June 2015

Cafe 'Dzirnaviņas' in Biksti

  • Cafe 'Dzirnaviņas' in Biksti

    Published: 30 June, 2015 seen 580 Restaurant reviews

    Cafe Dzirnaviņas is located on the roadside of Riga - Liepaja highway in a small county of Biksti. This place serves a traditional Latvian cuisine for a very affordable prices. Cafe Dzirnavinas Menu at Cafe Dzirnavinas As usual it might happen in local Latvian restaurants - a pork chop is a most popular meal. Prices indicated here are in EUR. Portions? Enormous! A daily dose of Coca-Cola They serves Coke with ice here (on request) Bread kvass Another traditional element from Latvian cuisine - a bread kvass Pork chop Boiled vegetables The Bottom Line Cafe Dzirnaviņas seems is a  very…

Top 5 Drones For Photography For Sale On Amazon

  • Top 5 Drones For Photography For Sale On Amazon

    Published: 29 June, 2015 seen 1,742 Online Shopping

    Few months ago during a hiking trip in an amazing Birtvisi Canyon (Republic of Georgia) I first started to "fantasy" about a drone photography. Back then, shortly returning from this trip I started to do some basic research on drones (what's popular, prices e.t.c.) and created the ultimate list of Best Drone To Buy in 2015.  Now since I have been into a photography as well, I decided to take a closer look on drones for photographers / photography and here is what I have found: DJI Phantom still is the king among drones / quad copters. Either during last few months prices for drones have been…

Skrunda Bus Station

  • Skrunda Bus Station

    Published: 28 June, 2015 seen 1,003 Railway / Bus / Ferry

    Skrunda bus station is a regional bus station serving local Latvian cities and town. It mainly serves Riga and Liepaja route, but you can get from here to Kuldīga, Kazdanga and other local routes. If you are heading to Skrunda by bus you can either hire some local taxi here or walk to the closely located Skrunda abandoned military town (Distance ~ 6km). Speaking of this station building - for me it looks like a pretty standard Soviet time architecture built from a concrete. Skrunda bus station Platform at Skrunda bus station Buses from Platform NR1 goes to Riga Waiting room at Skrunda Bus…

15 Value Deal Hotels in Sitges (Catalonia), Spain

  • 15 Value Deal Hotels in Sitges (Catalonia), Spain

    Published: 27 June, 2015 seen 851 Hotel reviews

    Sitges is a very popular beach resort in region of Catalonia in Spain. I visited Sitges last autumn during my Spain and Andorra travels. Back then I stayed overnight at Hotel Globos in Sitges. In this article I have listed 15 popular hotels in Sitges available on Booking.com which offers value deals (read: discounts)According to Booking.com here are the 3 reasons why some (perhaps you) should visit Sitges: beach, relaxation and shoppingHotel Medium Sitges Park in SitgesHoused in a striking Modernist building, Hotel Medium Sitges Park features a seasonal outdoor swimming pool set in…

Rudzisu Stone

  • Rudzisu Stone

    Published: 27 June, 2015 seen 546 Tourism objects

    We discovered Rudzisu Stone (Rudzīšu akmens) by accident driving  some remote roads in Latvian countryside. What at start seemed an easy task turned to be a mini hiking tour. Although there is a tourist sign right next to the road some (perhaps you) will need walk to this stone some 500 meters (at least) from that road. You will have a chance to meet some snails, cross two wooden bridges, dive into a spooky forest in case you are up to for this mini hiking tour. Here are approximate coordinates for this stone: Latvia, Kuldiga district, Laidi municipality, 300 m E from Snepele - Kazdanga road…

10 Laptop / Notebook Gift Ideas For July 4th

  • 10 Laptop / Notebook Gift Ideas For July 4th

    Published: 26 June, 2015 seen 808 Online Shopping

    Find great laptops as gift for July 4th celebrations.In this article I have listed 10 really cool laptops that might be a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Here you fill find best deals on Amazon for ASUS, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo and even Apple notebooks. Please note this list contains affiliate links to Amazon.com, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on Amazon site, I will earn an affiliate income from that. Prices for laptops listed on this page is retrieved by using Amazon Product Advertising API and is updated daily.ASUS Transformer Book 10.1…

