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Nina Sublatti will Represent Georgia at Eurovision 2015 Song Contest in Austria
Nina Sublatti will present Georgia at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), with the song  Warrior. The winner was revealed out of five singers  
Public Coffee Tbilisi Review (Aghmashenebeli avenue)
Welcome to another Tbilisi "restaurant" review. This time I would like to talk about Public Coffee on Aghmashenebeli avenue (Right next to McDonald's).The
Proposed New High Speed Rail Line - Moscow - Beijing could cost ~$ 230 bln
While Azerbaijan-i's are building it's super expensive project Khazar Islands with estimate costs of ~ $100 bln, Russians together with Chinese are looking to
Pictures of Khazar Islands, Azerbaijan Tower
I have never been to Azerbaijan, but have heard a lot of it's plans to build a super expensive project of Khazar Islands and worlds highest tower - Azerbaijan
South African Fish Farms in Georgia (Sagarejo, Sartichala)
The other day I was contacted on my blog's contact form by locally living foreigner in Georgia originally coming from South Africa. It turned out Afrikaner guy
Travellers from Poland, Germany and Greece Among Top countries from European Union visiting Georgia - EU From Total Just 4.21%
According to Georgian National Tourism Administration in 2014 there was a total of  5 493 492 international travelers arriving to Georgia, what is a
Best Selling Laptops / Notebooks and Ultrabooks Starting $1,500 and Up 2015
Looking for some serious laptop upgrade? Searching for a laptop that comes with latest technology advancements, best video cards, fastest processors? You are
Rabati Fortress Complex in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia
Georgia will never end to surprise you (at least - me). Few years ago a major tourist attraction was renovated and opened to the public, some would call it
Hotel Rabath & Gino Wellness Review in Akhaltsikhe
Back in summer of 2014, we took a 2 day rafting trip, during which we visited Rabati Castle Complex for about an hour. in such short time we hadn't much chance
Tbilisi - Akhaltsikhe by Minibus: Cost, Time & Distance
As an indie traveler, I prefer to travel in Georgia by mini buses, they are cheap and most often the fastest way to get from one point in Georgia to another
Blog Income Report 2014 - $3,334.20
Yesterday I published a round-up post for the total blog traffic in 2014.  It turns out my blog has attracted more than 40,000 unique visitors last
Blog Traffic Report 2014 - 40,378 Unique Visitors - Growth; Location, Gender & Age
I have been doing monthly blog traffic reports starting from the first month I started this blog. Today I have decided to wrap up a blog traffic report for the
Hotel Trialeti Palace in Bakuriani Review
Welcome to another photo review article, this time I will photo-review Hotel Trialeti Palace hotel in Bakuriani.For a prelude - this was my second stay at this
Best Selling Laptops under $400 at Start of the 2015
It's that part of the year - New Year of 2015, and that could mean just one- it's time for a best seller laptops/notebooks list. Holiday season is over, but
Hiking in Tbilisi - Turtle lake (Kus Tba) - Vake Park
On a lovely and sunny Saturday morning we decided to take a hiking from Turtle's Lake down to Vake Park. First thing first. How to get to the Turtle Lake
Blog Online Income Report - December 2014
Welcome to my twelve blog income report - covering month of December 2014. I'm making an income report each month covering earnings I have made solely in
Blog Traffic Report - December 2014
Welcome to monthly blog traffic report, today I will share some data how my blog performed on month of December 2014.As it turns out this is already 15th blog
Lithuania joins Eurozone
January 1st, 2015 is a historic day for a Baltic nation - Lithuania is changing it currency to Euro, following Latvia (2014) and Estonia (2011).Starting today