - There was a Geocell stand. Geocell…

Once in a April Gagarin made his great flight

Published: 12 April, 2014 seen 710 Random thoughts and notes

On April 12, 1961, back then in USSR, Yuri Gagarin made first human journey in outer space.Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968) was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut.  He was the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961.Gagarin became an international celebrity, and was awarded many medals and titles, including Hero of the Soviet Union, the nation's highest honour. Vostok 1 marked his only spaceflight, but he served as backup crew to the Soyuz 1 mission (which ended in a fatal crash). Gagarin later…

North Korea - Crossing the line

Published: 11 April, 2014 seen 1,203 Documentaries

The film is about a former U.S. Army soldier, James J. Dresnok, who defected to North Korea on August 15, 1962. The film was directed and produced by British filmmakers Daniel Gordon and Nicholas Bonner, and was shown at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. The film, which was narrated by actor Christian Slater, was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the festival. The film was first screened in 2007 on the BBC. The film centred around Dresnok's history, highlighting his unhappiness in America, and particularly his desertion from the United States Army in 1962 to the DPRK. It also showed…

Drupal 7 Archive Drop Down Menu

Published: 11 April, 2014 seen 1,976 Drupal Development

In this tutorial I will show how to create Drop-down menu for your monthly archives using Drupal 7 and views. At first, please read this Drupal 7 tutorial on how to create Drupal archive page. By following this guide, you will learn how to create monthly archive page using views, and we go to add one minor change to change it to drop down menu. Open that views page, select contextual filters, and change settings from unformatted to jump menu: That's it, so easy. For more Drupal tutorials please visit: Drupal development P.S. If you are considering a hosting for your Drupal website check out …

Time lapse - Day 3

Published: 11 April, 2014 seen 539 Random thoughts and notes

Day 3 of brick wall turning into green

Auto blog to Twitter using Twitterfeed

Published: 11 April, 2014 seen 1,656 Blogging

You are managing your blog, not some social media agency, right? Although you have created your profile in different social media, like Twitter, Facebook or Google+? As time goes, you are notifying your social accounts seems dead, what to do in such situation? Time is money, and you know that perfectly Automate your posts by using some tools. There are many options how to syndicate your content over different social media sites, this time I'll explain how to auto re-post your blog posts to Twitter by using Twitterfeed. Your CMS should have came with enabled RSS. Find that RSS and submit it to…

Add Menu Classes In Drupal 7

Published: 10 April, 2014 seen 2,301 Drupal Development

In this Drupal tutorial I'll show how to add menu classes to your Drupal 7 website using template.php file. Original of this tutorial has been found here. Add this function to your template.php file: <?php /** * theme_menu_link() */ function THEMENAME_menu_link(array $variables) { //add class for li $variables['element']['#attributes']['class'][] = 'menu-' . $variables['element']['#original_link']['mlid']; //add class for a $variables['element']['#localized_options']['attributes']['class'][] = 'menu-' . $variables['element']['#original_link']['mlid']; //dvm($variables['element…

Redirect non www to www - Apache .htaccess

Published: 10 April, 2014 seen 1,128 Servers

It has been years since I last time used .htaccess file available in Apache. I'm using Ngnix servers for 99.9 of mine work. But today I had an opportunity to work on Apache environment, which uses .htaccess file. So in order to rewrite non www to www in Apache I added following rulles to .htaccess file: RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]   For Ngnix please read this article: http://www.reinisfischer.com/ngnix-www-non-www

Da Vinci's Demons Season 2

Published: 10 April, 2014 seen 935 Movies, TV shows & Documentaries

Da Vinci's Demons season 2 aired on March 22, 2014. I really enjoyed first season and was inpatient to see Season 2. Maybe of very interesting ending at finale episode in season 1.In this season you will meet new characters like Amerigo  Vespucci, which in Da Vinci's Demons is portrayed as an alcoholic and con.Good, interesting and popular SCI-Fi. Don't rely on this film to much, do your investigation more about Leonardo Da Vinci's work,as I did after watching first season.

Azerbaijan looking to held Olympics 2024

Published: 10 April, 2014 seen 938 Caucasus overview

Looks like country of Azerbaijan is getting eager to held Olympics 2024. About that is writting newsgeorgia.ru referencing to Turkish "Anadolu"According to Azerbaijan officials the list of candidate names will be available on 2017, and Azerbaijan is eager to see it's name on that list.It might sound like a surprise, but for me Azerbaijan, a oil rich country in not anymore a surprise.I have already written about Baku plans to build Worlds largest tower, and in 2016  to held F-1 racing stage.Will Azerbaijan get right to held Olympics in 2024... I would say 50/50Read more on Russian here:…

Time lapse - Day 2

Published: 10 April, 2014 seen 580 Random thoughts and notes

Yesterday I started a new Time lapse series - How wall is turning from brick wall into green wall.Today I'm adding second photo, and already It's visible that in parts were sun shines more, it's turning green:Day 2 photo:I have this feeling that after one week that wall will be completely green

Add Viewport in the <head> in Drupal 7

Published: 10 April, 2014 seen 2,942 Drupal Development

In this Drupal Tutorial I will show how to add a new HTML in Drupal 7 head section. I'm using responsive design to enable my blog work pretty ok on mobile devices, but yesterday looking through Google PageSpeed Insights suggestions I found that there is no viewport defined, so it might not render CSS as I might want, but instead to scale webpage to device. Your page does not have a viewport specified. This causes mobile devices to render your page as it would appear on a desktop browser, scaling it down to fit on a mobile screen. Configure a viewport to allow your page to render properly on…