Berghof Restaurant Review in Dairy Manor, Sieksāte, Latvia

  • Berghof Restaurant Review in Dairy Manor, Sieksāte, Latvia

    Published: 25 June, 2015 seen 750 Restaurant reviews

    This restaurant is located inside the Dairy Manor Berghof complex. During my visit at this complex I had a chance to try a local delicacy like salmon tartar at this restaurant. I learned there exists a gadget called a tea timer while I enjoyed my meal here.  Dairy Manor (Piena Muiža in Latvian) Berghof is located in the remote Latvian village of Sieksāte some 160 km from capital Riga. This manor complex serves a hotel, restaurant, museum and a lovely park.  Outdoor Patio at this Restaurant I believe some (perhaps you) will enjoy this patio in mild summer evenings.  Indoor interior Indoor…

My Germany and The Netherlands Travel Guide

  • My Germany and The Netherlands Travel Guide

    Published: 24 June, 2015 seen 1,113 Travel guides

    Back at the end of April 2015, we made a  lovely trip to Keukenhof's Tulip Gardens. This trip started and ended at a remote German Frankfurt - Hahn airport. Although the total time for this trip was just 3 days we traveled a lot. You will find a few landmarks, a few restaurants, and a few hotel reviews in this article  

Dairy Manor Berghof

  • Dairy Manor Berghof

    Published: 23 June, 2015 seen 1,011 Tourism objects

    Dairy Manor (Piena Muiža in Latvian) Berghof is located in the remote Latvian village of Sieksāte some 160 km from capital Riga. This manor complex serves a hotel, retaurant, museum and a lovely park.  Bicycle parking at Berghof Some (perhaps you) can rent a bicycle here and enjoy a lovely ride around this manor complex Camper parking at Berghof Dairy Manor Offers 17 well-equipped campers and daravan pitches and facility house, thus enabling travellers to spend holidays as close as possible to nature, at the same time having all comfort options of the Manor. Picturesque landscapes and…

Top 10 Best Selling Lenovo Laptops

  • Top 10 Best Selling Lenovo Laptops

    Published: 22 June, 2015 seen 52,408 Online Shopping

    Lenovo is known for the ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga and Flex line of notebook computers. A couple of years ago, when looking at Lenovo laptops, I was very skeptic, today I'm calling a laptop from Lenovo as a reliable business laptop. Even at our Tbilisi office, we have been using a few Lenovo Ideapad 320 laptops, and they are great. Latest Lenovo models are powered with powerful quad-core processors and feature a touchscreen In this article, you will find Lenovo laptop models which are among the top sellers / most popular laptops on Amazon.com. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to…

The Northern Forts of Liepaja

  • The Northern Forts of Liepaja

    Published: 21 June, 2015 seen 1,267 Military Heritage

    If you just like me are into fortification systems you will definitely enjoy The Northern Forts of Liepaja. Built by Imperial Russia at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century to provide the protection of Liepāja’s naval base in case of enemy attack. According to history - In November of 1908, Tsar Nicholas II approved a decision to shut down the sea fortress in Liepāja. It has been now over 100 years since these fortification walls don't function anymore and just recently they have been placed on tourist maps. The Northern Forts of Liepāja Over a century old but…

7 Hotels in Peratallada to Choose From (Spain, Costa Brava)

  • 7 Hotels in Peratallada to Choose From (Spain, Costa Brava)

    Published: 20 June, 2015 seen 1,198 Hotel reviews

    Peratallada ia a Charming Stone Building Town in Catalonia, Spain. Last time I visited this place I literally felt in love with it, and I wish to return here for more and more. Read more about my travel expierience in Peratallada during my Spain + Andorra trip. Although I haven't stayed overnight in Peratallada I would love to stay in one of the following seven Peratallada hotels. Some (perhaps you) will find hotels here starts about EUR 70 per night.Hotel AatuHotel Aatu is a rural hotel with 30,000m² of gardens and 2 outdoor swimming pools. It is set in the Medieval village of Peratallada, a…

String Trimmer Deals For This Father's Day

  • String Trimmer Deals For This Father's Day

    Published: 19 June, 2015 seen 1,014 Online Shopping

    As Father's Day is approaching (it's celebrated in US on June 21) - I decided to list a few power tools a father might like - and I'm speaking of  String Trimmers. Since I recently become a lucky home-owner with a large grass fields just obviously I started to familiarize myself with String Trimmers. I had a chance to test a few fuel powered trimmers, but at the end of the day I'm still looking on something more lightweight and power-able either on batteries either on cord. And I was surprised to learn that these ones comes with a very reasonable price.Also I learned that Black &…

