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Eagle Canyon and Dedoplis Tskaro (2023)

Living in Georgia 16 June, 2023 seen 36
At the start of June 2023, we took another awesome road trip, visiting Eagle Canyon near Dedoplis Tskaro in Georgia. After birdwatching, stayed at the awesome Savanna guest house and visited St. Elia Mount.  This area of Georgia is still…

How to Install Drupal 10 with Nginx, PHP-FPM 8.1, MySQL, phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 23.04 - Linode Guide

Servers 15 June, 2023 seen 159
In this article, you will learn how to set up a webserver for serving Drupal websites running with Nginx, PHP-FPM 8.1, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 23.04 For the following tutorial, I used very much the information from my previous…

Discovering Sri Lanka: A Journey near Indian Ocean from Colombo to Galle

Travel guides 14 June, 2023 seen 36
At the start of 2022, we traveled to Sri Lanka for about a two-week-long life-changing journey. In this article, I'm sharing my travel notes with listing places of interest we visited. Also, make sure to watch our short video from this…

Mayer House Hotel in Tel Aviv

Hotel reviews 13 June, 2023 seen 19
Mayer House Hotel in Tel Aviv is located on  Dizengoff Street 98. It featured an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, a restaurant, and a bar. We booked this hotel for a 2-night stay at the start of 2023, before returning back to Tbilisi. We…

Week #26 Crypto Hedge Fund Update (-4.72%)

Trading 12 June, 2023 seen 11
Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia. Last weekend we spend in outdoors enjoying rafting and mcvadi in Pasanauri. More on that in video  section On Friday, June 9, 2023, 1 ETH traded at $1,836 while the total value of our Ethereum / EUR / USDC…

Istanbul With Kids

Travel guides 9 June, 2023 seen 56
At the end of May 2023, we took a quick trip to Istanbul, visiting a few amusement parks, meeting dozen of mechanic Turks, singing Bruģis and Let it Go!. And of course drone footage. Enjoy the video and thumbs up!

The Nachlaot Pearl/ King Salomon apartment in Jerusalem (Be'er Sheva Street)

Hotel reviews 8 June, 2023 seen 38
The Nachlaot Pearl / King Salomon room is an apartment we booked via Airbnb for a two-day stay in Jerusalem on New Year's Eve of 2023. The price we paid seemed a bit high, paying about $350 for a small studio room,  but as we didnt know…

Beruwalage Gems & Jewelry Moonstone Mine in Sri Lanka

Tourism objects 7 June, 2023 seen 30
During our latest trip to Sri Lanka at the start of 2022, we visited this small and interesting Moonstone Mine - Beruwalage Gems & Jewelry.  We were taken here by our driver / guide we ordered back in the hotel for the day trip to…

Binance vs. SEC: Unraveling the 17% Plunge in My Crypto Portfolio

Investments 6 June, 2023 seen 41
My crypto portfolio took a hit of about 17% last night after it was announced that SEC has sued Binance and its CEO CZ. Bitcoin price dropped from about $27,150 to $25,500. At the time of writing, I was holding about 0.1 BTC long futures,…

Paul French Restaurant on Paliashvili street (near Vake Park in Tbilisi)

Restaurant reviews 6 June, 2023 seen 34
There is a lovely French restaurant and bakery located on Paliashvili Street near Vake Park in Tbilisi. We keep heading here for delicious French-style desserts and one of my favorite vegetable soups. We come here occasionally, after…