A Time Lapse of green wall - Day 1

Published: 9 April, 2014 seen 676 Living in Georgia

There is a one really nice looking wall located in Tbilisi, I would like to show it to you, that building is left from the brick wall building opposite to me, and I'm seeing it every day, for the last one year.  The wall is grown with some greens, and in Summer it looks cool green, in Autumn it turns red, in Winter it's naked, and now I'm looking to make a time-lapse of this wall turning from naked into the green. Here is a Day 1 photo: I'm not sure how many days I will need, to see that wall completely green, but I promise that at the end I will create a Time-lapse video, like some 30…

Georgia - Day of National Unity

Published: 9 April, 2014 seen 1,099 Living in Georgia

25 years ago, on April 9th, 1989 in Tbilisi, then Georgian SSR tragic events took place, what later were named as Tbilisi tragedy, Tbilisi Massacre or April 9th Tragedy.  Nowadays April 9th is marked as public holiday and called a the Day of National Unity. Basicly Soviet Government turned against it's citizens and sent tanks out in streets to dispress opposition. Tbilisi events later turned to Vilnius events and other. Prelude of Tbilisi tragedy The anti-Soviet movement became more active in the Georgian SSR in 1988. Several strikes and meetings were organized by anti-Soviet political…

Performing Joomla 1.5 convert to Drupal 7

Published: 8 April, 2014 seen 1,708 Drupal Development

Over past couple of years, I have many times seen a bad Joomla site, which either is hacked or is not working as it should, and I have converted those sites to Drupal. The most strange things is, there is always some Joomla developer, who has created that site, but when problems occur, that Joomla developer is gone.. Strange right? How can one call himself a Joomla developer, when first problems occur, he is gone? So I got another Joomla site request to perform a Joomla major Upgrade from 1.5 to 2.5.  I thought, hell, why not - let's fix this site, by not converting it to Drupal (As I usually…

Father's David church, Mtatsminda pantheon and other

Published: 7 April, 2014 seen 3,226 Tourism objects

What to do in weekends when in Tbilisi? Grab your camera, and make some scenic views. This time - photos from Tbilisi, taken in April 5th, 2014, visiting Mama Daviti church, Mtatsminda pantheon and other.

6 month of blogging each day has passed

Published: 6 April, 2014 seen 876 Blogging

I started this blog on October 4th, 2013, and I started my blogging experience with a promise to blog 365 days in a row (including Christmas, New Years day and other) I'm half way there. So I decided to give some insights how I'm performing for now. My blog traffic stats has raised from very modest to decent modest, in January I even experienced my first traffic spike, when someone posted link to my blog, on highly popular site. I'm experiencing traffic gains step by step, last month (March)  I got 542 unique visitors which of course is pretty modest number. My plan by end of September is to…

Change of Adsense ads for better layout - Experiment 1

Published: 5 April, 2014 seen 1,291 Google Adsense Tips

I have been serving ads on my resources for a while. Today I was looking through my CTR measures, and discovered that ads on my blog performs very poorly. And I decided to change that.For now I had CTR rate about 0.60% on my blog, by serving two ad units - one sidebar and one embed into text. Sidebars performs very poorly, and seem embedded ads into text doesn't performs as desired. So I decided to make few changes.Here is what it was before: I decided to change position for embed ads block from right to left, by now I have decided to leave intact left sidebar ad, and I have added…

My online income report - March 2014

Published: 4 April, 2014 seen 1,347 Online Income Reports

My online income in March dropped by half, and totalled to really modest $5.51.In average I earned about $0.177 a day, what is significant drop compared to previous month, when in daily average I earned $0.34Highest earnings per day: $1.06Days making more than $1: 1Days without making earnings: 7 Main reason for drop in earnings is simple, I lost traffic for one of my top performer sites.On the other hand, in March I launched 3 new properties with Google Adsense.My blog seems now attracts the most visitors, but CTR is pretty low. So I'm planing to make few tests with ads…

Blog statistics March 2014

Published: 3 April, 2014 seen 1,211 Blog statistics

March was pretty good month in terms of visitors from search engines. My blog managed to attract more than 500 visitors this month.500 is pretty modest result, but still it's growing number, compared to little more than 300 in previous month.This month I'm aiming between 750-1000 unique visitors. I believe I will manage this, thanks to organic search results.My aim is to get about 6000 uniques by end of this September/October. 

Living in Georgia already 3 years

Published: 2 April, 2014 seen 1,105 Living in Georgia

Today it has been already three years, since I have been living in Georgia. My first arrival to Tbilisi was at night from April 1st to April 2nd.  I knew little, not to say, nothing about Georgia, before then. I knew that Georgia once was part of the USSR, I have heard something about war in 2008. I feel much more educated about Georgia now! The reason I decided to come to Georgia, was an article on Forbes, covering Georgia, and saying that Georgia is fast reformer and it has one of best business environments in the World. (Yes, I was a bit naive back then) The driven force was economic…

Google Adsense April Fools day

Published: 1 April, 2014 seen 671 Random thoughts and notes

Google Adsense has made nice April Fools day joke::)