Caffe 'Lielā Pietura' Review in Grobiņa, Latvia

  • Caffe 'Lielā Pietura' Review in Grobiņa, Latvia

    Published: 18 June, 2015 seen 724 Restaurant reviews

    Caffe 'Lielā Pietura' literally translates as 'The Great Stop' and there is no surprise of this name, this cafeteria is actually located close to the ... a bus stop in Grobiņa, connecting capital city Rīga with Liepāja. This cafeteria serves traditional Latvian cuisine for a very reasonable price. Bus stop 'Grobiņa' Rīga - Liepāja interstate buses takes a stop here Cake 'Old Riga' Traditional Latvian cake named after a lovely Old Riga,filled with cottage cheese in sugar... or something Raspberry cream Really delicious deserts here at Lielā Pietura Solyanka soup Interior at Lielā Pietura…

Livonian Order Castle Ruins at Aizpute

  • Livonian Order Castle Ruins at Aizpute

    Published: 17 June, 2015 seen 834 Military Heritage

    I have always been into a digging stuff and walking around old ancient sites is just one of my favorite activities to do. Also I'm into a history. So it's no surprise I visited a site called Livonian Order Castle Ruins at Aizpute. If you are not familiar with what a Livonian Order actually is - in short: The Livonian Order was an autonomous branch of the Teutonic Order and a member of the Livonian Confederation from 1435 to 1561. If you are up to for a longer version, please read this article on Wikipedia: Livonian Order  Meanwhile, please enjoy some photos I captured here: Livonian Order…

Aizpute Saint John’s church

  • Aizpute Saint John’s church

    Published: 16 June, 2015 seen 725 Churches and Monasteries

    The Saint John evangelic Lutheran church in Aizpute is one of the oldest churches in Courland, historical region of Latvia.  On a rainy day I took my DSLR camera and headed to Aizpute Church mound to photograph this ancient site. Latter I was surprised to learn that on this place, prior a church were built was an ancient Curonian castle. Church mound in Aizpute This church is built on a mound, you can see a view from this mound in above image River Tebra near Aizpute church And what a wonderful island on it Aizpute church has been built in 1254 According to chronic's, prior to church…

Top 10 Best Seller Laptop Computers - June 2015

  • Top 10 Best Seller Laptop Computers - June 2015

    Published: 15 June, 2015 seen 1,912 Online Shopping

    Welcome to the June's best selling laptop list. June comes with a new leader for the first spot - meet Toshiba Sattelite C55-C5240. I first noticed this model at the start of May 2015 when it was among Top new releases on Amazon. Read Top 15 Latest Laptop / Notebook Releases Q2 2015 on Amazon. It took about 2 months for this model to rank on first spot. And there is no surprise for that - first it comes with a really attractive price (see bellow) and it has some serious gear inside. Although the price compared to the typical budget laptop might be too high - taking into account it's…

Kazdanga Mill Lake And Its Surroundings

  • Kazdanga Mill Lake And Its Surroundings

    Published: 14 June, 2015 seen 740 Lakes

    Kazdanga Mill lake (Dzirnezers, Dzirnavu ezers in Latvian) and its surroundings is lovely I would even say a touristic place in a small Latvian village of Kazdanga. Someone (perhaps you) will find a lot of outdoor activities to do here - starting boat ride on that lake ending cycling around this area, I learned that you can even smoke a fish here (didn't try) Located in a very close distance to the impressive Kazdanga manor Kazdanga Mill Lake and its surroundings is a must-have attraction while you are in Kazdanga. Kazdanga Mill lake The mill was built in 1840, it has been completely rebuilt…

13 Popular Beach Hotels in Begur, Spain (Costa Brava)

  • 13 Popular Beach Hotels in Begur, Spain (Costa Brava)

    Published: 13 June, 2015 seen 1,580 Hotel reviews

    Begur is a charming medieval town located in Spanish Costa Brava region (Catalonia). According to the Booking.com here are the top 3 reasons why some (perhaps you) should visit Begur: beach, tranquility & scenery. You can reach Begur easily both from Girona (Find Girona hotels) and Figueres (Find Figueres hotels).  I visited Begur last autumn, (Read my travel notes about my travels to Spain and Andorra) back then I stayed overnight at a lovely Es Cel de Begur Hotel. I would call this the best stay I have expienreced yet. Read more about my Hotel Reviews.If you are planing your…

Top 10 Best Selling Desktop Computers - June 2015

  • Top 10 Best Selling Desktop Computers - June 2015

    Published: 12 June, 2015 seen 3,984 Online Shopping

    I was surprised to learn that some of the best selling desktop computers this season actually looks more like some portable video projectors. Update: Top 20 Best Selling Desktop Computers 2017 (Office & Gaming) Honestly speaking I can't recall last time I actually used a rock solid desktop computer, but one I remember for sure, back in those days they were called a tower and looked more like towers. In this post, I have listed 10 top-selling desktop computers on Amazon June 2015, among those boxes you will find some old-fashioned towers as well. My personal favorite among these 10 - Dell…

Kazdanga Manor

  • Kazdanga Manor

    Published: 11 June, 2015 seen 1,011 Tourism objects

    Kazdanga manor is located in Courland historical region of  Latvia. As I have already stated back when visited Snēpele manor -  Latvia is a land of old manor houses and palaces, they dates back from the times when German nobles ruled this territory. A lot of manors one (perhaps you) can find in a historical region of Courland.  As usual, I took my camera and headed here to photograph this manor. Old tree alley and cobble I spent a few minutes on this cobble playing with my gorilla pad and my cameras aperture settings, and in fact, I really enjoy this image. Kazdanga manor I did find some…

Valtaiķi Evangelical Lutheran Church

  • Valtaiķi Evangelical Lutheran Church

    Published: 10 June, 2015 seen 743 Churches and Monasteries

    When I was back in Germany and visited Germany's most visited landmark - The Cologne's Cathedral my travel mate said to me - it (Cologne's Cathedral) doesn't impress me as much as Valtaiķi church in Latvia. I looked at her - and asked, what? Seriously? Yes, she replied - the stained glass at Valtaiķi church are more impressive than here at Cologne.  I was left with no options and decided to visit this church by my own. Unfortunately, as usual in Latvia, this church was closed and I hadn't any chance to see those stained glass in close, but by reading this church's history (see bellow) I did…

Restaurant 'Kūriņš' In Jūrmala, Latvia

  • Restaurant 'Kūriņš' In Jūrmala, Latvia

    Published: 9 June, 2015 seen 1,008 Restaurant reviews

    Restaurant Kūriņš in Jūrmala serves a traditional Latvian cuisine. It's located close to the seashore in Kauguri (part of Jūrmala). Rumour has it - in weekends it's hard to get a table here. The reason probably is a great food, large portions and a lovely location. a Signboard at Restaurant Kūriņš Latvians are really into a carving, and Restaurant Kūriņš is no exception when speaking of wood and wood carving.  Road to the sea from this Restaurant Working hours for restaurant Kūriņš in Jūrmala As said on this table - Restaurant is open every day from 12 to 23 (12 PM - 11 PM) Interior at…

Top 20 Quad Core Laptops (Popular among Gamers)

  • Top 20 Quad Core Laptops (Popular among Gamers)

    Published: 8 June, 2015 seen 297,743 Online Shopping

    Multi-core processors are not a surprise nowadays, we all are used to Dual-core processors powering our laptops, but what if we would have instead of two but four processors? Right, then we would have a quad-core laptop. In short four processors means a much faster program operating. For that plain reason, quad-core desktop computers and laptops are very popular among gamers. Although I'm not a gamer I would love to have a quad-core laptop for my everyday computing tasks.  The higher priced are the so-called gaming laptops.   In this article, I have listed the TOP 20+ bestselling Quad-core…

Safco-Fish.GE First Fish Blog in Georgia

  • Safco-Fish.GE First Fish Blog in Georgia

    Published: 7 June, 2015 seen 1,083 Portfolio

    At the start of January 2015 I was contacted by a locally living foreigner, originally coming from South Africa doing some fish business in Republic of Georgia, after a brief conversation via e-mails we agreed to meet each other and I insisted I would love to see those fish ponds he is working for. Well I just like things like that. I once even visited a dairy farm here in Georgia and made some nice looking photos of cows.Shortly we arranged a sightseeing tour. Read: South African Fish farms in Georgia and our friendship started. Soon afterwards we started to hang out…

13 Best Hotels in Figueres, Spain Under EUR 100

  • 13 Best Hotels in Figueres, Spain Under EUR 100

    Published: 6 June, 2015 seen 832 Hotel reviews

    One reason some (perhaps you) should visit Figueres in Spain is a Salvador Dali House Museum there. I paid a visit there last autumn and spent a few lovely hours in this museum. I would be glad if I would have a hotel back there at Figueres. Well that doesn't mean you dont have your options. One thing you could do is travel back to Girona and search for a hotel there (See 15 Best Recommended Girona hotels) Or stay at some other local and lovely town lets for example Roses and Cadaques are really close to Figueres. (See Budget Hotels in Roses or chose among 15 Top hotels in Cadaques)…

10 Best Business Class Laptops For 2015

  • 10 Best Business Class Laptops For 2015

    Published: 5 June, 2015 seen 9,308 Online Shopping

    Looking for a business class laptop for a budget price? Try one of the following 10 bellow listed laptops. ASUS, DELL, Toshiba, Lenovo and even the ACER brand is among the most popular business class laptops when buying a new model on Amazon. Business class laptop doesn't mean it should cost enormous sum of money. Not at all! In list bellow I have listed TOP 10 notebooks in price range $500-$600. I believe this is the money worth of paying for a decent and fast laptop/notebook.My personal favourite from this list - Lenovo Flex 2 Touchscreen Laptop. For a time being I'm planing to buy…

Zur Morschbach Hotel Review in Altlay, Germany

  • Zur Morschbach Hotel Review in Altlay, Germany

    Published: 4 June, 2015 seen 822 Hotel reviews

    I booked this hotel in Altlay because of it's close location to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, cheap price and free parking.   I had like only 10 minutes for hotel research back in the Linden town. I was hoping to use hotwire for selecting a fine hotel near airport area, but unfortunately hotwire this time didn't served any hotel in a reasonable distance here. So my next move was booking.com. I didn't paid much attention of overall hotel interior as I already said - location, parking and cheap price was my main criteria.  Zur Morschbach qualified for all my criteria. So we packed our belongings and…

Blog Monthly Online Income Report - May 2015 - $373.59

  • Blog Monthly Online Income Report - May 2015 - $373.59

    Published: 3 June, 2015 seen 2,654 Online Income Reports

    Welcome to the 17th online income report. Today I will write about my online earnings and spendings in month of May 2015. I have been doing those report since January 2014 (Back then I earned enormous $8.37) and they help me track my online success or failures. I hope they can inspire you as well.Speaking of previous month (May) earnings - in short last month has been the lowest since September 2014 (Although I was very pleased with my results in September, that was my second month of using Affiliate marketing and I was proud to report $287.25 in revenue).There are a few reasons I find…

Blog Traffic Report - May 2015 - 20,843 Users

  • Blog Traffic Report - May 2015 - 20,843 Users

    Published: 2 June, 2015 seen 1,060 Blog statistics

    Welcome to the 20th blog traffic report. I have been doing those report since the October 2013 and they (the reports) helps me understand and track both my failures and success. I hope they can inspire you as well.In short - May was the absolute best in traffic numbers yet. For the second time I managed to crack the 20,000 user milestone and  did set a new personal record (yet) - 20,843 users. I first cracked 20K milestone back in March. Technically speaking my traffic numbers have been around 20K since the start of 2015.Give me the numbersBlog Traffic Report May 2015 Source: Google…

20 Best Budget Laptops / Notebooks Under $250.00

  • 20 Best Budget Laptops / Notebooks Under $250.00

    Published: 1 June, 2015 seen 6,845 Online Shopping

    About a year ago I created an ultimate list with 13 Best Budget Laptops / Notebooks since then this post has generated about 10 000 page views already and since it's already almost a year has been passed I decided to make another more expanded version of Best 20 Budget Laptops. Best of all - they all come with price under $250.00 a piece.  Update: I have updated this article with latest top 5 laptop models under $250 as of Spring 2016, for a complete list with latest laptop models please see an updated article: 20 Budget Laptops / Notebooks under $250 in 2016 Whether are you looking for…